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Best DJ Tables 2023

When it comes to advancing your DJ profession, you’ll need to invest in a few important gear. A DJ controller, a DJ workspace, and a laptop with the appropriate software may come to mind immediately away. When it comes to building your music-making reputation, though, technology isn’t the only factor to consider. You’ll also require the appropriate accessories.

A DJ table is a stand for your dj turntables, dj setup, laptop, and other necessary dj equipment that you need easy access to while mixing and playing tracks. It’s not to be confused with your technological stack’s “turntables.” A DJ table raises and organizes all of your equipment so you don’t have to scurry about looking for the buttons you need in the middle of a song.

ADJ Mixer Stand (PRO Event Table II)

American DJ PRO EVENT TABLE II -Channel Mixer Stand
  • Compact and collapsible
  • Lightweight, around 40 lbs
  • Functional and professional looking 

This American DJ mixer stand looks amazing and performs well under duress, making it a great alternative to banquet and folding tables when you want to make a good first impression for your dj turntable. At every location or event, the small and folding table provides you a clean and professional look, ensuring that you stand out for all the right reasons.

This lightweight and portable DJ table is ideal for a variety of occasions, and you can personalize it by adding your own logo and stickers to the surface. When you’re done with your DJ table, just fold it up for easy transport at a great price point. This is the Best DJ Table in 2023.

Odyssey CTBC2060 Carpeted Folding Dj Table With Adjustable Leg System

Odyssey CTBC2060 Carpeted Folding Dj Table with Adjustable Leg System
  • Pre tapped port hole for cable runs
  • Sturdy and clean looking work surface
  • Professional table measures 60 inches wide and 20 inches deep

Carpeted DJ tables may appear strange to novice DJs at first, but they’re a terrific way to give your setup a professional look while also reducing the danger of scratches on your gear. Odyssey’s carpeted folding table features portholes for keeping your dj controllers, speaker and device wires organized, as well as a robust work surface large enough for a variety of goods with folding mechanism.

This gorgeous DJ table top is approximately 20 inches deep and 60 inches broad, with a strap handle that makes transporting your stand much easier. The most significant drawback is that altering the DJ table height might be a pain.

Odyssey and its DJ accessories are a little on the pricey side, but they’re worth it because they’re a superb heavy-duty solution, which is also true for its DJ table. Despite its large size, this DJ table is only 29 pounds, making it a wonderful portable alternative when combined with its foldable construction. Because this is a high-end DJ table, it comes with a one-year warranty and a solid build quality. This is the Best DJ Table in 2023.

DEEJAYLED TBH Flight CASE Universal FOLD Out DJ Table

DEEJAYLED TBH Flight CASE Universal FOLD Out DJ Table in 36WX21DX30 H (TBHTABLE)
  • Open Edge Stackable Folding DJ Table
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Steel Impact Resistant Corners
  • Heavy Duty Ball Corners w/ Stacking Dimple On Bottom Side Allows for Centering and Stability when Stacking Multiple Units.

This is the option for you if you value durability above all else while looking for the best DJ tables for dj gear. When you’re hurrying between events, the open-edge stackable DJ table folds down for convenient transportation, and the corners include heavy-duty ball corners for excellent stability.

The ATA-300 type sturdy transportation case is a tough product for life on the go, and it unfolds and folds in a matter of minutes. When you’re not using the table, just fold it flat and slide it into your van or car. The lightweight material and design of this table are key advantages. It only weights 24.4 pounds, making it ideal for travel. Chrome steel and impact-resistant corners are also included. Because of the heavy-duty balls in the corners, it is quite stable.

The disadvantage of this table is that you can’t adjust the height because the legs can’t be stretched. You may also experience stability concerns if the units are not properly placed on the table. This is the Best DJ Tables in 2023.

Quik-Lok Multi-Purpose Stand (WS-650)

Quik-Lok Multi-Purpose Stand (WS-650)
  • Heavy duty "T" Stand for large live mixers from 30" To 60" Wide (76 to 152 cm)
  • Perfect for holding DJ coffins, CD rack systems, CD/record cases and rack cases
  • Ideal for speaker cabinets from 30" To 48" Wide (76 to 122 cm), the WS650 is also capable of holding the heaviest of keyboards safely and securely

This small Quick Lok DJ table could be just what you’re looking for if you need something that’s easy to transfer between numerous places in a hurry. There are four positions to choose from to give you the optimal height for mixing for artists on the go. When you’re on the go, this tough DJ table folds flat for easy storage.

Despite its amazingly small size, this table is quite durable. You won’t have to worry about your stuff because the product can handle up to 200 pounds. A three-year warranty is also included. Unfortunately, some people may find the DJ table to be excessively narrow.DJ coffins, rack cases, CD rack systems, and CD record systems are among the items that can be stored in the various parts. It’s also lighter, weighing in at roughly 21.3 lbs. Its measurements are 25 inches long, 30.5 inches wide, and 5.5 inches high.

If you’re a professional DJ, this table will solve all of your space issues and allow you to perform live with ease. You might not want to utilize this table if you’re just starting out as a DJ. It’s also convenient to transport because it can be folded into a T shape. Unlike the Deejayled Tbh Universal Fold Out DJ Table, this table’s height and tilt angle may be adjusted for the best table for djing.

Gator Frameworks Keyboard and Audio Utility Table

Gator Frameworks Keyboard and Audio Utility Table with Multi Point Adjustability and Built in...
  • Adjustable Table Stand for Keyboard, Mixer, or Similar Pro Audio Gear with EVA Foam Surface Padding Protects Against Scratches
  • Collapses Down for Easy Travel & Storage
  • Integrated Bubble Level & Leveling Feet for Quick Setup

Gator Frameworks is known for producing some of the most basic DJ tables on the market, which may not be the most attractive, but are highly functional and excellent for long-term use.

The Gator Frameworks GFW-UTILITY-TBL DJ table is the most robust and dependable option. Aside from being suitable for long-term use, this DJ table has relatively substantial dimensions of 44 inch x 17 inch x 40 inch.

This best DJ folding table by Gator Framework also has a light weight of only 18 pounds, making it ideal for portability. The best part about this DJ table is that it comes with a 3-year warranty, which, combined with the metal structure, makes it ideal for long-term use.

Odyssey FZF5437T Foldout Combo DJ Table

Odyssey FZF5437T Flight Zone 54 Wide, 37 High Foldout Combo Dj Table, Black
  • Heavy-duty handle and latches
  • Folded dimensions: 33. 25"W x 36. 5"H x 4. 25"D
  • Open dimensions: 54"W x 37"H x 19. 5"D

The Odyssey FZF5437T DJ table is a good choice for people searching for a DJ table that can withstand a lot of use. To begin, you get a very spacious DJ table with dimensions of 54 inch x 19.5 inch x 37 inch, which should be sufficient for most.

While the DJ table’s weight of 48 pounds limits its portability, it does have a high weight capacity of up to 100 pounds. And, like the last Odyssey, it comes with a one-year warranty and a high-end build quality for long-term durability.

The Odyssey is one of the most appealing DJ tables on the market, with a plethora of features designed to make your performance life easier. Your table will last a long time thanks to the heavy-duty handles and latches. Additionally, while the table extends out to provide ample space for all of your equipment, it also folds down when not in use for easy portability.

It can support a maximum weight of roughly 100 pounds. The black laminate ply with aluminum edge looks excellent anyplace, and the Odyssey table can easily withstand anything you could need for your DJ performances. With this DJ table, you can get the aesthetic you want without sacrificing durability or performance.

Harmony Case HCDJSTANDT Compact Fold Out Portable DJ Workstation Table

The Harmony case compact workstation is a perfect choice for individuals looking for a simple yet reliable solution to their DJ table needs. It offers high-performance laminated plywood that contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your booth while also keeping your equipment secure. This fantastic item has a chrome finish and a recessed lock for convenient transport.

The DJ table’s rubber feet on the legs help to ensure that you don’t leave any scuff marks or damage in the locations you attend. Just keep in mind that the amount of support you get on the table’s very edges isn’t as outstanding as the table’s overall durability. The table features a shelf support on the inside that can be used to store small items. It’s built of black laminate ply with aluminum reinforcement on the edges, as well as steel screws and nuts.

The table measures 54′′W x 37′′H x 19. 5′′D when open and 33. 25′′W x 36. 5′′H x 4. 25′′D when closed. The total weight of the table is roughly 48 pounds, which adds to its portability. If you perform with a lot of gear, the Harmony Case HCDJSTANDT is a great choice.

AxcessAbles ES-01 Event Podium DJ Table Facade

AxcessAbles Portable DJ Facade Booth Table with Black and White Scrims, Carry Cases | Standing DJ...
  • ES-01 is designed as a portable dj facade booth for mobile DJ / event professionals. 40x20 work surface is large enough for your DJ controller, laptop...
  • Steel alloy frames are lined with velcro for scrim attachment. Black scrims are traditional and classy. The white scrims create a projectable DJ...
  • The AxcessAbles ES-01 effortlessly opens and closes for quick and hassle-free setup. Each metal panel frame is fitted with adjustable rubber footers,...

With the AxcessAbles ES-01 portable event podium, you can turn any booth or DJ space into the ideal stage for your performance. The panels are useful for hiding wires and extra gear, and they’re also a fantastic location to paste labels and business logos. Velcro tape is used to attach the spandex material for your panels to the steel alloy panel stand frames, and the material may be removed for cleaning.

When you need to get from one location to another fast, the ES-01 folds up flat, making transporting a breeze. There are even two slot slots for cable management on the top of the DJ table.