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Best Hi Hat Stands 2024

Did you know that the best hi-hat stands may improve your sound by a factor of ten? It can also be a very gratifying and easy to use drumming equipment. In this buying guide, we’ll go through the best hi-hat stands on the market right now. We’ll talk about what makes them so special, as well as go over the specific aspects of hi-hat stands.

A good hi hat stand should be sturdy and adaptable to your drumming technique. The hi hat stand’s design should be of great quality, and it should never seem flimsy or as if it may break. The stand’s physical design should be determined by your drumming technique and requirements. If you use a double pedal, a hi hat stand with two legs is preferable, as it allows more room for the pedal. A three legged hi hat stands would be better for a single pedal player because it is more stable with a number of legs.

Gibraltar 5707 Medium Weight Double braced Hi-Hat Stand

Gibraltar Medium Weight Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand...
  • UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL: This hi-hat stand is a game-changer for gigging...
  • PRECISION AND SPEED: The smooth and fast touch pedal board and chain drive...
  • UNMATCHED VERSATILITY: With its cast frame, rotating base, and spring...

The Gibraltar 5707 Hi-Hat Stand build quality should be seriously considered by people who are more price-conscious hi-hat stand customers and want to acquire the Best Value deal. The Gibraltar 5705 has a chain drive system with a smooth and responsive G-branded pedal. It has three legs, each of which is double-braced and equipped with rubber feet. The legs are also fairly flexible, with the ability to swivel a full 360 degrees, allowing you to add an extra pedal if necessary. It is designed with a low mass, as indicated by its 5.28-pound frame drum hardware.

The hinged height adjustment with nylon collar insert is a distinctive feature of this hi-hat stand. You’ll also gain a lot of height with this one, since it starts at 25 inches and expands to 36 inches. Owners of this Gibraltar 5707 rave about it, however they advise that it should only be used for practice and that travelling should be done with a more solid and lasting model. This is the best Best Hi Hat Stand in 2023.

Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand

Pearl H-930 930 Series Hi-hat Stand
  • Direct Pull Drive System
  • Demonator Long Footboard
  • Swivel Legs accommodate dould pedals/cowbell pedals

The Pearl H930 hi-hat stand is our first stop. To begin with, this Pearl hi-hat stand is built to last. PEARL is so confident in it that it offers a lifetime warranty. Second, there’s a hi-hat stand. Pearl has an easy-to-understand design that is also quite effective. There are no flashy gimmicks or tricks in this product. This Pearl hihat stand will perform admirably in every playing style.

Aside from its aesthetic and construction quality, it also has a smooth and quick playing reaction. The pearl lifetime is really amazing, especially when combined with its dependable chain drive system. The Pearl 2 leg hi hat stand is remarkably quiet compared to other stands. A twin eccentric cam is also used to increase the sensitivity of the footboard. The Pearl H930 hi hat stand also has rubber leg tips for added traction. The swivel mechanism of the hi hat pedal lets you to rotate your legs. This allows for the use of a double bass pedal.

You may also modify the high hat pedal tension and the lateral cymbal seat with the hi hat spring tension adjustment dial. This Pearl hi hat stand is the real deal when it comes to dependability. It does not wobble like other drum kit hi hat stands and remains stable at all times. The Pearl H930 hi-hat stand is a touch more substantial than most of its competitors. Even though it isn’t the most portable alternative, once set up, it provides excellent performance. This is the best Best Hi Hat Stands for Rock in 2023.

Pacific Drums by DW 700 Series Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand

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Because of its outstanding quality and low price, this is an overall fantastic hi-hat stand. It has three medium-gauge tubed legs, all of which are double-braced for added stability and security, as well as rubberized feet to keep it from slipping while you’re playing.

The fact that this hi-hat stand combines robustness, dependability, and adaptability for all drummers is vital to notice. It offers a great height range of up to 44 inches and a chain drive system for increased control. This well-balanced hi-hat stand is lightweight and portable, weighing only 6.4 pounds. Many drummers praise it for its sensitive and good foot pedal support. It’s difficult to find many, if any, flaws with this hi-hat stand, however a tiny number of new drummers complained that it didn’t arrive with any setup instructions and that they had to turn to YouTube for assistance. This is the best Best Hi Hat Stand for Beginners in 2023.

DW Drum Workshop 9000 Series 9500D Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand

DW Drum Workshop 9000 Series 9500D Hi-Hat Cymbal...
  • tallest playing height: 43" lowest playing height: 28" (playing height...
  • The Lateral Cymbal Seat is a first in hi-hat design, allowing instant...
  • SM379 Locking Clutch (Standard on 9500)

The Drum Workshop 9500D Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand is our Premium Pick for those looking for the highest-quality hi-hat stand and are willing to pay a premium for it. When you use this hi-hat stand, one thing that will strike out to you is how outstanding it is in terms of quality. It has a fantastic build that is both extremely durable and lightweight, as evidenced by its weight of just over 12 pounds.

Three double-braced legs with standard rubberized feet are included in the 12 pound package. It has a chain drive mechanism that is a little different from others in that it uses a double eccentric cam to increase the footboard sensitivity to cymbal movement. As a result, the game feels considerably more responsive and speedier. It also has a great height range of 28 to 43 inches and a locking clutch with adjustable locking spring tension. Despite the high quality of this hi-hat stand, many customers complained that it was extremely hefty.

Tama Speed Cobra 310 Hi-hat Stand

Tama Speed Cobra 310 Hi-hat Stand
  • Dual-leg construction 6-Way tension adjustment Delivers setup flexibility...
  • The Speed Cobra 315 hi-hat stand offers functionality and stability...
  • It features dual-leg construction, uncommon at this price range, and...

The Tama Speed Cobra 310 Hi-Hat Stand is made of sturdy materials. This Tama high hat stand is two-legged hi hat stand, just like the DW industry standard. As a result, it makes for a more convenient setup. You can also use this feature to add more cymbal stands or a double bass pedal. Tama’s Speed Cobra 310 hi-hat stand doesn’t come with a steel base plate. Instead, this item includes a little stabilizer beneath the footboard. The stabilizer efficiently alters the player’s strength and balance.

Furthermore, the Tama hi-hat stand’s lack of a baseplate makes it simple to fold. It’s also a model with a medium weight. As a result, this stand is not only lightweight but also simple to assemble. Tama is well-known for producing high-quality drum machine hardware. The Speed Cobra hi-hat stand is a great example of this. This stand hi hat gives as much as high-end hi hat stands at an affordable price. Tama’s drum high-hat response is precise and silky smooth.

On the other hand, the Tama 2 leg hi hat stand footboard is built to last. The hi-hat pedal spring tension can also be adjusted using the iron cobra stand. You might be wondering how to adjust the tension on your hi hat pedals. There are six tension settings on the Tama hihat to meet varied preferences. Furthermore, just to remark, altering the spring tension is rather simple.

Yamaha HS-740A Hi-Hat Stand

Yamaha HS-740A Hi-Hat Stand - Medium Weight, 700...
  • Medium weight-single braced legs
  • chain-linked
  • 11-step tension adjustable

There aren’t many single-braced hi-hat stands in our collection. If you really want a hi-hat stand with just the solo bracing, the Yamaha HS-740A Hi-Hat Stand is your best bet. Despite the fact that these legs are only single-braced, they are quite robust and sturdy, and they are classified medium weight. The legs may also rotate, which will aid any drummer in finding the best and most comfortable playing position. This model offers an 11-step tension adjustment, so you’ll almost certainly find the ideal fit. This hi-hat stand is likewise chain-driven, like the others.

One of the flaws of this hi-hat stand, according to a few drummers, is its height range (27.5-35.5 inches), and many of these drummers claim that the rod is far too short. It is slightly heavier than other versions, weighing about 8 pounds, but that is due to its durability and versatility.

DW 3000 Series Hi-Hat Stand

DW Hardware 3000 Series 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand...
  • Medium-Weight
  • Double-Braced Legs
  • Tube Joint with Integrated Memory Lock

The DW 3000 Series Hi-Hat Stand provides excellent value for money, with numerous high-end features at an affordable price. It has two legs, which is a significant plus for a stand at this price point. The advantages of a two-legged stand include the ability to easily accommodate a double bass drum pedal without the feet interfering, as well as excellent stability.

The DW 3000 series hi-hat stand, like its bigger brother the 5000 series stand, performs admirably and provides a smooth playing response and excellent stability. It’s a medium-weight hi-hat stand that folds up quickly and effortlessly for quick setup. The best thing about this pedal is the low price compared to the high level of quality it provides. It’s an excellent investment for the aspiring drummer looking for the best lightweight hi hat stand.

ddrum RXHH2L PRO Hi-Hat Stand

ddrum RXHH2L PRO Hi-Hat Stand
  • Designed for rocking on a budget
  • Comes standard with advanced, heavy-duty features usually found on more...
  • Features smooth, fluid action and rock-solid stability

When it comes to the construction of a hi-hat stand, you’ll want one that is obvious durable, strong, and long-lasting. Drummers frequently praise the ddrum RXHH2L PRO RX Pro Series 2-Legged Hi Hat Cymbal Stand for its robustness and stability.

The maker touts it as having “rock-solid steadiness,” and many drummers would agree with that assessment. This double-legged, double-braced hi-hat stand is meant to last, weighing in at a hefty 10 pounds. This budget hi hat stand has a 10-pound frame features a 4-chain direct pulley system driving mechanism for a smooth feel. Drummers were blown away by how beautifully their hi hat clutch cymbals sounded with this hi-hat stand, but several of them also expressed a need for a wider height range, as this one only goes from 29 to 35 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup a Hi Hat stand?

Assembling your hi-hat stand is straightforward and requires only a few basic steps. To begin, loosen the T-bolt and fold the legs out. Screw the rod in second. Finally, screw the bottom cymbal washer and felt into place. The bottom cymbal should be slid onto the seat. After that, attach the top cymbal to the clutch and slide the clutch (along with the cymbal) onto the rod. Then adjust the upper tube to the appropriate height for you. Finally, arrange your snare and other drums on the stand in a comfortable position.

What are the common problems with hi-hats? How can I fix them?

One of the most typical hi-hat issues is when the nut connecting the two hi-hats becomes loose or unscrewed. The hi-hat stand will stop opening if this happens. To correct this, tighten the adjustment rings as far as can before placing it on the top felt. Then add the cymbal and the bottom felt, and tighten the button nut as much as possible. Sometimes all that is required is a little screw to secure the nut in place. After that is done, you may place the stand on and use the adjustment rings to modify the felt tightness.