Best Choir Microphones 2021

Rode M5-MP Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones
Shure CVO-B/C Centraverse Overhead Cardioid Condenser Microphone, Black (Installation Required)
Beyerdynamic MC930 Small Diaphragm True Condenser Cardioid Microphone - Stereo Set
Rode M5-MP Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones
Shure CVO-B/C Centraverse Overhead Cardioid Condenser Microphone, Black (Installation Required)
Beyerdynamic MC930 Small Diaphragm True Condenser Cardioid Microphone - Stereo Set
Rode M5-MP Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones
Rode M5-MP Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones
Shure CVO-B/C Centraverse Overhead Cardioid Condenser Microphone, Black (Installation Required)
Shure CVO-B/C Centraverse Overhead Cardioid Condenser Microphone, Black (Installation Required)
Beyerdynamic MC930 Small Diaphragm True Condenser Cardioid Microphone - Stereo Set
Beyerdynamic MC930 Small Diaphragm True Condenser Cardioid Microphone - Stereo Set

Shure CVO-B/C Overhead Condenser Microphone

Shure CVO-B/C Centraverse Overhead Cardioid Condenser Microphone, Black (Installation Required)
  • Tailored frequency response ideal for capturing fast transients above choirs and other ensembles
  • CommShield Technology that guards against unwanted RF interference from portable wireless devices (smartphones, etc.) and high resistance to intense...
  • Superior Shure design and rugged, dependable construction

The Shure CVO-B / C lightweight aerial condenser microphone is a high-quality, well-designed, and durable option. The suspended condenser microphone features in-line filters for clarity and improved sensitivity. The gooseneck shape enhances your pickability, ensuring higher quality audio streaming. It is very easy to set up and use, and will ensure a complete capture of your chorus. Like other suspension options, the placement of the microphone will affect the quality of sound reproduction.

Shure introduced the Best Choir Microphones on the market with new technology. That being said, this pendant microphone makes it possible to record live chorus sessions in the best possible way without any frequency interference. Even with a tall design, it still has a compact shape and that’s what makes it portable.

It can be easily adjusted for performance on stage to capture sound in the best possible way. The microphone connects via an XLR cable. The length of the cable is the average: 7.6 meters or 25 feet. Overall a great mic! Its price will be a pleasant surprise for you, so you should definitely take a look at this option.

Speaking of some general features, this pendant mic comes with a custom frequency response to ensure sound is captured in every way possible. On the other hand, the special cardioid sensor model does not allow any signal to interfere with this choir microphone. So what you are going to record will be high quality chorus music without any background or radio signal interference. Shure is the best overhead choir microphone on the market and you can trust it with your eyes closed.

The Shure CVO-B/C Overhead Condenser Microphone is the Best Budget Choir Microphone in 2021. That said, it is a great option for your choir sessions, especially if you plan to record Full HD sound quality at churches or events.

Rode M5-MP Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones

Rode M5-MP Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones
  • Compact 1/2 inch cardioid condenser microphone with low noise and a full frequency response
  • Matched pair has been carefully selected to ensure a variation of no more than 1dB sensitivity betwe
  • A premium foiled certificate is supplied to verify the authenticity of the pair

Rode M5-MP is the best choir microphone in 2021 with an affordable price range. This cardioid condenser microphone comes with a neat and elegant touch, because Rode is already a famous music brand. The build and quality are on par considering the price this mic got. On the other hand, you are going to have an impact, especially when you used for recording front of a choir music session with the best condenser microphone. Alternatively, the durable and sturdy construction is the main reason this mic is over the top. That is, it can be used for a long time without worry.

Rode MP5-MP is a matching pair of condenser microphones. The great thing about them is that you can move them in different directions to capture the exact area that you want to capture. The pair is suitable for both studios and live performances. It is used to record a choir but also to record musical instruments.

Having some condenser microphones gives you crisp and clear stereo sound. The microphones are quite sensitive, however at the same time they don’t pick up a lot of noise, which is exactly what you need to record a chorus. The sound recorded by the microphones is fairly smooth, with no sharp high-frequency endings.

Australian manufacturer Rode is known for its great trucks at a reasonable cost. These are sold in pairs, which is very important when it comes to recording something like a choir. The idea behind this is that they can be used at the source. Microphones suspended above a choir can be placed at different angles. This helps create a wider sound and a better stereo matrix. This, of course, will not only apply to backing vocals, but to any situation where overhead mics might come in handy, such as cymbals on drums or recording a piece.

Due to its ability to eliminate feedback, the Rode M5-MP Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphone is an excellent choice for use with a choir. The mic will actively block out any noise and increase the sound delivery for quality output if it is placed correctly. The microphones are simple to position and will be equally simple to store. The brand’s additional insulation techniques ensure that this mic will not be susceptible to impact, making it excellent for long-term use. It has a lot of off-axis performance, and with the appropriate positioning, it could assist catch the entire chorus.

Audio-Technica PRO 45W ProPoint Cardioid Condenser Hanging Microphone

Audio-Technica PRO 45W ProPoint Cardioid Condenser Hanging Microphone, White
  • Hi-SPL handling is ideal for suspension over choirs and orchestras
  • Wide-range condenser element with low-mass diaphragm for superior performance
  • Self-contained electronics eliminate need for external power modules

Audio-Technica ProPoint is a cardioid condenser microphone that should also hang over the choir. The Best Choir Microphones is as stylish as the previous model. It is also white, which makes it imperceptible, although here you can also choose the black option. The microphone has a flat frequency response that is perfect for vocals. The frequency response here is 70 Hz to 16,000 Hz. The microphone can also boast a high sound pressure level.

The ability to handle high pressure is very important in recording a choir. Audio-Technica was founded in 1962 in Tokyo, it is a Japanese company with a great reputation. They are perhaps best known for their consumer sound products. But their trucks are also built to high standards.

If you are looking for a microphone to connect your choir, this is something to consider. It has a flat, smooth frequency response of 70-16,000 Hz and an SPL of 134 dB. This equips the microphone to handle high volumes. This is a condenser microphone with a low-mass design diaphragm and a cardioid polar pattern. It has a gooseneck adapter. This allows you to easily point the microphone at the exact point on the sound source you want. You don’t need an external power supply as it has built-in electronics.

Audio-Technica Pro 45 is the best microphone for under 100 with a unique design. It is a suspended choir microphone used to record vocals, instruments, and choral music sessions. The shape of the microphone, on the other hand, is quite compact, making it portable. With a sliding construction, one can use this microphone for a long time without worrying. Immediately after attaching this microphone, you no longer have to worry about it.

Talk about the cardioid pickup pattern. As a result, you will be able to record or deliver your voice without distortion or background noise. Alternatively, there is a low-mass diaphragm available with a special condenser element that filters the sound and makes it look as professional as possible. In short, the best choir mic offers a lot more than you might expect and is also a good long-term investment.

Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone Cardioid

Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone - Cardioid
  • Black mini-condenser Cardioid mic, w/cable, in-line preamp, stand adapter
  • Balanced, transformer less output for increased immunity to noise over long cable runs.
  • Supplied stand-mount adapter for portable applications

Shure MX202 is available in two colors: black and white. The microphone has a cardioid polar diagram, however since you can change the cartridges in this microphone, it is possible to expand the choice of polar diagrams. The cable for this microphone is quite long. With this, however, all the necessary details have been taken into account to increase immunity to noise, which is often the result of long cables. The mic goes with an in-line preamp. There is also a stand adapter that you can use. The mic itself has a very flexible gooseneck so you can direct it any way you want. In addition, there is protection against radio interference and electromagnetic hum.

Typically a hanging condenser microphone will have a polar diagram included to support the main function of the microphone. The Shure MX202B / C condenser microphone has cartridges that can be changed. They include cardioid, omni, and supercardioid, which can be selected and swapped based on what you want to record and how you want to record. It is a condenser microphone with Microflex and in-line preamp, and it comes with an adapter for the microphone stand. It has a gooseneck fit. This is great for getting exactly the correct direction and angle for sound capture. It also comes with a thirty foot cord.

Designed specifically to hang over the sound source, this is an excellent microphone for a choir to use. Therefore, it should be listed as one of the best microphones for a choir. The design was created to provide a balanced transformerless output. This reduces the risk of noise that can sometimes occur when using long microphone cables. They have a negligible level of radio frequency interference or any electromagnetic hum.

Behringer C-2 Studio Condenser Microphones Matched Pair

Behringer C-2 Studio Condenser Microphones, Matched Pair
  • 2 matched condenser microphones for stereo studio recording and live applications
  • Ideal as main and support microphones for studio and live applications
  • Cardioid pickup pattern for effective feedback elimination

The Behringer C-2 studio condenser microphones offer versatile performance, making them one of the best microphones available for vocal and choir recording. The C-2 condenser microphone is designed to filter out noise and features higher sensitivity to enhance voice pick-up capabilities. The C2– is available in a pair of slim diaphragm microphones, increasing the range and clarity of the sound. It also includes an additional windshield for maximum noise reduction, as well as a carrying case for additional protection during storage.

The technical characteristics of this choir microphone will surely surprise you. Simply put, the best choir mic comes with a unidirectional pickup pattern that only records sound and resists background noise at the same time. Low-mass diaphragm technology is also added in the microphone that offers a wide frequency response to capture sound in the best possible way. All in all, the Behringer microphone also comes with a stylish carrying case that helps protect it from the elements. Thus, you stay safe while moving the microphone from place to place to attend different chorus sessions.

They are one of the few microphones at this price to include a -10dB pad and a high pass filter. This is great, although unfortunately you can’t use them at the same time. If you’re on a budget, these are a great pair of matching mics. They don’t have some of the features of more expensive microphones, but not everyone needs or can afford them.

Behringer is a German company that produces a wide range of musical equipment. They are renowned for producing good quality equipment at very attractive prices. This pair of matching mics is another great example of what they do.

Beyerdynamic MC930 Small Diaphragm True Condenser Cardioid Microphone

Beyerdynamic MC930 Small Diaphragm True Condenser Cardioid Microphone - Stereo Set
  • Includes 2 matched MC 930 true condenser microphones, 2 EA 19/25 elastic suspensions, 2 WS 53 wind shields, and compact travel case
  • Microphones have cardioid polar pattern for universal applications
  • Very low self-noise, extraordinary signal-to-noise ratio

The Beyerdynamic MC 930 Stereo-Set includes a pair of microphones with a cardioid polar pattern, two windshields, two holders, and a carrying case. The microphones’ frequency range is 40-20 000 Hz, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 71 dB. The microphones are ideal for capturing choirs, orchestras, and single instruments. They can be used to record singing or conversation with the windshield on.

The pre-attenuation of the Beyerdynamic MC 930 microphone is 14 dB. Even under strong sound pressure, it will generate a high-quality recording. The mic has a switchable frequency filter – turn the high-pass filter with Q6 dB per octave and a frequency cutoff of 250 Hz to eliminate the proximity effect. The microphone requires phantom power, making it suitable for use at concerts and in studios.

Beyerdynamic, a German microphone manufacturer, was founded in 1924 and has a stellar reputation. From the earliest dynamic headphones to the ‘new’ medium of cinema in the 1920s, loudspeakers for cinemas have come a long way. Beyer has seen and done everything there is to see and do. The Beatles, Abba, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder are just a few of the artists who have utilised microphones.

This microphone pair can be utilised to create a high-quality stereo pair. They’ll be able to handle a wide range of potentially tough recording conditions. Additionally, they have a high signal-to-noise ratio. They have the ability to work in specialised situations. Acoustic guitar and piano, in particular, demand precision and accuracy. They’re also impressive in any situation where overhead mics are necessary. This is why they are especially suitable for choirs.

Peavey VCM 3 Choir Microphone

Peavey VCM 3 Choir Microphone - White
  • Available in Black and White
  • Miniature, cardioid pattern, choir microphone
  • Back-electret condenser element

The Peavey VCM 3 Choir Microphone, which hangs from the ceiling, is an excellent choice. It has a low profile and may be placed immediately over your choir to produce high-quality sound. It’s simple to set up and use, though proper positioning is recommended to avoid distortion or imbalanced sound. It responds to a wide range of frequencies and transients. The rubberized coat should reduce damage in the event of an impact.

Samson C02 Pencil Condenser Microphones (Pair)

Samson C02 Pencil Condenser Microphones (Pair)
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • Gold-plated XLR connectors
  • Carry Case & shock-mounted mic clips included

It’s high quality construction, the Samson C02PR Pencil Condenser Microphones will eliminate any noise and distortion caused by vibration. The diaphragm microphones have a protected construction and foam windshields, making them perfect for delivering high-quality audio in noisy conditions. They’re made with little feedback in mind, so sound quality is unaffected even when using normal mic placement. They are extremely durable and can withstand greater impact than the other options offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to place a choir mic?

Two at the front, one on each side, and two overheads would be ideal. Each one was recorded on its own channel. This manner, you can combine the data to create the exact sound you’re hearing. This certainly depends on the size of the choir; smaller choirs may just require two front microphones and two overhead microphones.