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Best Flute for Beginners 2024

If “Sasha Flute” or Lizzo’s fame has piqued your interest in learning the flute, we say go for it – the woodwind instrument is surprisingly simple to pick up. Carol Wincenc, a Grammy-nominated flutist and Juilliard professor who was dubbed “Queen of the Flute” by New York in 1984, says, “Here’s the strange thing about the flute.” “You know how they say if you hang it outside of a moving vehicle, like a car traveling 70 mph, it will play itself?” It’s the real deal. The flute is as simple as that.” But which one should you choose? We spoke with Wincenc, orchestra flutists, and resident artists to find the best flutes for beginners. Their top 11 choices are listed below.

Jean Paul USA Silver Plated Flute (FL-220)

Jean Paul USA Silver Plated Flute (FL-220)
  • Power-forged keys for durability and even response
  • Student-friendly embouchure plate for great intonation and ease of play
  • Beautiful cupronickel Body material with silver-plated finish

If you want to play the flute in the future but don’t have a lot of money, this is the best flute brands for beginners. It’s a good long-term investment for any beginner flutist.

Even if you’re searching for a low-cost peak flute, the plane can upgrade to superior materials at some point. Some people may already have adequate equipment, but they may require a less expensive option for their trip training. Jean Paul USA’s FL-220 student flute is excellent for both circumstances. The majority of Jean Paul’s abilities were honed on primary and intermediate instruments, which may explain how he was able to produce high-quality equipment at such a low cost. The FL-220’s launch is quite good for its modest price. Metal keys that have been electrically forged offer consistent feedback and playability.

Students will find it simple to play with a mouthpiece plate suited for beginners. For young learners with little hands, the flute’s Platter keys and offset G keys make it simple to handle and play. Provide a high-visibility, low-profile carrying cover that protects the gadget and makes it easier to move. The cleaning kit includes a cleaning cloth, gloves, and a cleaning rod. It has been a popular choice among children due to its low pricing. The Capronkel physique is not particularly robust, and it is susceptible to manipulation by untrained trainers. This best flute for beginners as it has a superior tone and craftsmanship than other flutes in the same price range. It has a nice tone, is easy to play, and is long-lasting, making it an excellent student or intermediate flute. This is the Best Flute for Beginners in 2023.

Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute for Student (International Version)

Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute for Student...
  • Student Concert Flute with Nickel Silver Body
  • Offset G Key System
  • Silver-plated Keys

For pros, the Yamaha flute is one of the best options. The Yamaha YFL-221 is a high-quality beginner flute. While pricey flutes are ideal for novices and effective in general, mechanical issues will render them problematic in the long run. It’s a Yamaha update. This yamaha flute for beginners produces a lovely tune, and the design makes it simple to play by allowing the student to improve his performances.

This flute is an international variant of a US-made instrument. Although it is supplied at low prices, it is manufactured in Indonesia to the same exacting Yamaha standard. The item is really well crafted, with a nickel/silver body. The resistance inserts allow for precise and fluid adjustment of the screws, preventing the keys from slowly ringing. Inexperienced veterans will be able to complete an accurate assembly with the help of leg alignment. When not in use, the device is protected by a strong plastic casing. A shoulder hook is also provided, making it easier for young players to play the flute. This silver metal flute, which comes from one of the top flute brands in the world, will provide the learner with a fantastic shot.

Kim Lewis, resident flutist at the Flute Center of New York, recommends the Yamaha because it has closed hole keys, an offset G key, and a C foot joint, all of which are suggested for beginners. This is the flute for you if you want to complete your performance from beginning to end. This is the Best Intermediate Flute in 2023.

Gemeinhardt 2SP

Gemeinhardt Flute (2SP)
  • Most popular instrument selected by dealers and educators for beginning...
  • Plateau model (closed hole)
  • Offset G key

There are various counter-arguments to Geminhart’s decision to blow the whistle. They also built a peak flute of remarkable quality using two SP student flutes. The Geminhart 3 SP Student Flute is constructed almost as stringently as the brand’s greatest flutes, and it comes highly recommended by music teachers. This flute has been developed by students and flutists for decades, with a reliable and consistent response and solid construction. Because of the flute’s overall appearance and quality, it has been wrongly referred to as the middle flute. It was designated as a student flute by Gemeinhardt.

Although the main activity is not professional, you will most likely find the best student flute brands. At this price, this is the best you can buy. The intricacy of the construction forces unskilled players to adapt to the flute’s somewhat awkward handling. The flute is triple silver plated for further longevity and a gorgeous, easy-to-clean surface.

The flute is a dream to play over the range, thanks to its soft key movement. The use of professional cushioning ensures a high level of tonal quality. Stainless steel springs are used, as they are more durable and trustworthy. A carrying case, cleaning rod, and towel are included. Because of the right head, small children may have difficulty reaching all of the keys. This is the Best Advanced Flute in 2023.

Mendini Closed Hole C Flute with Stand, 1 Year Warranty, Case, Cleaning Rod, Cloth, Joint Grease, and Gloves (Fuschia)

Mendini By Cecilio Flutes - Closed Hole C Flute...
  • Great Flute For Kids - Musical instruments for any student whether they...
  • Elegant Design - As beautiful as most kids musical instruments, this kids...
  • Student Flute Package - This kit includes our Mendini flutes with a closed...

Cecilio is noted for producing high-quality equipment with excellent sound. This classification includes the Mendini flute section. The mandini flute is a good flute for beginners. It’s no surprise that music professors and educators enthusiastically endorse them. These are commonly used by approved groups and are simple to employ for beginners who are still establishing their sound.

It has an excellent finish with a closed hole, a choked mouth, and a high quality material for a double bladder pad, and it is made of premium metallic material. It has a pleasant melody and tones. It costs a reasonable amount of money.

The Fuchsia lacquer body (available in a variety of colors, however particular model is Fuchsia) and nickel plated keys are two features of this flute. It’s a C flute with 16 closed key holes created by a split E key and an offset G key. It has a beveled mouthpiece with an undercut and high-quality double bladder cushions.

It comes with a beautiful hard case that is lined in tartan and covered in nylon. A carrying strap and a zip pocket are included in the case. A flute wallet, foldable flute holder, cloth cleaner, rod cleaner, joint grease, and a pair of gloves are among the accessories (white).

Selmer Prelude FL711 Student Flute

Prelude FL711 Student Flute
  • Brand: Prelude
  • Product Code: FL711
  • Silver-plated Head joint

The best beginner flute is the Conn-Selmer Prelude FL711. It’s even been called one of the best plateau-style flutes for beginners, which may help you compare it to other flutes available. The Prelude series of instruments is geared toward beginners. The working features of this instrument are not only simple to use, but it also provides above-average quality at a low price.

The Conn-Selmer Prelude FL711 concentrates on the center sound, allowing students to hear each note clearly and identify areas where they need to improve. It makes use of an offset G key that follows the natural curve of a student’s hands. The Conn-Selmer Prelude FL711 is a fantastic choice for drum beginners because of its basic yet comprehensive feature set,which makes playing much more comfortable. Another beneficial feature is that it has top-adjusting screws, making it easy to tune and repair.

Selmer is a well-known instrument manufacturer. As a result, any gadget that bears their name will be of excellent quality. The Prelude FL711 Student Flute isn’t exactly a rock star, but it gets the job done. The design of the instrument appears to be carefully thought out. In terms of tone and playability, it really shines.

The flute has a learner-friendly offset G-key and plateau holes to ensure that beginning players may play for a long time without getting tired. The flute is built to last, which is important because if purchased for a tiny child, it will almost surely be banged and battered.

Beginners may find it challenging to work with the keys on a flute, but the Conn-Selmer Prelude FL711 makes it simple. This flute has a split E mechanism that makes playing the third octave E natural easier. It is played in key C with closed holes. A one-year limited guarantee is included with the Conn-Selmer Prelude FL711.

Azumi Flute (AZ2SRBO)

Azumi Flute (AZ2SRBO)
  • Medium pricing
  • Professional features
  • Easy intonation

Di Zhao, Trevor James, and Aizumi are some of Bart Feller’s preferred brands for beginners. He is principal flute of the New Jersey Symphony, New York City Opera Orchestra, and Santa Fe Opera Orchestra, and teaches at Julliard’s Pre-College Division. The novice flutes from all three brands “play nicely in tune and have a solid, not tinny” sound, he says.

Kaizer FLT-1500NK

Kaizer Flute C Key 1000 Series Closed Hole Nickel...
  • NEW and improved 2021 model of the popular 1000 Series flute; smoother...
  • Nickel-silver body and power-forged keys with professionally padded keys,...
  • Sensitive response, easy to play, excellent intonation, feature a French...

The Kaizer Flute FLT-1500NK is not only our budget-friendly selection, but it’s also among the best flutes for intermediate players. This is a terrific must-have for any starting students who don’t want to break the cash selecting out a flute because it combines high functionality, adaptability, and playability.

Despite its lower cost, it nevertheless has smooth operation, better springs, and excellent intonation. 16 closed-hole keys, an offset G with split E, a detachable foot-joint, and plateau keys are among the features of the Kaizer Flute FLT-1500NK. It’s also clear that it’s not only about the lower price—it still has amazing features like a beveled embouchure and professionally-padded keys.

The Kaizer Flute FLT-1500NK additionally has an offset G key to aid with note placement. A molded case, a maintenance kit, a cleaning rod, polishing cloth, gloves, and joint lubrication are all included in the box.

This best intermediate flute is built to last, with a nickel-silver body and power-forged keys, as well as steel springs and adjustable screws. As you improve as a player, this cheap flute will be able to keep up with you. The flute has a high-sensitive response that makes it easy to play, as well as great intonation when played in the French style. This is the best budget flute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why start with a beginner flute?

These flutes are designed exclusively for beginners and are frequently considerably easier to play, lower in weight, and less delicate when it comes to bangs and bruising.If you’ve been playing for a while, you should absolutely upgrade to a more advanced flute, as they are frequently heavier, sound more full, and may be louder when needed.

Starting with a beginner flute—especially as a novice—requires a thorough understanding of the instrument’s basic anatomy, material, and tone. Learning how to construct and disassemble the flute is another fantastic skill that a beginner flute can teach you without risk of breaking it. When it comes to its anatomy, such as the head joint, body, and foot joint, you should become quite familiar with these pieces and how to reassemble the instrument.