Best Viola for Beginners 2021

D’Luca CA400VA-15.5 Orchestral Series Handmade Viola Outfit

D'Luca CA400VA-15.5 15.5-Inch Orchestral Series Handmade Viola Outfit
  • Selected flamed maple
  • Aged solid spruce
  • Ebony fittings and Inlaid purling

If you’re seeking for a high-quality music-tone, this handmade viola is likely to be one of the best choices. Aside from that, D’Luca’s viola is constructed in the traditional manner. The softer wood top is kept from splitting by an old solid spruce, flamed maple sides and back, and inlaid purling.

And there’s more. An ebony fingerboard is a strong and long-lasting option. This withstands the strain o