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Best Jazz Ride Cymbals 2024

Do you want to purchase Best Jazz Ride Cymbals to get a professional sound in your drum kit? Given the amount of money you’re spending, you’ll want to be sure you get the best jazz ride cymbals for your musical style.

A drummer’s choice of jazz cymbal brands can have a huge impact on their sound and performance because they are often the most-used section of the drum set for jazz drumming. Groove is the cornerstone of jazz, and a groove isn’t complete without great-sounding cymbals. Every jazz drummer understands the value of cymbals in enhancing their performance. As a result, it’s critical to understand your sound and select the cymbal choice that will propel your jazz music forward.

Meinl Cymbals B20JCR Byzance 20-Inch Jazz Club Flat Ride Cymbal with Rivets

Meinl Cymbals B20JCR Byzance 20-Inch Jazz Club...
  • Hand hammered in Turkey from cast B20 bronze alloy — an articulate ride...
  • Wolfgang Hafner signature — The Meinl Jazz Club Ride was developed with...
  • Four brass rivets — for a light sizzle effect, four brass rivets are...

Highly accomplished drummers often like the Meinl Cymbals B20JCR Byzance 20-Inch Jazz Club Flat Ride. It’s worth noting that this signature cymbal is available in 21 different variations. Each one has its own set of qualities, allowing you to pick the best jazz ride cymbal for your preferred genre and playing style.

This hand-hammered jazz ride cymbal comes all the way from Turkey. This implies that each model of this cymbal has a unique sounding ride sound while also having a long sustain, a low tone, and a lot of vibration for the transition ride. With each cymbal crash, the four included brass rivets will add a lot of sizzle.

Most notably, this jazz drummers model is described as “medium-thin.” That means this jazz ride cymbal is suitable for a wide range of musical styles, including heavy metal, soft jazz, and everything in between. However, not everyone like to use it for other purposes. You’ll love the fact that this cymbal can also be used as a crash cymbal. This is Best Jazz Ride Cymbal in 2023.

Zildjian Kerope 20″ Ride Cymbal

The Zildjian Kerope 20′′ Ride Cymbal is a high-end jazz ride cymbal that can offer a lot of flare to any type of music. The best thing about this model is that it has a “played-in” feel to it. That means you can start playing right away without having to go through the “breaking in” process that comes with a new cymbal.

Many cymbals are adaptable, but only a few are tailored to specific styles, such as music from the 1950s and 1960s. If you appreciate vintage music and sounds, this jazz ride cymbal is exactly what you’re looking for. It produces warm and dark tones that are lacking in many modern cymbals. The cymbal also creates a lovely low-pitched, classic tone.

If a Zildjian 20″ cymbal isn’t producing the deep and bass sound you’re after, the good news is that this cymbal is also available in a 22″ version for a great cymbal sound. Though it’s a little more expensive, it produces a sound that’s pretty similar to the 20″ model, albeit a touch deeper and louder.

These cymbals are a wonderful place to start for anyone searching for a Jazz sound, but don’t forget to look at other great options from Turkish businesses like Istanbul Agop and Istanbul Mehmet, as well as Paiste and Sabian Artisans there are so many great cymbals out there. This is Best Jazz Ride Cymbals in 2023.

Zildjian 20″ K Constantinople Renaissance Ride

Zildjian K Constantinople Renaissance Ride Cymbal...
  • 20" Cast Bronze Ride Cymbal with Smaller
  • Over-hammered Bell Brilliant Finish

There is a distinguished line of cymbals called the Zildjian K Constantinople line. Zildjian produces them in little quantities, and they stand as the company’s finest examples of handiwork. Most people agree that jazz cymbals made in Constantinople are the best ever. They make incredibly rich, highly musical tones that are enticingly smooth, and they are distinguished by deep, intricate hammer marks and progressive curvatures.

The cymbal executes crashes, accents, and shanks with incredible precision and responsiveness. It has such a lovely, delicate sound, and underlying the stick sound’s crisp articulation, there’s a dark wash that floats. The 20″ Constantinople Renaissance ride cymbal is one of the best rides ever made. The best jazz ride cymbal available if you’re looking for a cymbal with a variety of dramatic and beautiful tones.

Sabian 20 Inch SBR Ride Cymbal

SABIAN 20" SBr Ride
  • A versatile model for beginners
  • Smartly priced, SBr Brass is in a class of its own
  • SBr makes your first step into cymbals an easy one

The Sabian 20″ SBR Ride Cymbal is one of the most cost-effective and high-quality jazz ride cymbals on the market today for drum set. You can acquire a fairly robust brass cymbal that accentuates the foundations of what a jazz ride cymbal should be for roughly $80.

If you like a loud sound and play higher-pitched and brighter songs like pop or rock, this is the cymbal for you. However, thanks to the medium weight that can sustain heavy smashes, it will do just well if you’re a jazz musician or heavy metal drummer. When impacted, its structure can produce a slightly deeper and louder sound.

You can expect an immediate warm sound from this jazz ride cymbal, which will add flair to your playing approach. However, keep in mind that there are restrictions to what you can do with a brass cymbal. This beginner’s cymbal has no sizzle (no rivets) and produces no distinguishing sounds. This is the best ride cymbals for jazz.

Stagg CS-RJ20 20-Inch Classic Jazz Ride Cymbal

Stagg CS-RJ20 20-Inch Classic Jazz Ride Cymbal
  • Product Type :Percussion Instruments
  • Package Dimensions :50.8 Cm L X50.8 Cm W X2.54 Cm H
  • Country Of Origin :China

If you like the sound of the Zildjian K, the Stagg CS-RJ20 20-Inch Classic Jazz Ride Cymbal is a good alternative. Instead, you may get a very comparable sound profile for a few hundred dollars less by purchasing this model.

What’s important to note is the cymbal’s actual construction. It’s made of a B20 alloy, which helps it produce a deeper, lower tone that’s popular among jazz musicians. Furthermore, the absence of rivets results in a more pure and direct sound with less sizzling.

You must also consider the weight, regardless of the construction. Because of its medium weight, this jazz ride cymbal is more than capable of withstanding strong crashesin some musical genres. It is not, however, completely adaptable. Still, it’s a terrific pick for jazz, and the greater weight allows you to add a bit extra crashing. This is the best jazz ride cymbals for beginner drummers.

Meinl 20 Medium Ride Cymbal CC20MR-B

Meinl 20" Medium Ride Cymbal - Classics Custom...
  • MADE IN GERMANY: Classics Custom Brilliant cymbals are made at the Meinl...
  • WHY IT MATTERS: these cymbals will make your kit sound and look...
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: one 20" medium ride cymbal; the Classics Custom...

If you prefer to experiment with a wide range of musical styles on the drums, the Meinl 20′′ Medium Ride Cymbal CC20MR-B is definitely your best pick. Despite its 20-inch diameter, this cymbal produces a booming sound that will protect your drum set from being overshadowed by your band’s other instruments.

If you enjoy live performances, this is the ideal jazz ride cymbal because of its robust structure and medium weight. You can pound on this renaissance ride without fear of it cracking, shattering, or denting, and you won’t have to worry about it cracking, breaking, or denting.

If you use your drum set frequently, you’ll enjoy how simple it is to clean this cymbal. Because this cymbal has such a dazzling and flawless finish, all that’s required is a short wipe to remove any dirt or debris. Plus, the vivid polish ensures that your jazz ride cymbal always looks bright and showy. However, some musicians may find its bell to be overly huge.

Zildjian 19 Armand Beautiful Baby Ride

Zildjian A Series Armand Beautiful Baby Ride...
  • 19" Ride Cymbal with Traditional Finish 3 Rivets

If you’re seeking for a vintage sound in a variety of genres, the Zildjian 19′′ Armand Beautiful Baby Ride with 3 Rivets is a perfect choice. This medium-thin jazz ride cymbal has a 19″ diameter and may produce a relatively higher-pitched sound that isn’t quite as “in your face.”

You should also consider the material used to make this particular jazz ride cymbal. It may generate a brighter and softer tone than most jazz instruments because it’s composed of a quality 80/20 (B20) material. Despite the fact that this Zildjian jazz ride cymbal has a very distinct sound, a few users have commented that it is not completely adaptable.

The three rivets on this jazz ride cymbal are particularly worth noting. This extra function can give your song a stunning sizzling sound. It also has a lengthy sustain, allowing you to stretch each note a little longer after striking your jazz ride cymbal.

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals Jazz Series LD-R19

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals Jazz Series LD-R19 Legend...
  • Hand crafted in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Woody, Dark and Controlled Sound Clear Stick Definition
  • Custom dark lathing on top / Traditional lathe on bottom

The LD-R19 from Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals will give you a sound you’ve never heard before. That’s owed in part to the “woody” tones that this cymbal can produce. This design allows you to hear the actual hit of your drumsticks on the cymbal, giving it a more earthy tone.

Because this cymbal was handcrafted with a specific sound in mind, it was meticulously made. This cymbal’s extremely dark tone and 19″ size make it the ideal choice for jazz musicians searching for both a low and dark sound.

There’s no denying that the sound is unique and excellent, but 19″ may be a little too little and quiet for your preferred genre. You’ll love the fact that this model is also available in sizes ranging from 19″ to 24″. This selection allows you to completely customize your sound and playing style.

Zildjian Planet Z Crash Ride Cymbal (ZP18CR)

Avedis Zildjian Company Planet Z Crash Ride Cymbal...
  • Package Dimensions: 22 L x 6 H x 22 W (inches)
  • Package Weight : 64 pounds
  • Country of Origin : United States

The 20-inch Planet Z cymbal is designed for novices and measures that size. Any practice session can benefit from the cymbal’s bright and responsive tone. The cymbal performs superbly and delivers value for your money. You can perform a wide variety of musical styles with this kind of ride cymbal. The Planet Z cymbal is made to withstand many types of bashing.

The nickel-silver alloy used to make the cymbal is really good for the expression and performance it provides. All musical types and genres can use this kind of cymbal.

As a result, you can always use this cymbal to assess your skills and determine the ideal genre for your performances. There are various cymbal kinds, including splash, hi-hat, ride, China, and band cymbals.

Dream Vintage Bliss 22-Inch Crash/Ride Cymbal VBCRRI22

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Dream cymbals are a relatively new entrant into the cymbal market. They have, nevertheless, consistently produced wonderful, expressive hand hammered cymbals at reasonable pricing.

The Bliss series focuses on cymbals with a rich, dark, and slightly trashy sound that are great for Jazz (as well as other styles too). This vintage crash/ride has a much broader and less defined stick definition than comparable cymbals, as well as a very dark and deep sounding wash.

Its larger 22″ size provides it a nice forgiving buttery feel and makes it incredibly adaptable as a crash or ride. The trashier components of these jazz cymbals sound may not appeal to everyone, but you’re getting a lot of cymbal for your money, and it’s a highly expressive cymbal overall for the best jazz cymbals.

Paiste PST7 Series 20″ Light Ride

Paiste PST7 Series Light Ride Cymbal...
  • HIGH-QUALITY LIGHT RIDE CYMBALS - The PST 7 series is crafted with CuSn8...
  • ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE - Upgrade your drum kit with this Paiste Light...
  • PERFECT TONE - This cymbal has a fairly narrow range with a clean mix and...

Paiste’s 20″ PST 7 Light Ride Cymbal is a beautiful, lightweight jazz cymbals that creates rich, musical tones. It’s a budget-friendly cymbal with a great sound. Because of its responsive and full-bodied sound, as well as a wonderful balance of wash and stick sound, this cymbal is one of the greatest ride cymbals for jazz music.

The Paiste PST7 light ride’s overall tone is mellow and smooth, with a lot of brilliant elements. It’s incredibly light, which gives it a lot of wash, and it truly shines as a crash cymbal. The cymbal has a musical and expressive voice. It’s an excellent all-purpose cymbal. It responds exceptionally well to a wide range of playing dynamics.

Paiste’s PST7 light ride cymbal not only sounds wonderful, but it’s also a superb value for money. It’s a versatile and highly useful ride cymbal with a great crash that’s great for working drummers in a variety of musical situations. This is one of the best jazz ride cymbals for the money if you want a versatile and mellow cymbal at a great price for the best cymbals for jazz.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean my jazz ride cymbals?

Cleaning your jazz ride cymbal should not be done only when it has become incredibly dirty and cleaning is your only alternative. In truth, after a few usage, you should clean your cymbal. In most cases, washing down your jazz ride cymbal with a dry towel should suffice to remove any dust, grime, or debris. You may clean your jazz ride cymbal with water and dish soap for a more thorough cleaning. Make sure you wipe down your jazz ride cymbal as soon as you finish washing it, since water sitting on the surface can compromise the cymbal’s integrity.

How can I prevent my cymbals from cracking?

There’s no reason why your jazz ride cymbal should ever shatter if you choose one based on your musical genre and playing style. Playing relatively forcefully and intensely on a thin or paper-thin cymbal, which plainly wasn’t meant for this sort of playing, is one of the most prevalent causes of cracking. Make a point of installing your jazz cymbals at an angle to avoid hard strikes that can weaken the cymbal. Rather than playing small and thin cymbals more vigorously, it’s advisable to have a thicker and larger cymbal to generate a louder sound.

What is the average lifespan of a jazz ride cymbal?

There’s no reason why your jazz ride cymbals shouldn’t last a lifetime. However, how you play and care for your jazz ride cymbal will have a significant impact on its lifespan. Striking your thin jazz ride cymbal forcefully will quickly degrade its strength, resulting in cracking or damage in a matter of months. You should also make sure that your jazz ride cymbal is protected from the elements. This can be accomplished by utilizing a soft carrying case, brushing off any dust or dirt as it accumulates, and drying your jazz ride cymbal after each cleaning.

Should I get a bigger or smaller jazz ride?

Consider your band’s volume and venues. Larger rides (22″-24″) project more for loud bands in big rooms. Smaller rides (20″-21″) give intimate control for trios and clubs. Most drummers are best served with a 21″ or 22″.

Are more expensive rides worth it?

Up to a point, yes. Cheap beginner rides sound one-dimensional. But ultra-premium rides provide diminishing returns. Cymbals around $300-500 provide professional jazz sound at reasonable cost.

What about jazz ride packs?

Packs with 3-4 rides can help you discover your preferences. But buying individually allows you to cherry-pick exactly the right cymbals over time. Start with one great all-purpose ride.

Should I play new rides before buying?

Absolutely. Even rides of the same model can vary. Visit drum shops and test play any cymbals seriously being considered. Hearing and feeling them yourself is the only way to know if a ride is right for your style.

Are effects like rivets and holes a good idea?

For most drummers, an unmodified ride is recommended to start. Adding rivets, holes or other effects changes the sound drastically. Only make permanents mods once you know a ride inside and out.