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Best Tube Preamps 2022

The quickest method to give your setup colour, warmth, and richness is to install a tube preamp. In addition to improving the signal’s clarity and

Best Tape Decks 2022

Following the relatively unexpected cassette resurgence, the best tape decks or tape recorders are becoming more popular as an alternate kind of analogue source. The

Best Onkyo Receivers 2022

Onkyo TX-NR797 Smart AV 9.2 Channel Receiver with 4K Ultra HD The 9.2 channel Onkyo TX-NR797 network A/V receiver supports 4K Ultra HD video playback,

Best 7.2 Home Theater Systems 2022

Any home theaters heart can be described as an AV receiver. These surround sound system have grown really global and multi-functional in recent years, so

Best Ceiling Speakers for Dolby Atmos 2022

The surround sound experience has been elevated to a whole new level with Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos replaces the traditional flat soundstage with dedicated ceiling

Best Soundbars for JVC TV 2022

JVC has a significant variety of sturdy and feature-packed televisions to their credit, ranging from flat to curved TVs, and from HD to UHD and

Best Soundbars under $1000 in 2022

Soundbars can completely change the way you view movies. There’s no going back to the built-in tv speakers once you’ve experienced excellent sound quality. We

Best Polk Soundbars 2022

Nowadays, if you’re a true cinephile, you need high-quality audio equipment in addition to a high-quality television. Soundbars are an excellent place to start because

Best Speakers for MacBook 2022

You have a fantastic Mac, whether it’s an iMac, a MacBook Pro M1 Pro/Max, or another model. Sure, you have a great display, but what

Best Chromecast Speakers 2022

Having Google Chromecast compatible speakers in your home is like having a private theatre. Simply attach the wireless HDMI device to the HDMI port on

Best Garage Speakers 2022

On the surface, all speakers appear to be the same, however there are differences in considerations for different surroundings. Choosing the best speakers for your

Best Tozo Earbuds 2022

Buying decent earphones for a little money is a joy, although huge firms are asking for a lot of money for that. For those who

Best Cat Ear Headphones 2022

Nowadays, headphones come in a variety of designs and sizes. Some may appear to be standard headphones, but others are far more unusual, possibly with

Best Low Impedance Headphones 2022

Low-impedance headphones are the finest place to start for newcomers to the audio leisure. Most of these devices don’t require a DAC/Amp or a headphone

Best Tangle Free Earbuds 2022

Earbud tangling is a well-known issue among earbud users, as is the time-consuming procedure of untangling them. When you put your earbuds in your pocket

Best Headset for Discord 2022

The best Discord headset allows you to communicate with your other gamers while also allowing your stream viewers to immerse themselves in the game, so

Best Transcription Headphones 2022

Your hearing is your most valuable asset as a professional audio transcriptionist. A good set of transcription headphones can help you hear difficult audio more

Best 2-Channel Audio Interfaces 2022

In the previous two decades, audio interfaces have advanced by leaps and bounds. They’ve gotten more competent, smaller, and less expensive, and the gap between

Best NearField Studio Monitors 2022

Any home producer will tell you that investing in the top studio monitors you can afford can significantly enhance your mixes. We have all probably

Best Microphone Preamps 2022

Finding the best Microphone Preamp is vital for a clean and professional sound, whether you’re a musician or a sound engineer, behind the mixing desk

Best Audio Interface for Reaper 2022

Reaper is a well-known digital audio workstation made for professionals to use when creating music. Due to its lengthy trial period and affordable price, the

Best DI Box for Bass 2022

It is not necessary to look for a professional’s toolkit when looking for the Best DI Boxes for Bass. No matter their skill level or


Best Pioneer Car Stereos 2022

Pioneer is a multinational electronics firm based in Japan that develops, manufactures, and sells electronic products. Since the 1930s, Pioneer has been producing stereo systems.

Best Pioneer Car Speakers 2022

Pioneer has been providing the world with a tantalizing array of all-around entertainment system components for well over half a century. And when we focus

Best Tailgate Speakers 2022

If you’re organizing a tailgate party, you’ll undoubtedly require some music. You’ll need speakers that are both loud and have a variety of connections. They’ll

Best FM Transmitters 2022

Even if you don’t have CarPlay or Android Auto, FM transmitters let you connect your phone to your automobile. Simply connect your phone to the

Best Single DIN Head Units 2022

Your regular factory-installed radio isn’t going to be anything to write home about unless you own a high-end vehicle with an expensive brand-name factory stereo

Best Shallow Mount Subwoofers 2022

The best shallow mount subwoofers are built to deliver bass while remaining small. They cover the lower end range of frequencies that smaller automobile speakers

Best Midi Guitar Controllers 2022

Jamstik 7 Smart Guitar Jamstik 7 is a series of wireless MIDI guitar controllers with interactive learning applications for learning to play the guitar. It

Best Jackson Guitars 2022

You’ve probably seen or heard of Jackson guitars if you enjoy hard rock and metal music. They have been utilised by everyone from Randy Rhoads

Best Lap Steel Guitars 2022

One particularly American instrument is the lap steel guitar. Not to be confused with the larger, leg-equipped pedal steel. To adjust the tune and modulate

Best Noiseless Strat Pickups 2022

If you’re a serious musician, you’ve definitely experimented with Stratocaster pickups and fallen in love with the crisp attack and bite of single-coil strat pickups.

Best Overdrive Pedals 2022

One of the reasons why there are so many overdrive pedals on the market is that they are quite popular with a wide variety of

Best EQ Pedals 2022

EQ pedals and power supply aren’t particularly interesting subjects. However, they can drastically alter your rig, much like power supplies can. Even though they seem

Best VST Plugins for Hip Hop 2022

Samplers, drum machines, and synthesizers are just a few of the instruments that have always been crucial to the creation of hip hop and are

Best Distortion Plugins 2022

Over the last few years, distortion has become popular in music production. People appear to have grown tired with high-fidelity recordings, but who can blame

Best Lo-Fi Plugins 2022

In 2022, “lo-fi” (or “low fidelity”) is the umbrella word for the hazy aural aesthetic seen in genres including as lo-fi hip-hop, chillwave, and bedroom

Best 808 VST Plugins in 2022

The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer was produced between 1980 and 1983 and features sounds for the kick/bass drum, snare, toms, conga, rimshot, claves, clap, maracas,

Best Tuner Plugins 2022

Frequently, VST instruments spoil recordings by being out of tune or out of rhythm with the other audio tracks. It’s crucial to tune your guitars

Best Synthwave Plugins 2022

Synthwave takes everything we liked from our childhoods and modernizes it for those of us who grew up in the 1980s. Innovators like Vangelis, John

Best Receivers for Turntables 2022

The role of the turntable is similar to that of a starring actor. They’re fine on their own, but with a supporting actor, they’re at

Best Phono Preamps under $100 in 2022

In any entry-level turntable system, an external phono preamp is the most upgradeable component. It’s compact and inexpensive, yet it’s adaptable enough to work with

Best Amplifiers for Turntables 2022

There are numerous factors to consider while selecting the best amplifiers for turntables. Your stereo amplifier is the heart of your Hi-Fi system, so regardless

Best Record Cleaning Machines 2022

Record Doctor V The Record Doctor V is a manual vinyl record cleaning machine with a powerful vacuum cleaner, which prolongs the life of your

Best Record Player Stands 2022

Pangea Audio Vulcan TT Turntable Stand with Vinyl Record Storage Looking for a sturdy swivel stand to hold your vinyl record player? We have exactly

Best Turntables for Sonos 2022

If you enjoy vinyl but also value the convenience of modern technology, combining your turntable with Sonos wireless speakers can be a good fit. This

Best Kick Drum Mic 2022

In most live and studio situations, having a powerful kick drum sound is essential. Kick drum microphones are crucial pieces of recording equipment that give

Best Drum Throne for Back Problems 2022

Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne with Backrest Black Tama is a well-known name in the field of drum accessories. Their drum thrones are fantastic

Best Alesis Drum Sets 2022

Alesis, an American music technology company, has become a household brand in the field of electronic drum kits. Whether you’re a beginner drummer just getting

Best Headphones for Drummers 2022

Do you intend to take drum lessons or do you already practice with your band? The best headphones for drummers are still necessary to maximize

Best Drum Practice Pads 2022

Nothing compares to sitting at your acoustic or electronic drum kit and playing, but a modest practice pad should still be part of your setup.

Best Cajon Drums 2022

Cajons are a type of percussion instrument that is becoming increasingly popular. The instrument’s popularity has risen in part because to its relative portability and

Best Samson Microphones 2022

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the top Samson microphones available. Samson is one of the few companies that we pay

Best Live Vocal Microphones 2022

Live vocal mics must meet a few fundamental requirements in order to maximise a singer’s performance. They must first go to work. The stage may

Best ASMR Microphones 2022

Finding the best ASMR microphone is a must if you want to provide high-quality content on your channel. You’ve come to the correct place if

Best Interview Microphones 2022

Do you want to make a documentary or a corporate video? Some of the best mics for capturing sit-down interviews include shotguns and lavs. Interviewing

Best Microphones for iPad 2022

Additionally, opportunities were emerging quickly, with the iPad leading the pack, at least in Apple’s eyes. The majority of Apple’s technology is driven by advancements

Best Microphones for Recording Piano 2022

The subtleties, overtones, and harmonics that give pianos their distinctive sounds make them a complicated instrument (and that we all love). The wood and soundboard

Best Roll Up Piano 2022

Roll-up pianos that fit in your pocket For sure not. What odds would you have had on that even fifty years ago, do you think?

Best Keytars for Beginners 2022

Keytars are still significant as musical instruments, even if they aren’t as popular as they were in the 1970s. Keyboard player can perform almost anywhere,

Best Eurorack Modules 2022

Eurorack modular’s ever-changing environment is not for the faint of heart. The steady rush of new releases can blind even the most seasoned user. Who

Best FM Synths 2022

The most wonderful invention is synthesizers. The exciting musical machines allow you to create unique musical textures that are rich and sophisticated for dance music.

Best Pianos for Beginners 2022

Alesis Recital – 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard with Semi Weighted Keys This is a basic but solid entry-level keyboard for novices that has all

Best Metronomes for Piano 2022

Maintaining a consistent rhythm is crucial because of your proficiency as a pianist. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including through technique


Best DJ Earplugs 2022

One of the riskiest parts of being a DJ is the constant exposure to loud music. Long periods of time spent in a loud setting

Best DI Boxes 2022

So, what exactly is the purpose of a DI box? In order to meet the studio demands of the time, DI boxes became popular in

Best Pioneer DJ Controllers 2022

When looking for the best DJ controller, Pioneer is one of the first brands you’ll come across. It can be difficult to choose the appropriate

Best Rotary Mixers 2022

If you’re a DJ who grew up with fader mixers, the transition to rotary mixers can be difficult. Traditional EQ bands are replaced with isolators,

Best DJ Speakers 2022

You’ll need a dependable mixer, a laptop, a great collection of effects, and a lot more if you want to give an exceptional audio experience

Best DJ Turntables for Beginners 2022

If you had the correct equipment for making music, it would be a lot easier. The quality of your studio equipment, whether it’s a microphone,

Best Violin for Beginners 2022

One of the most exquisite instruments in the world is the violin. Although learning to play one can be challenging, you’ll find it to be

Best Cello Stands 2022

If you’re a serious cellist, you know how crucial it is to have a cello stand on which you may rest your instrument without anxiety.

Best Mandolins for Beginners 2022

The mandolin is an excellent choice if you want to learn to play a classic instrument and become a mandolin player. Regrettably, not all mandolins

Best Alto Saxophone Reeds 2022

The thing that might push you over the top could potentially be the little extra help of the saxophone reed, whether you’ve just picked up

Best Cello Bows for Beginners 2022

Getting the appropriate types of cello bows is just as important as getting the perfect cello. Most things in life are interdependent, and cellos and

Best Tenor Ukuleles 2022

Tenor ukuleles are known for their classic and lively tone, which makes them ideal playing experience for advanced or professional ukulele players. Tenor ukuleles are

VST vs AU – Audio Plugin Differences?

For the production of contemporary music, plug-ins are essentially necessary, and as producers, we all have our go-to favorites. It’s likely that plugins are crucial

Where Are Gretsch Guitars Made?

You want to buy a high-quality, American-made guitar. It can be challenging to determine whether a product like a Gretsch guitar is American-made because so