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Best Viola for Beginners 2024

Beginner viola players require an instrument that is both ready to play right out of the box and affordable because they might not stick with it for very long. Our staff has carefully chosen the companies on the extensive list of beginner violas below to make sure that they are both user- and wallet-friendly. The student viola, a bow, a case, and strings are included with each of the viola outfits listed below as a minimum. These fundamental ensembles will be sufficient to have the beginner up and playing within minutes, while components can be upgraded, as with all violas.

The mellow, earthy, and sorrowful sound that this lovely instrument makes is undoubtedly familiar to anybody who enjoys wonderful classical instruments. Naturally, all of this depends on you purchasing a viola from one of the top viola manufacturers and of the highest quality. If you don’t succeed in doing that, you’ll be left with a stunning box that can only make unpleasant noises.

If you’re going to start playing string instruments, do it well from the beginning. As a result, it’s crucial to choose a viola from the highest-quality brand when making your purchase. Your first viola should not make you want to run away from the instrument; rather, it should make you fall in love with it. You should invest in the best viola for beginners for this straightforward reason to find the best viola brands.

D’Luca CA400VA-15.5 Orchestral Series Handmade Viola Outfit

D'Luca CA400VA-15.5 15.5-Inch Orchestral Series...
  • Selected flamed maple
  • Aged solid spruce
  • Ebony fittings and Inlaid purling

If you’re seeking for a high-quality music-tone, this handmade viola quality instrument is likely to be one of the best choices for beginner violas. Aside from that, D’Luca’s viola is constructed in the traditional manner. The softer wood top is kept from splitting by an old solid spruce, flamed maple sides and back, and inlaid purling. And there’s more. An ebony fingerboard is a strong and long-lasting option. This withstands the strain of your fingertips tapping on the fingerboard repeatedly. Furthermore, the expert craftsmanship ensures unrivaled quality and unrivaled value.

The symphonic music instrument includes a lightweight casing as well as a Brazil wood Bow with genuine horse hair. Two bow holders and an extra set of viola strings are included in the box. Let us now turn our attention to the chant or tune that it produces.

The D’Luca viola produces a deeper, softer, mellower, and concordant tone that has a soothing effect on the listener. So, if you can afford a sophisticated and high-quality model, the D’Luca viola appears to be a suitable instrument for you. This is the Best Viola for Beginners in 2023.

Mendini 12-Inch MA250 Natural Varnish Solid Wood Viola

Mendini 12-Inch MA250 Varnish Solid Wood Viola...
  • Size 12" natural varnish viola
  • Hand-carved solid spruce top with maple back & sides
  • Maple fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest with an alloy tailpiece with four...

Mendini is a reputable brand that makes this important tool. This is capable of delivering exactly what you’re looking for. This viola is a hand-crafted piece with a strong spruce top and maple back and sides, as well as a good reputation.

What else is included in the box? Pegs are held together to one side by friction, and a chin rest is included in the kit. You also get rosin and a bridge in addition to the light weight hard case. The quality is further enhanced by the Brazil wood bow with Mongolian horse hair and an aluminium tailpiece, as well as four included fine tuners. Furthermore, loose strings are firmly adhered to the maple fingerboard.

Mendini violas are the most popular viola brand on Amazon, owing to their inexpensive price of around $80. We can’t recommend this brand highly in terms of quality, but they are a great deal for novices trying to save some money. Mendini violas have a solid spruce top and maple back and sides, and are totally hand-carved. They have a maple fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest, as well as an aluminium tailpiece with four fine tuners built in.

This kit usually includes a lightweight form-fitting hard, a Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, rosin, and a bridge, making it a terrific price for novices. They also come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against faults. This is the Best Violas for Beginners in 2023.

Professional Handmade D Z Strad Viola model 400

Professional Handmade D Z Strad Viola model 400 -...
  • Set up by our luthiers with a Rock Maple bridge and Helicore Strings.
  • 100% Handmade, 100% Hand oil-varnished, 100% Hand adjusted
  • Made of select high quality Alpine/Italian tonewood - featuring a solid,...

The D Z Strad Viola is a high-quality musical instrument that will always be a good investment. This is one of those instruments that is especially suited for discerning string players, as it is created by very talented top-of-the-line viola manufacturers (luthiers).

The maple neck, back, and sides contrast with the solid carved Italian spruce top. The antique varnish is then applied by hand. D Z Strad builds their violas using old world traditional European techniques, ensuring that each instrument is of the finest quality for the price tag

A Bam case, a D Z Pernambuco Viola bow, shoulder rest, and rosin are included with the 15.5-inch Handmade D Z Strad Viola Model 400. Whether you’re a novice, a professional, or an advanced viola player, you’ll fall in love with this viola’s unique and warm qualities, as well as its wonderful tone.

The D Z Strad Viola is a magical musical instrument that you will want to play over and over again. You won’t want to stop listening since the sounds are so lovely.

Cecilio CVA-400 14-Inch Solid Wood Flamed Viola

Cecilio CVA-400 Solidwood Viola, Size 14-Inch
  • Size 14 inch viola, solid hand-carved spruce top, flamed maple back &...
  • Maple fingerboard, boxwood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece with 4 detachable...
  • Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair

Here’s another positive viola review from Cecilio, a reputable and well-known brand. You may rely on this product’s remarkable and satisfying craftsmanship. The accordant melody and euphonic sound it creates reveal its refinement and charm for the price point.

Similarly, the brand claims to provide high-quality products for many years. The Cecilio viola has a gorgeous gleaming inlaid purling finish with flamed sides. You also get natural color rosewood pegs and a fingerboard in addition to the Brazil wood bow with unbleached Mongolian horsehair.

The Cecilio viola does not have ebony fingerboards, which is a drawback. As a result, it is a feeble and ineffective option. Because it is less durable, you may need to take it in for maintenance and repairs more frequently. Regardless, if you are a beginner, Cecilio viola is the best quality product. My final conclusion on the Cecilio viola is that it is a reliable student viola, albeit it may not be a great deal if you are a professional violist.

Louis Carpini Viola Outfit 15-inch Size

The Louis Carpini Viola Outfit is one of Amazon’s best-selling viola/violin products. Kennedy’s Violins, professional luthiers in the state of Washington, sells and assembles it (so it’s ready to play as soon as you open the case). The set contains a stunning solid-carved viola with figured spruce for the top and maple tone wood for the sides, neck, and back.

Because the pegs, fittings, and fingerboards are all made of 100% ebony, you can count on two things: longevity and outstanding sound quality. The set also features a hand-carved French Aubert bridge, and the viola is hand-rubbed with an oil-based finish rather than lacquer to connect everything together.

The Louis Carpini Viola is 15 inches in length and comes with D’Addario Helicore strings and a high-grade Brazilwood bow. The bow is crafted of Mongolian horsehair and features an ebony frog mounted on metal and genuine mother of pearl embellishments. Four built-in fine tuners, an extra set of backup strings, and a Kaplan Artcraft Rosin are also included.

As if that weren’t enough, the device comes with a one-year warranty on all of the included components, as well as full suspension and a professional wood shell case. Music compartments, padded straps, YKK zippers, abundant storage, a lockable latch with keys, and four bow holders are included in the shell case.

Cremona SVA-175 Premier Student Viola Outfit

Cremona SVA-175 Premier Student Viola Outfit - 15"
  • Select tonewoods for the finest possible sound
  • Every Cremona student viola comes with US-made Prelude strings, the...
  • Set-up to MENC Standards at our Cremona workshop in California

If you’re looking for a musical instrument to help kick-start your child’s musical career or, even better, foster a love for the wonderful art of music in them, the Cremona SVA-175 is the instrument for you. Only carefully selected tonewoods – such as spruce, ebony, and hand-carved marble – are used in the construction of the 15-inch Cremona SVA-175 Premier Student Viola Outfit, ensuring that it provides only the highest sound quality.

Cremona SVA-175 is such a well-known viola journey, it comes with US-made Prelude strings, which, while great for beginners, do not produce the best tone. However, if you want a better sound, you may simply replace to higher-quality strings. Changing the strings can drastically improve the quality of the sounds generated. Traditional shaped hardwood fittings of ebony and boxwood complete the Cremona SVA-175’s construction while also maintaining accurate intonation. This also improves the accessibility of the game. For durability and a smoother play, the fingerboards are composed of rosewood and ebony.

The revised A. Breton VP-61 metal tailpiece on the Cremona SVA-175 viola outfit has four built-in tuners to make tuning easier. A Kaufman-style chinrest, a J. LaSalle octagonal Brazilwood bow with ebony frog and Mongolian horsehair, rosin, and, of course, an ultra-light rectangular case are also included.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a viola?

A viola is a stringed musical instrument that is slightly larger than a violin. It is played with a bow and is known for its rich and warm tone.

How is the viola different from the violin?

Violas are larger than violins and have a deeper, mellower sound. They are also tuned differently, with the strings typically being C-G-D-A from lowest to highest.

How can I care for my viola?

Store your viola in a case when not in use to protect it from dust and damage. Keep the strings clean and replace them when they become worn. Apply rosin to the bow regularly to maintain proper bowing.