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Best Cymbal Cleaners 2024

If you play the drums, you may be aware of how crucial it is to keep your instruments in good condition in order for them to sound their best. Because they are constructed of copper, silver, and tin, cymbals should be dust-free like the rest of your instruments. This enhances the sound quality of your gadgets in addition to their appearance.

Consistently cleaning your cymbals is a good idea. It’s a good idea to clean them after each use to prolong their usefulness and prevent more abrasive stains from fading the cymbals’ color. Even though it seems counterintuitive, over-cleaning your cymbals can reduce their effectiveness.

Zildjian Brilliant Cymbal Polish

Zildjian Brilliant Cymbal Cleaning Polish
  • One quick and easy application
  • Use on Brilliant Finish Cymbals only
  • Not for use on traditional finish, Kerope or ZXT Titanium cymbals

One of the most well-known cymbal manufacturers in the world produces the Zildjian Brilliant cymbal polish. If they didn’t know how to take care of cymbals, that would be quite amazing. Fortunately, they do, and they choose to impart their wisdom on us. Zildjian Brilliant cymbals are the original target audience for Brilliant Cymbal Polish, however it may also be used on other common cymbal varieties as long as they are not plated (platinum, etc.).

The biggest cymbal producer in the world, Zildjian has been making high-caliber cymbals for almost 400 years. With just one quick and simple application, this Zildjian Cymbal Cleaner will clean and protect your cymbals with dazzling finishes. This cymbal polish performs wonders, in fact. It removes all the dirt and debris that ends up on the cymbal surface and brings the cymbal back to its original, brilliant brightness.

This is a conventional polish paste that is applied by rubbing a small amount of paste into a cymbal to remove dirt. You should be forewarned that you will need a lot of clothes because they become greasy and unclean very quickly. Additionally, after you have finished your cleansing, you should give your cymbals one final wipe with a clean cloth to remove any remaining grease and restore the shine they once had.

It is recommended that you hide your logos or at the very least avoid pressing too hard when cleaning them because this cleaner is quite potent and will remove the print from your cymbals. However, there really shouldn’t be any issues with it if you cover them. This is a top-notch tool that will unquestionably thoroughly clean your cymbals. This is the Best Cymbal Cleaner in 2024.

Groove Juice Percussion Cleaning

Groove Juice Percussion Cleaning (GJCC)
  • Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner
  • Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner
  • Groove Juice Cleaning Products

The cleaner from Groove Juice is a liquid spray that cleans your cymbals by removing dirt and dust. This cleaner differs from traditional ones in that you often acquire a kind of paste to polish your cymbals with in order to clean them, which takes a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of cymbals to clean.

It is a sophisticated formula that is quick and simple to utilize. A thin liquid spray needs to be applied evenly on the cymbal, allowed to sit for 30 seconds, and then removed with a soft cloth or towel. Groove Juice works well and produces results right away on all cymbals with stunning finishes. This device not only works well and is easy to use, but it is also very affordable. You may ensure that your cymbals are returned to their former brilliance and dazzling tone by using this method frequently every few months.

Your cymbals should be sprayed with Groove Juice, which you should then let sit for about a minute before rinsing off with water and possibly giving the cymbal another wipe with a towel. Naturally, this cleanser is safe to use with any existing regular cymbals, but it is advised to use it outside if possible because of the material’s strong odor, which could cause nausea if used in a washroom.

Overall, especially if you clean your cymbals frequently or you have new cymbals, this is a terrific quick product that will give you a quick cleansing of your cymbals. This is the Best Cymbal Cleaners in 2024.

MusicNomad Premium Drum Detailer and Polish (MN110)

MusicNomad Premium Drum Detailer and Polish, 8 oz...
  • Cleans, shines, and protects while removing fingerprints, dust, and spots
  • Great for cleaning drum shells, Chrome Hardware, rubber e-pads, Thrones and...
  • Gloss enhancers to give a high gloss shine

The Music Nomad MN110 is a premium drum detailer and polish that is highly praised for its effectiveness and ease of use. It is designed to clean, shine, and protect your drum set, including cymbals, drum shells, hardware, electronic drum pads, and drum thrones. The product is safe on all matte and lacquer finishes, making it versatile for various drum sets and brands.

Music Nomad Cymbal cleaner uses an advanced biodegradable formula. This formula is infused with gloss enhancers and UV protectants, which not only give your drums a long-lasting shine but also protect them from sun damage. The product is also silicon-free, which is a plus for those concerned about potential residue or build-up.

MN110 is particularly effective at removing fingerprints, dust, and spots from their drum sets. It also has anti-static agents that help reduce dust from binding to your drum set, keeping it cleaner for longer. Another notable feature is the product’s aroma. Users have mentioned that it smells good, adding a pleasant sensory experience to the cleaning process.

The MN110 comes in a 100% PET bottle, which is the most friendly recyclable plastic on Earth, making it an eco-friendly choice. In terms of application, a single spritz from the atomizer is all it takes to clean your drum set. This makes the MN110 quick and easy to use, which is a significant advantage for those who want to spend less time on maintenance and more time on playing.

Overall, the Music Nomad MN110 is a highly recommended product for drummers looking for an effective, easy-to-use, and eco-friendly solution to keep their drum set clean and shiny.

Lizard Spit Cymbal Cleaner

Lizard Spit Agogo Bell, inch (MP03)
  • Specially formulated for use on raw-metal cymbals
  • Easily removes oxidation, fingerprints and grime
  • Provides a professional shine to metal surfaces and brings back the crisp,...

The award-winning pies of your band may be cleaned with the specially formulated Lizard Spit cymbal cleaning in a matter of minutes, safely restoring the tone and beauty of your crashes, splashes, hats, and rides. Lizard Spit MP07 will quickly get you there if you enjoy the appearance and sound of a minty-fresh cymbal that has just come off the production line. As you play and handle restored cymbals, a soft barrier protectant helps to delay the recurrence of oxidation and dirt. The MP07 cymbal cleaner is nontoxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly like all Lizard Spit cleaners, making it safe to use even in confined spaces.

Cymbal cleaning Lizard Spit MP07 produces results quickly. A cordless drill with a polishing pad is quite helpful if you’re working on an entire set of cymbals at once. However, if you don’t mind putting in a little extra work, hand application works just fine. Simply liberally coat the surface of your cymbals with MP07 cymbal cleaning and work in circular motions. Let your cymbals dry, then hand-buff them with a fresh cotton or terry cloth towel to bring out their inherent beauty.

With the exception of aluminum, all coated and anodized fine metals, including bronze, brass, gold, and sterling silver, can be safely cleaned with Lizard Spit MP07 cymbal cleaner. MP07 cleaner gives you the results you want, whether you want to protect and restore a steel snare shell or keep some guitar components looking brand new.

Dunlop 6400 System 65 Cymbal & Drum Care Kit

Dunlop 6400 System 65 Cymbal & Drum Care Kit
  • 65 Drum Shell Polish and Cleaner
  • 65 Cymbal Intensive Care
  • 65 Cymbal Cleaner

The Dunlop 6400 cleaning kit is just what you need if you’re the type of drummer who demands that every component of your kit remain spotless. Three bottles are included in this package. A cymbal cleaner, a drum shell cleaner, a bottle for rigorous care of cymbals, and a microfiber cloth for cleaning method are all included.

Everything you require is there. The drum shell cleaner may be used on any type of shell you can imagine, while the cymbal cleaner works best on bright cymbals. Your cymbals will receive some protection from the third bottle, which will prevent them from being too soiled in the future.

The additional cloth is a fantastic feature because drummers frequently search the house for an useable cloth to wipe their cymbals. Since this is a pack of cleaners, its price is higher than that of the other items on this list. It is, nevertheless, well worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my cymbals?

Regular cleaning is recommended to prevent buildup and maintain sound quality. However, the frequency depends on how often you play and the environment in which your cymbals are stored.

Can I use household cleaners on my cymbals?

It’s best to avoid household cleaners as they may contain harsh chemicals that can damage the cymbal’s finish. Always opt for products specifically designed for cymbals.

Will cleaning my cymbals affect their sound?

Proper cleaning with the right products should not affect the sound. In fact, removing dirt and oxidation can restore the cymbal’s original tonal qualities.

Can I clean cymbals with a patina finish?

Yes, but use a cleaner that is safe for patina finishes, to avoid damaging the unique surface.

How do I apply cymbal cleaner?

Apply the cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions, typically with a soft cloth, and buff gently. Avoid harsh scrubbing, especially around logos.

Is it safe to clean ink logos on my cymbals?

Most cleaners recommend avoiding ink logos to prevent accidental removal. If logo preservation is important, clean around them carefully.

Can I use cymbal cleaner on electronic cymbal pads?

No, cymbal cleaners are designed for metal cymbals and may damage electronic cymbal pads.

What should I do if the cleaner doesn’t remove all the tarnish?

For stubborn tarnish, a second application may be necessary. If the tarnish persists, consider consulting a professional before using more abrasive methods.

How can I protect my cymbals after cleaning?

Many cleaners offer a protective layer to repel dirt and fingerprints. Regular wiping with a soft, dry cloth after playing can also help maintain cleanliness.

Are there eco-friendly cymbal cleaners?

Yes, there are products designed to be eco-friendly and safe for both the user and the environment.