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Best 7-piece Drum Sets 2024

One of the most appealing aspects of purchasing a drum set is the variety of shell types and sizes available. Some drummers prefer compact drum sets, while others prefer massive and lavish ones. This page is for you if you’re among the later group of drummers.

There are a few common 7-piece drum kit alternatives available from various manufacturers. Most of them are in direct competition with one another in terms of quality and price, making it tough to pick one.

Gretsch Catalina Maple 7-Piece Rock Shell Pack

Gretsch CM1E826PWG 2014 Catalina Maple 6-Piece...
  • 7-Ply maple shells^2.3mm triple-flanged hoops^Matching bass drum...

The Gretsch Catalina Maple 7-piece drum kit is one of the most popular acoustic drum sets on the market. It has a reputation for being a versatile kit with great drum heads that can be used in any musical genre.

The shells of the drums are composed of 7-ply maple. These shells have a vintage Gretsch sound, yet are current enough to fit with any band. As you play down the toms, you receive a musical range of tones. The 30-degree bearing edges on each drum help these tones even more. They give the drums a lot of warmth as well as a powerful impact. This is an excellent kit to consider whether you’re a jazz or metal drummer. This is one of the Best 7-piece Drum Sets in 2023.

PDP By DW 7-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware Natural

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The PDP by DW CM7 Concept Series Maple 7-piece shell set provides the fundamentals of a fantastic drum kit at an affordable price. At this price, the CM7 is an excellent deal, packed with boutique-inspired options and premium features. A trio of rack toms, two floor toms, a kick drum, and a snare provide plenty of tonal options. And these drums don’t disappoint. Shells of maple trees? Check! Is that a real lacquer finish? Definitely! What about high-end mounting hardware? You figured it out! Check out The PDP by DW CM7 Concept Series Maple 7-piece shell bundle if you want a great-sounding, dependable drum kit!

The shells on all of the toms and the bass drum are 7-ply maple, while the snare drum is 10-ply maple. These drums have a lot of punch. Because of this, it’s fairly usual to see one of these kits used in a Gospel scenario. All of DW’s iconic hardware designs are included in the package, including the True-Pitch tension rods, MAG snare throw-off, and STM rack tom suspension mount.

The snare drum is one of the nicest features of this set. It has a fantastic tone and a reasonably large tuning range. It sounds best when it’s turned up all the way.Given the price tag, the PDP Concept Maple series sounds incredible, and you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with high-quality maple shells that are built with care and attention to detail. This is one of the Best 7-piece Drum Set in 2023.

Pearl Decade Maple Shell Pack – 7 Pieces

Pearl Decade Maple Shell Pack - 7 Pieces - Solid...
  • 7-piece Maple Shell Pack with 22" Bass
  • 14" Snare - Solid Yellow
  • 14" 16" Flo Toms

The Pearl Decade Maple 7-piece shell set provides a whole kit’s worth of high-quality shells at a working drummer’s budget. Each 6-ply, 100 percent maple shell produces a powerful, balanced tone that can be used in practically any musical setting. The tone and durability standards demanded by gigging and touring drummers are met by Decade Maple shells. Hand-treated shell interiors, great-looking tiny shield lugs, and resonance-enhancing tom mounts are all examples of Pearl’s attention to detail. This Pearl Decade Maple Shell Pack provides you with top-of-the-line drums at an amazing price.

Both recognized drum manufacturers and players favor maple as a shell wood. Its warm bass end and silky middle are suitable for almost any genre of music. The shells of the Pearl Decade Maple are made of six plies of ultra-thin maple with hand-treated bearing edges to ensure that you get the same performance as those high-end kits. Pearl designed this 7-piece Decade Maple shell pack for live and studio use. The Decade Maple series’ construction provides you with the peace of mind that comes with performing with high-quality instruments, in addition to preserving great tone. The lugs and mounts on the shells are based on Pearl’s Reference series. Because of its inexpensive price and solid construction, this shell pack is ideal for a starting kit, a pro’s backup set, or even as your first call drum set.

Pearl’s Decade Maple line’ meticulous attention to detail belies its low price. Pearl’s SST technology is used to create the ultra-thin 6-ply shells, which feature overlapping scarf-joint seams and proprietary AcoustiGlue for unrivaled resonance. The bearing edges and the interiors of the shells are both hand-treated. Mini lugs inspired by the Reference, Opti-Lock suspension mounts, and Uni-Lock tom arms are all designed to tour-ready specifications.

Tama Superstar Classic Maple 7-Piece Shell Pack

TAMA CR72SBLO Superstar Classic 7pc Shell Kit Blue...
  • 18"x22" Kick Drum w/ Tom Holder Base
  • 7"x8", 8"x10", 9"x12" Rack Toms
  • 12"x14", 14"x16" Floor Toms

The Tama Superstar Classic is a kit with strong toms and aggressive sounds that is reminiscent of Tama kits from the classic rock period. The toms have thin maple shells that provide booming tones across the board. The bass drum’s plies are a little thicker than the toms’, allowing it to make a punchier sound.

The renowned TAMA Superstar has stood alone since the 1970s. The session drummer’s go-to for all things pop, rock, and metal has been this stronghold of quality and cost. In the Superstar Classic, today’s Superstar is even better, increasing the bar for working drummers everywhere.

The bearing edges of the drums are at a 45-degree angle. A tiny departure from the other kits’ standard 30-degree bearing edges. The booming sound comes from the tighter angle. Tama’s Star mount device is used to mount the toms. Because of the design, the toms are easy to modify. On the Tama Superstar drum kit, all of the hardware feels robust and heavy-duty. Finally, the kit comes with dozens of different finishes to select from. If you want a wide range of graphic options, the Superstar Classic is the way to go!