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Best Crash Ride Cymbals 2024

Finding the connection between the greatest crash and the smallest ride cymbal can be difficult at times. Crash ride cymbals are made for this reason by cymbal manufacturers. These cymbals are among the best cymbals for drum sets, in my opinion, and have become a terrific addition to many drummers’ complete drum sets.

Alternatively, you can use a single sufficient cymbal to serve as both a ride and a crash at the same time. When you’re seeking for the best crash ride cymbal, though, problems arise. Packing and unpacking cymbals and accessories is one of the most difficult tasks that drummers face. When compared to other instruments in a band, a complete drum kit can be quite large. It includes a variety of stands, drum components, sticks, and other essential drumming equipment.

Zildjian 20″ K CRASH RIDE

Avedis Zildjian Company - Zildjian 20 inch K...
  • 20" Cast Bronze Crash Ride Cymbal - Traditional Finish

The Zildjian K Crash Ride Cymbal is a renowned crash ride cymbal with great sound qualities and a wide range of applications. This crash ride cymbal sounds incredible. It has a crisp stick definition and smooth sounds when riding on the bow of the cymbal, and it bursts to life with tons of clarity and projection when used as a crash cymbal.

The Zildjian K is a responsive and eloquent crash ride. It boasts a wide range of exquisite acoustic properties as well as a well balanced medium-low pitch. The K series of cymbals is Zildjian’s premier line of professional B20 bronze cymbals with a dark and complex tone. They are musical, adaptable, and among the best musical instruments available today.

Zildjian 18″ K A Zildjian Crash Ride

Avedis Zildjian Company 18" K Crash Ride
  • Dual-purpose crash ride
  • Smaller crashable size
  • Excellent response

The Zildjian 18″ K Crash Ride offers a fantastic responsiveness, rapid attack, and excellent stick definition. Every note may be heard clearly. It has a dry, powerful crash that is balanced by the beautiful ping of a ride cymbal. The 18″ size is great for striking a balance between the two.

This cymbal may be used as a ride or crash cymbal and generates a variety of brilliant tones that pierce through all types of music. This cymbal boasts a bright, full-bodied sound with exactly the right blend of wash and decay, offering Zildjian’s famed craftsmanship at an accessible price. The crash sound of this cymbal is bright and cutting, and riding on the bow and bell gives a clean and defined sound.

The Zildjian I Series crash ride cymbal is one of the greatest entry-level crash rides available, and it works admirably in any musical setting. In terms of both construction and sound, this is a true professional crash ride cymbal. It’s composed of B20 bronze and has a stunning polish. Naturally, it comes at a high price, but if you’re a gigging drummer, it’s well worth it.

Meinl Cymbals Classics Custom Dark 22″ Crash/Ride Cymbal

Meinl Cymbals Classics Custom Dark 22" Crash-Ride...
  • MADE IN GERMANY: Classics Custom Dark cymbals are made at the Meinl Cymbal...
  • WHY IT MATTERS: these cymbals will make your kit sound and look...
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: one 22" crash-ride cymbal; its wide dynamic range and...

This Meinl Classics Custom Crash Ride Cymbal is a great value crash ride cymbal. It’s a fantastic all-around performer with great sounds for a killer price. The finest of both worlds can be found in this cymbal. The bell and bow of the cymbal produce clear and articulate ride notes when played with the tip of the stick. When the cymbal’s edge is struck, it explodes with a lot of character and loudness.

This cymbal has outstanding stick definition, and the bell of the cymbal offers a bright and melodious ping sound. This crash ride cymbal is ideal for both beginners and experienced musicians. This cymbal has a powerful, melodic, and sophisticated sound that much outweighs its price tag.

The Meinl classics custom crash ride is made of excellent B10 bronze alloy and has a one-of-a-kind polish that adds to the magnificent dark noises. If you’re looking for the greatest crash ride cymbal with excellent and flexible sounds at a reasonable budget, this is one of the best possibilities.

Paiste 20 Inches PST 7 Light Ride Cymbal

Paiste PST7 Series Light Ride Cymbal...
  • HIGH-QUALITY LIGHT RIDE CYMBALS - The PST 7 series is crafted with CuSn8...
  • ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE - Upgrade your drum kit with this Paiste Light...
  • PERFECT TONE - This cymbal has a fairly narrow range with a clean mix and...

The Paiste 20 PST7 Light Ride Cymbal is a stunning, lightweight cymbal model that produces a rich variety of sounds. This cymbal is incredibly responsive and full-bodied, with the ideal combination of stick definition and sustain.

The Paiste PST7 light ride cymbal has a quiet overall sound, but it truly opens out when slammed hard. This cymbal’s tone is diverse, making it suitable for rock, pop, jazz, blues, and hip hop.

The cymbal generates an expressive and washy ride cymbal sound when played with the bow. It has a light, breezy scent. The bell is crystal clear and provides a lovely tone. When the cymbal is struck on the edge, it produces a rich and powerful sound. It’s a washy yet powerful crash cymbal with plenty of impact. Because it’s a lightweight bronze cymbal, this is a highly utilitarian ride that works great as a crash ride. It’s a highly dynamic and clear cymbal that works well in a variety of musical settings.

Sabian SBR1811 SBR Series Pure Brass 18-Inch Crash/Ride Cymbal

SABIAN 18" SBr Crash Ride
  • Delivers full-bodied riding and loud crashing equally well
  • Smartly priced, SBr Brass is in a class of its own
  • SBr makes your first step into cymbals an easy one

The 18″ Sabian SBR1811 Pure Brass crash ride cymbal is a great option for individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of money but yet want an excellent crash ride cymbal. That’s because it’s inexpensive and, if you know Sabian, well-built.

Sabian’s SBR1811 crash ride is designed to provide beginner drummers with good-sounding cymbals to get them started on their musical adventure. With a powerful, brilliant crash, this cymbal provides a full-bodied ride sound. Even though it’s a brass cymbal, it’s crafted with the same care and attention to detail as Sabian’s higher-end goods. It features high-pressure hammering, hand lathing, and traditional finishing. As a result, it appears to be quite appealing. The Sabian SBR1811 18″ Pure Brass is a good way to get into the cymbal game while having some fun if you’re a rookie and/or on a budget.

Types of Crash Ride Cymbals: A Comparative Overview

Medium Crash Ride Cymbals

Often described as the ‘jack of all trades’, medium crash ride cymbals are designed to produce a standard pitch. They are characteristically thick, which prolongs their sustain and lets out an extensive wash. Perfect for rock and pop drumming, the medium crash ride cymbal takes the lead in the heart of the genres where stick definition and a full-bodied “wash” of sound are desired.

Light Crash Ride Cymbals

On the softer side of the spectrum, light crash-rides strike a balance between a delicate touch and a layer of warm, rich overtones. They have a thinner design, which promotes a faster response and shorter sustain. Light crash ride cymbals make the most sense in acoustic, jazz, and blues setups where a subtler touch is necessary.

Heavy Crash Ride Cymbals

Tailor-made for delivering more volume and projection, heavy crash-rides endow drummers with a louder voice to cut across dense, high-energy music. These cymbals are more substantial, thick, and hearty, which provides them with a leg up concerning durability.

Caring for Your Crash Ride Cymbals: Maintenance and Longevity

Sound output and durability of the crash ride cymbals largely depend on how we take care of these musical assets. Regular cleaning, proper handling, and mindful storage go a long way

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Crash Ride cymbal?
A Crash Ride cymbal is a type of cymbal that serves a dual purpose: it can be played like a ride cymbal to maintain a steady rhythmic pattern, or struck powerfully to produce a resonating crash sound, similar to a crash cymbal.

What are some popular brands that manufacture Crash Ride cymbals?
Some popular brands that manufacture Crash Ride cymbals include Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl, and Istanbul Agop.

How do you play a Crash Ride cymbal?
You can play a Crash Ride cymbal by hitting it lightly with a drumstick for a ride effect or striking it harder for a crash effect. The type of sound produced depends on how and where you hit the cymbal.

How large are Crash Ride cymbals usually?
Crash Ride cymbals are usually between 18 and 24 inches in diameter. The size of the cymbal impacts its tone and resonance, with larger cymbals producing a deeper sound.

How do I choose a Crash Ride cymbal?
Choosing a Crash Ride cymbal depends on the sound you’re looking for. If you want a bigger, louder crash, go for a larger cymbal. For a more subtle tone, opt for a smaller one. Also consider factors like your budget, preferred brand, and style of music.

Can I use a Crash Ride cymbal in any genre of music?
Yes, Crash Ride cymbals are versatile and can be used in many genres of music. However, they are commonly found in rock, jazz, and fusion.

What type of music stick should I use for my Crash Ride cymbal?
The choice of stick greatly depends on the genre of music and your personal preference. Generally, lighter sticks are used for jazz or acoustic genres, while thicker, heavier sticks are used for rock and heavier music genres.

How do I care for and maintain my Crash Ride cymbal?
To care for and maintain your Crash Ride cymbal, avoid hitting them too hard or improperly, clean them regularly with specific cymbal cleaning products, and store them in a dry, safe place to avoid accidental damage.

What are the main differences between a Ride cymbal and a Crash Ride cymbal?
While both can serve similar purposes in a drum set, Ride cymbals are typically used for maintaining a continuous rhythm and have a clearer, more defined sound. Crash Ride cymbals, on the other hand, are designed to do both—play steady rhythms and create a crash effect, offering a greater variety of sound.