We’ve spent many hours researching the best drums and drum related gear. Whether you’re just starting drumming, or have years of experience, we have something for everyone.

Best MIDI Drum Pads 2022

MIDI drum pad controllers have become extremely popular in recent years, with many producers using them as the focus of their creative arsenal. The technological

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Best Drum Racks 2022

Drum racks allow you to install toms, cymbals, and other drums and percussion instruments to your drum set more easily and effectively while reducing the

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Best Cajon Drums 2022

Cajons are a type of percussion instrument that is becoming increasingly popular. The instrument’s popularity has risen in part because to its relative portability and

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Best Kick Drum Mic 2022

In most live and studio situations, having a powerful kick drum sound is essential. Kick drum microphones are crucial pieces of recording equipment that give

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