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Best Marshall Speakers 2024

Without Marshall, the music industry would not be what it is today. From Eddie Van Halen’s signature “brown sound” to Jimi Hendrix’s famed crunch, AC/Angus DC’s Young, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, and others, the British maker has shaped the tones of rock ‘n roll. Despite the fact that the company has been around since the 1960s, its portfolio has remarkably adapted to modern technology. You can bring Marshall’s great audio engineering and classic good looks into your living room, business, or event venue with these wireless Marshall speakers. It’s much better if you have Marshall music equipment because you can create a unified, elegant decor for your place.

Marshall speakers come in a variety of sizes and forms, with modern capabilities such as Bluetooth, voice controls, carry handle, spotify connect, app compatibility, and multiroom connectivity. Some require an outlet, while others are battery-powered and wireless, and yet others combine the two for optimum versatility. We’re here to break down everything Marshall speakers have to offer and recommend our favorites, whether you’re entertaining guests, throwing a party, binge-listening to podcasts, or simply want more music in your life.

Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Portable Speaker -...
  • Rich, clear and loud, like the artist intended. Emberton utilizes True...
  • 20+ hours of portable playtime on a single charge. Its compact size and...
  • Emberton is tough and resilient. With its silicone exterior and solid metal...

It may be small, but with to Marshall’s True Stereophonic multi-directional signal processing, the soundstage is amazingly wide, and it rocks harder than its 2x 10W amplification might suggest for bluetooth speakers. Two 50mm full-range drivers are hidden under the grille, backed up by a handful of passive radiators. It produces 87dB SPL at 1m, which gives great audio performance in your living room.

The Emberton is offered in black with a gray metallic mesh grille and the distinctive white script Marshall insignia on the front face. It’s little (HWD: 2.7 by 6.3 by 3.0 inches), but it’s rather weighty (1.5 pounds) for its size. Marshall has managed to keep the speaker’s classic appearance while while giving it a little modern feel. The modern is provided by a digital LED display in red on the top panel (for battery status), and the retro is provided by a central control panel with a brass finish. Internally, two 10-watt drivers are driven by a class-D amplifier, and the small Marshall speaker is Bluetooth 5.0 compliant. Marshall Emberton is the best marshall bluetooth speaker in 2023.

Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker,...
  • Larger than life sound - with high trebles, handles low base with ease and...
  • Wirelessly connect with Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX technology provides lossless...
  • Customize your sound - fine-tune your music to meet your requirements. Just...

The Marshall Woburn II Bluetooth speaker is the best Marshall speaker, featuring crystal clean treble response, strong bass response, and crystal clear midrange performance. The Woburn II speaker features Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX technology, allowing for lossless wireless sound up to 30 feet away while keeping a stable Bluetooth connection.

The Woburn II portable speaker is amazing for home use for music lovers. This is the music streaming speaker for large gatherings and sound that will blow the roof off. Its presence gives the impression that the musicians are performing live in the room with you. With dual woofers that deliver tremendous bass and a sound that can have a dozen people dancing, the Marshall Woburn II is the muscle car of Bluetooth speakers. It also incorporates top-mounted volume, bass, and treble controls, making it simple to fine-tune the music to your preferences.

Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker,...
  • Larger than life sound it's perfect for any room big or small Built with...
  • Wirelessly connect with Bluetooth 5 0 Bluetooth 5 0 aptX technology...
  • Customize your sound Use the Marshall Bluetooth app or the analogue...

The Marshall Stanmore II is one of the best Marshall speakers, with high-quality audio, good build quality, a vintage-style design, and a slew of other useful features. The speaker produces crystal clear sound that can be customized using the Marshall app or physical controls, allowing you to listen to music according to your tastes. For added convenience, Alexa is compatible with the speaker.

The Stanmore II speaker offers clear and crisp audio, and you can nearly turn up the volume to full without hearing any distortion. Two 15 watt class D amplifiers for the tweeter and a 50 watt class D amplifier for the subwoofer are included in the Stanmore II, resulting in crystal clean highs and deep bass performance. The Stanmore’s sound characteristic is best described as V-shaped, and it’s ideal for bass-heavy genres like EDM, rock, and pop.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RCA, and a 3.5mm audio input are just a few of the home speakers many connectivity possibilities. Overall, the Marshall Stanmore II is one of the best Marshall speakerfor advanced voice control and music performance, and we highly recommend it. This is a wonderful wireless portable Bluetooth speaker with a stylish old-school design and excellent sound quality in a small package. This home speaker is capable of producing clear sounds regardless of when it is used or the volume level, making it the best Marshall speaker.

Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker -...
  • Stockwell II offers 20+ hours of portable playtime on a single charge. Its...
  • Utilizes True Stereophonic, a unique form of multi-directional sound from...
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology for wireless music play. Play music...

Marshall Stockwell II is a multipurpose speaker with excellent sound quality and a small footprint. For a multi-directional auditory experience, it employs Blumlein stereo sound design.

A steel grille covers the front and back, and the exterior has a sturdy, splash-resistant silicone coating. It includes a front-facing woofer and a tweeter on each side, and it’s powered by a battery that can last up to 20 hours (USB-C charging with a 3.5-mm connector is also available), depending on how much you fiddle with the sleek volume, treble, and bass dials up top. The battery indicator comes in handy as well. With its carry strap, which has a leather feel on the outside and red velvet on the inside, you’ll enjoy toting all 3 pounds of it around.

The subwoofer, front and rear facing tweeters, and the subwoofer are all powered by three class D amplifiers for crystal clear sound. A bass reflex mechanism is built into the cabinet of this speaker, which improves bass efficiency and expands the frequency response without distortion. Considering its small and compact construction, the level of separation and detail provided by this speaker is rather good, and the volume levels are sufficient to fill a big room with rich sound.

It is integrated with connectivity options of Bluetooth 5.0 technology for wireless music playback, allowing you to listen to music up to 30 feet away from the speaker. The dome tweeters speaker has an IPX4 water-resistant designation, making it sturdy and portable for use in the outdoors. The speaker is also covered in silicone exterior and has a solid metal grille for an attractive appearance.

The Marshall speaker’s battery life is excellent, with up to 20 hours of continuous audio playtime on a single charge. Finally, the Stockwell II has quick charging capabilities, allowing you to play for up to 6 hours on a single charge of 20 minutes. The Marshall Stockwell II speaker is the best marshall outdoor speaker.

Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker -...
  • Included Components: Double-Ended Coil Cord With 3.5mm Stereo...
  • Power Source Type: Battery Powered
  • English (Publication Language)

The Marshall Kilburn II is a multi-purpose Bluetooth speaker that offers a superb balance of music quality, battery life, and wireless functionality. The speaker uses Bluefin stereo sound technology to provide multi-directional sound and is one of the loudest in its class.

The Kilburn II outlasts many of its competitors when it comes to battery life. These Marshall speakers have a battery life of more than 20 hours on a single charge. They also charge quickly, with 20 minutes of charging yielding at least 2 hours of continuous playback time. Additionally, the speakers have a battery life indicator that may be used to determine why the speakers need to be charged again.

This Marshall sounbar features Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology for wireless audio controls, allowing you to listen to music from any Bluetooth device up to 30 feet away. Apart from these enhancements, it boasts a redesigned sturdy design with grills and corner covers, as well as multi-host capabilities, allowing you to connect and switch between many devices with ease.

Finally, the Marshall speaker has flush-mounted corner caps and a water-resistant design, making it tough and long-lasting. The front of the speaker is covered in vinyl and has a strong metal grille. The Kilburn II also has multi-point connectivity, allowing you to quickly connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices. The Kilburn II is the best budget Marshall speakers.

Marshall Acton II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker - Black
  • Acton II may be compact, but its sound is nothing short of large. It...
  • Bluetooth 5.0 provides a superior wireless sound at a range of up to 30...
  • This speaker combines contemporary technology with iconic Marshall design...

The Kilburn II outlasts many of its competitors when it comes to battery life. These Marshall speakers have a battery life of more than 20 hours on a single charge. They also charge quickly, with 20 minutes of charging yielding at least 2 hours of continuous playback time. Additionally, the speakers have a battery life indicator that may be used to determine why the speakers need to be charged again.

The Acton II is meant to use less electricity without sacrificing overall sound reproduction, with a total power consumption of only 50 W. The woofer is powered by a 30W Class D integrated amplifier, which produces a powerful sound equal to larger devices. Additionally, the speakers are compatible with a Bluetooth programme that allows you to fine-tune the sound quality remotely. This feature is especially useful when the speakers’ battery is running low and altering the EQ settings can assist save energy.

One of the best aspects of the Acton II is its built-in wireless networking, which allows users to access their favourite playlists from anywhere. The 5.0 Bluetooth system is meant to give consumers with long-range communication without producing any sound quality issues or delays. The speakers also come with a solid control panel that allows customers to customise their sound reproduction based on their preferences.

Marshall Tufton Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Tufton Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
  • Tufton offers 20+ hours of portable playtime on a single charge. Its guitar...
  • Multi-directional sound
  • Tufton comes equipped with Bluetooth 5. 0 technology for wireless music...

The Marshall Tufton is a lightweight and portable Bluetooth speaker that can play music for up to 20 hours on a single charge. It comes with a guitar-inspired carrying strap that allows you to carry the speaker around with you, as well as a visual battery indication on the speaker’s top panel.

The Tufton is a three-way speaker system, with three independent drivers emitting sound from the front of the speaker. It also has a second mid-range driver at the back of the speaker. This setup allows the speaker to create full-range sound across all frequency range, providing a real 360-degree surround sound experience to the listener.

Blumlein Stereo Sound architecture gives customers with a multi-direction experience that is suitable for both small and large areas! The class three D amplifiers offer enough power to drive the back and front subwoofers and tweeters, producing clean and warm sound with stereo separation. A bass reflex device is also included, which reduces distortion and improves overall bass efficiency.

Marshall speaker bluetooth has built-in lithium Ion batteries that provide over 20 hours of playback duration on a single charge, making it extremely portable and convenient. On the speakers, there is also a battery indication light that indicates when the speakers need to be charged again. Furthermore, the durable exterior of the speakers is encased in silicone, making it tough and water resistant for outdoor use, ensuring longevity.

The Marshall Tufton is integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless audio streaming, allowing you to play music from up to 30 feet away from the speaker. The portable speakers is also water resistance to IPX2 and features flush-mounted corner caps, making it sturdy and tough.

The top panel of has analogue control knobs for bass, treble, and volume, allowing you to fine-tune the music to your personal preferences. The front of the speaker has a solid metal grille, which adds to its aesthetic appeal. The speaker offers multi-point capabilities, allowing you to control and switch between two wireless devices with a single button press.

The Tufton’s multi-host technology allows users to move between several Bluetooth host devices without having to disconnect and rejoin multiple times! Numerous Bluetooth host devices can connect to the speakers at the same time and play music from multiple users’ playlists at the same time. Multiple host devices can be connected to the speakers for an extended period of time without having to pair them each time.

Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-In

Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker with Amazon...
  • Loud just got smaller. Uxbridge Voice is engineered to create a thunderous...
  • Consider this speaker your backstage pass to every song on the planet....
  • Fill your home with immersive sound by building a multi-room system with...

The Uxbridge Voice, Marshall’s newest smart speaker, is the company’s smallest and most affordable ever. Considering the speaker’s size, the audio quality is rather remarkable, with rich bass depth complemented with sharp highs. With bass and treble settings on the speaker’s top panel, as well as a five-band adjustable EQ in the companion app, the sound signature is very changeable.

Those looking for a pure signal should look elsewhere, since there is a lot of DSP (digital signal processing) sculpting going on here, especially at higher volume levels, and only one driver. The Uxbridge Voice, on the other hand, is a gratifying audio experience, albeit little pricey, if you want a compact, sleek speaker with hands-free Alexa access.

The Uxbridge Voice comes in black or white and is rather small, measuring 6.6 by 4.8 by 5.1 inches (HWD) and weighing 3.1 pounds. The Marshall emblem is prominently featured in the centre of the fabric grille, as it is on most Marshall speakers, and is framed by eggshell-finish black (or white) material with golden metallic accents. The four status LEDs on the front face indicate which listening mode you’re in. A 30-watt amplifier powers a single tweeter and woofer hidden below the grille in this Marshall wireless speaker.

For its size, the Marshall Uxbridge Voice provides a good listening experience. You’d think that for $200, you’d get a little more punch—plenty there’s of bass depth, but the maximum volume could be a little higher. However, the pricing reflects the addition of Alexa voice control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Marshall Speakers Worth It?

We adore Marshall speakers for two reasons: their beauty and their sound. Every Marshall speaker sounds incredibly warm, and listening to them is a completely different experience than listening to more modern speakers. They have a sound that is quite similar to that of a PA and is more concert-style with thumping bass.

When you add in the wonderful retro design, you get one of the most delightful and intriguing audio brands we’ve ever seen. If you only need a single speaker, the Marshall line offers outstanding value in every product.

Do you need a smart Marshall speaker?

If smart functionality is important to you, look for a Marshall with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant built in (the options are limited for now), which allows you to control your music with your voice and ask your speaker for information such as news headlines, weather, and future appointments.