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Best Banjo Picks 2024

A banjo is said to be incapable of playing a sorrowful song. It always uplifts the mood of a song. A banjo pick is necessary for playing such a joyful instrument as the banjo. Your banjo musical instrument kit should include a banjo pick. Some claim that playing the banjo without a pick results in gentler music that is less harsh and awful. You’ll acquire superior musical techniques in this method. Additionally, using picks will prevent your fingers from suckling while you play. Additionally, you can play well-known banjo tunes like “Bluegrass” or “Scruggs Style” with picks.

National NP1-7B Thumb & Finger Pick Pack

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The durable NP-1 picks are constructed of stainless steel. These middle-sized metal finger picks have excellent ergonomics. The picks are made of stainless steel, which is also quite light. The picks are quite securely attached to your hand, although they can be quickly removed.

The NP-7B thumb pick is constructed from premium plastic. These plastic thumb picks are of excellent quality. But as some have criticised, this pick’s size might be a little smaller. This selection strikes an excellent balance between robustness, comfort, and sound. This selection is a wonderful one to make if you value all three of those factors. Stainless steel generates a lot of noise without sacrificing durability.

The National NP1-7B Thumb & Finger Pick works with a variety of instruments, including guitars, mandolins, banjos, and resos. National is a well-known company that produces high-quality goods for musicians. This item is not an exception. This option is suitable for musicians who are experienced and have had a lot of practise. Overall, this is a really comfortable fit for your finger. This is the Best Banjo Pick in 2023.

National NP1-8W Thumb & Finger Pick Pack

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These selections are another another wonderful group. These picks are available in a large size that includes 2 NP-8W thumb picks and 4 long-lasting NP-1 picks. The long picks are composed of stainless steel, which makes them incredibly strong but also slightly malleable so they can fit the fingertips. They are thin and comfortable on the finger.

The NP-8W thumb picks have a stunning white hue and are highly beautiful. The plastic used to make the thumb picks is of high grade. Most fingers can comfortably use them. To assure quality, this pick is made a little thicker.

These picks work with a variety of instruments, including the guitar, mandolin, banjo, and reso. They sound fantastic, are thick, incredibly sturdy, and ergonomic. Everything, even the aesthetic, is well balanced in this. This is the Best Banjo Picks in 2023.

Dunlop 37R.018 Brass Fingerpicks

JIM DUNLOP 37R.018 Brass Fingerpicks, .018",...
  • Long lasting
  • Classic tone
  • Great for use on guitar, pedal steel, banjo, and resonator

All genres of music are big fans of the guitar picks that Dunlop makes. They consider it important. They have a huge selection of shapes, sizes, and even building materials, so there is always a chance to find the ideal alternative for you. Dunlop made an effort to meet every need since they understood that this piece of equipment is vital to your sound as a musician.

This particular pick range is manufactured of brass and is available from 0.13 inch to 0.25 inch in a range of sizes and gauges to meet your needs. Picks made of metal are excellent for most instruments since they always produce a sound that is crisper and more defined than picks made of other materials. Brass picks would be advantageous for the guitar, banjo, and pedal steel in this situation.

There is a theory that picks made of metal can harm the strings and wear them out more quickly. We don’t consider that to be a problem and don’t think there is any distinction between heavy duty plastic picks and metal picks. Brass picks have the advantage of being more malleable than steel, which allows them to be shaped to fit a finger, but they also tend to lose their malleability more quickly than a harder metal.

You may choose the appropriate option from a range of gauges and sizes depending on what you plan to use it for. These picks are designed to provide the greatest sound possible and are trusted by the pros.

aLaska Pik fingerpicks

The design of this banjo pick is intriguing. The maker is aware that some people enjoy using their fingernails to play their instrument. This is very understandable because, if the string is truly being touched by you rather than a finger pick, you may say that you get a better sense of the string and, consequently, the music. However, playing in this manner has its own set of issues. Obviously, breaking a nail is one. What should you do if a nail breaks? Should you continue using three fingers and fingernails while using one finger and the finger? Not possible.

This unique style fits under your nail after slipping over your finger. Although there is no longer a chance of breaking a nail, you will still be able to feel the string. To keep these in place, you will need to keep your own nails a little longer, although some people may view this as a little price to pay.

Since they are made of acrylic, you may even file the edges to fit your particular finger. If it works for you, it is a creative and new idea. Although we are unsure if it will appeal to everyone, if you play this style, it might be worthwhile to test it out.

Players who have grown their nails long and others who even glue on nail extensions have been observed, but the effects are dangerous for live performances in both instances. With this product, we believe you have a better chance of success than relying on the strength of a natural nail or the holding power of nail adhesive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are banjo picks?

Banjo picks are small, metal or plastic finger picks that are worn on the thumb and fingers of a banjo player to pluck or strike the strings. They help produce a clear and distinct sound when playing the banjo.

Why do banjo players use picks?

Banjo picks are used to enhance the banjo’s tone and volume while providing a consistent and precise attack on the strings. They also protect the player’s fingers from the wear and tear of aggressive picking.

What are the different types of banjo picks?

There are several types of banjo picks, including finger picks and thumb picks. Finger picks can be made of metal (usually nickel-silver) or plastic and are worn on the fingertips. Thumb picks are typically made of plastic and are attached to the thumb, leaving the fingers free for plucking.

Are there left-handed banjo picks?

Banjo picks are generally not handedness-specific, so left-handed players can use the same picks as right-handed players. However, some players may prefer to modify their picks for a more comfortable fit on their dominant hand.

Can I play the banjo without picks?

While picks are commonly used to play the banjo, some players choose to play with their bare fingers or fingernails. It’s a matter of personal preference and playing style.