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Best Beginner Drum Sets 2024

Gretsch Catalina Club 4pc Drum Kit Piano Black

Gretsch Catalina Club 4pc Drum Kit Piano Black
  • Gretsch formula 7 ply Mahogany shells w/clear interior and 30 degree edges
  • Matching bass drum hoops w/natural gloss interiors
  • 12. 7 millimeters Tom arms and 10. 5 millimeters ft legs

The Catalina Club 4-piece drum kit from Gretsch Drums is a fun throwback. This classic kit provides you an open-sounding 14″-deep bass drum that’s great for just about any form of music, thanks to powerful mahogany shells and retro drum sizes and finishes. The rack and floor toms, in a satisfyingly balanced combination with the kick and snare drum, provide a “period-correct” vibe. These drums have a wonderful vintage-y gloss that gives them a clean, distinct aesthetic that looks great onstage. So, if you’re searching for a distinctive kit that looks, sounds, and plays fantastic, Gretsch Drums’ Catalina Club 4-piece is the kit for you!

Gretsch has been linked with high-quality drums for nearly 150 years. They’ve been offering the Catalina Club as a beginner-sized chunk of history at an inexpensive price for the past decade. The Blue Satin Flame (shown) is our favorite of the numerous stunning finishes offered, but there is something for everyone.

The drum shells are made of 7-ply, 100 percent mahogany, and the kit includes Remo Ambassador heads. The tonal richness is deep and consistent right out of the box. Even when brutally battered, the drums will maintain their tuning. Beginner drummers can concentrate on their skills and performing without having to bother about re-tuning all the time.

All sorts of drummers will benefit from the many configuration options, but the 20″ set up is a genuine rhythmic chameleon. Look no farther if you’re seeking for a versatile player. The Catalina Club is a great place to start for beginners, intermediates, and aspiring touring drummers. As a result, it’s difficult to recommend anything else in this price range.

Pearl Roadshow Drum Set 5-Piece Complete Kit with Cymbals and Stands

Pearl Roadshow Drum Set 5-Piece Complete Kit with...
  • Complete Drum Set -The Pearl Roadshow drum kit comes complete with...
  • Set Includes-22x16 bass drum, 14x5.5 snare, 10x8 & 12x9 rack toms, 16x16...
  • Hardwood Drum Shells and Triple Flanged Steel Hoops-6-ply 7mm Poplar...

If you’re into drumming, you’ve probably heard of the company. In our opinion, we are accustomed to seeing high-quality sets at various price points. And they did an outstanding job with this model. This is the type of set you can rely on to learn as a beginner while still giving you enough leeway to continue playing as an experienced drummer. It’s just in the middle of the beginner-intermediate range.

The cymbals, as well as the cymbal stand, are included with the package, despite their low quality. This is an extremely useful feature for someone who is just getting started. It features a traditional design and is the right size for both teens and adults, with chrome holders. For the price, this set offers excellent construction quality. Poplar is the preferred wood, and it has a really high quality feel to it.

The snare drum on this drum kit is fantastic; it sounds so much better than the snare drums on other starter drum kits. The kit may be taken on the road and utilized for various gigs without causing any problems if properly cared for.

Ludwig Breakbeats

Ludwig LC2791 Breakbeats by Questlove 4-Piece Drum...
  • Apartment-friendly and compact for the street musician
  • Positioned on a riser for optimum reach, its compact 14x16" bass drum,...
  • The tonal center of Breakbeats is a 5x14" matching wood snare drum

The Ludwig Breakbeats is much more than a basic drum kit, as it was designed in partnership with Questlove of The Roots. The sleek, compact design was created with the intention of providing city drummers with a set they could throw in the back of a taxi and perform with. It is unquestionably suitable for this purpose, so you may think of it as an investment in your musical future.

The small sizes appear to be much larger than they are, and they allow for easy ergonomic movement about the kit, which is ideal for novices. The shells are composed of hardwood poplar and have a great tone, which makes them ideal for Hip Hop and Jazz. They also come with sacks that, while a little thin for safe transit, are ideal for using as dampeners over the drums.

If you want to concentrate on stronger Rock or Metal drumming, you might want to go with something bigger, but don’t dismiss this completely. It packs a surprising lot of punch given its small size, and it’s perfect for gigging! The fussy kick drum riser was my sole criticism, which only applied to a gig circumstance. It’s not ideal to have to re-adjust the pedal onto the riser every hour or so, but I believe pedal issues are a necessary evil for any performing drummer! On a recent trip, I had to perform the entire first song without a kick drum. I hadn’t properly tightened the beater, so it fell out of place within the first four bars!

Pearl Export EXX 5-Piece Drum Set with Hardware

Pearl Export EXX 5 Shell Pack (EXX725P/C760)
  • Pearl Export 5-pc. Shell Pack with 22x18 bass drum, 16x16 Floor Tom, 13x9...
  • 6-ply/7.5mm Poplar/Asian Mahogany Shells
  • Opti-Loc Tom Suspension System

One of the most popular drum kits of all time is the Pearl Export. Back in school, we remember slaving away at rudiments on a vintage Chrome finish Export. Poplar/mahogany shells are used in the current re-issues, and they are extremely playable and have a distinct tone. The factory heads sound fine, but upgrading them would let the package reach its full potential.

The Pearl 830 Series gear, which includes the outstanding P-930 Demonator kick pedal, and the Sabian SBR cymbal set, are included in the EXX kits. In principle, this should include everything you’ll need to get started, but some stores may sell the kits separately, so double-check. The wrapped finishes are both eye-catching and timeless.

Overall, this is a starter drum kit that is difficult to criticize. It’s ideal for most styles, and the fact that it comes with hardware and cymbals makes it a no-brainer purchase. Prospective jazz drummers may be turned off by the lack of an 18” kick in the lineup, but for the rest of the genres – especially rock, gospel, and R&B – a Pearl Export is unbeatable.

Tama Imperialstar Complete Drum Set

Tama Imperialstar 5-Piece Kit with Meinl HCS...
  • Bundle Includes: Tama Imperialstar 5-Piece Drum Kit with Meinl HCS Cymbals...
  • Affordable: The Tama Imperialstar complete drum kits provide everything a...
  • Cymbals: The drum kit features Meinl HCS cymbals

Tama’s Imperialstar is a five-piece kit made of 6-ply poplar shells. These shells have a full-bodied tone and a rapid fade. This makes them ideal for use with a microphone. If you’re on a tight budget, the Imperialstar is an excellent choice for a studio drum kit or live performance. The full-bodied tone will be picked up by the drum mics, resulting in a very high-quality sound.

Purchasing a “cheap” set of drums can feel like a gamble at times. For starters, the value of these kits is unbeatable, as they include a complete set of stage-ready TAMA hardware as well as high-quality Meinl cymbals. The 6-ply poplar shells sound remarkably balanced and sensitive as well, making this the kind of kit you buy for the first time and use for the rest of your life.

TAMA takes the uncertainty out of putting together a truly playable drum kit. A premium pair of Meinl HCS cymbals — 14″ hi-hats, a 16″ crash, and a 20″ ride — is included with your TAMA Imperialstar for a stage-ready sound. A TAMA single-chain drive kick pedal gives your bass drum a smooth playing action, and a broad range of TAMA hardware gives you the stability you need. A TAMA Imperialstar drum throne is the cherry on top, providing comfort for long playing periods.

ddrum D120BR Complete Starter Drum Set

The Ddrum D120B D Series beginner drum set is visually appealing, especially to smaller children. Whether you choose the black or crimson variant, the finish is more than enough and may easily pass for a stage-ready kit. This drum kit offers everything you need in terms of components, from drums to hardware to cymbals. Because the drum sizes are a little smaller than a regular set, it’s an excellent choice for kids.

Even though it’s a little smaller than a full-sized drum kit, the D120B can deliver a lot in terms of tone and power. Even so, this drum set isn’t meant for live performances. For someone who is just getting started, it is best used as a practice kit.

For what they are, the cymbals are adequate. The ride is the better of the two, with a punchy sound when slammed hard. The hi-hats aren’t up to par. They have a little lip rise that makes them feel different from other hats. Before doing anything further, I’d recommend replacing them first.

The drum throne could be another little annoyance. It’s also downscaled to match the rest of the equipment, which means taller drummers will have limited adjustment options. However, for more pleasant practice sessions, an inexpensive replacement can readily be acquired.

Pacific Drums Center Stage Complete Drumkit

Pacific Drums Center Stage Complete Drumkit, 5...
  • hardware includes kick drum pedal, hi-hat stand, cymbal stand, snare stand...
  • "brass cymbals include 13" hi-hats and 15" crash/ride"
  • true-pitch tension rods

We are pleased to present the PDP Center Stage 5-piece Complete Drum Set to you. The shells are composed of poplar, which produces a rich, resonant tone that you’ll adore. This drum set is a great deal because it comes with gear that’s usually reserved for PDP’s top-of-the-line drums. The Center Stage kit’s outstanding tone and top-notch hardware are combined with an eye-catching appearance to make it a must-have for any drummer. This drum set is ready to play; all you have to do now is adjust the drums to your preferences and start playing.

It takes time to figure out which hardware will work with your kit. PDP has included everything you need in a package to make things easy for you. You’ll get a drum throne, a set of high-quality cymbals, and cymbal stands. There were even sticks supplied! The integrated kick pedal is smooth and responsive, and the bass drum spurs are telescopic to keep the kick from drifting away from you. PDP brought in double-braced hardware as a bonus to offer your kit even more stability.

The Center Stage kits’ shells are composed of highly resonant poplar. This light tonewood is prized for its full-bodied tone and quick decay all around the world. When you strike them, they roar to life, but they don’t linger and muddle up the mix. Poplar drums are ideal for all-purpose playing as well as close-miking applications, whether you’re jamming at home, onstage, or in the studio.

Key Components of Beginner Drum Sets

Bass Drum

The bass drum is arguably the heartbeat of a drum set. This large, central drum produces a deep, low-frequency sound and often drives the rhythm of the music. For beginners, a bass drum of around 20 inches in diameter is a manageable size, offering a good balance between playability and sound.

Snare Drum

The snare drum is what gives a drum set its distinctive ‘crack’ or ‘snap’ sound. Commonly, beginner drum sets include a snare drum that measures approximately 14 inches in diameter. It’s crucial to choose a snare with a responsive, crisp sound to ensure a satisfying playing experience.


Tom-toms add variety and depth to the drum set’s overall sound. Most beginner sets include two or three tom-toms of varying sizes. They’re strategically positioned for easy access, allowing the player to transition smoothly between different tones and rhythms.

Hi-Hat Cymbals

Hi-hat cymbals consist of two cymbals mounted on a stand, operated by a foot pedal. They produce a sharp, distinct sound that can be adjusted by the pressure applied to the pedal. Hi-hats are a fundamental part of any drum set, offering a broad range of dynamics and playing techniques.

Ride or Crash Cymbals

Ride and crash cymbals contribute to the drum set’s overall sound palette. The ride cymbal typically provides a steady rhythmic pattern, while the crash cymbal creates dramatic accents. For beginners, a single ride or crash cymbal is often sufficient to start with.

Beginner Drum Set Buying Guide

Choosing the right drum set can be a daunting task for beginners. With numerous brands, models, and configurations available, making an informed decision requires understanding various factors. This comprehensive buying guide aims to aid beginners in their quest for the perfect drum set.

Understanding Your Drumming Goals

Before you start shopping, it’s essential to define your drumming goals. Are you looking to play in a band, or is it a hobby you want to pursue in your spare time? Your goals will influence the type of drum set you should buy.

Acoustic vs. Electronic Drums

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether to purchase an acoustic or electronic drum set.

Acoustic Drums

Acoustic drums are the traditional choice and offer a rich, authentic sound. They’re suitable for almost all music genres and are excellent for developing fundamental drumming techniques.

Electronic Drums

Electronic drums are versatile and compact. They offer a variety of sounds and are ideal for practicing quietly with headphones. However, they might not provide the same level of authenticity in terms of feel and sound as acoustic drums.

Components of a Drum Set

A standard drum set typically includes a bass drum, a snare drum, tom-toms, and cymbals. Some drum sets come as shell packs, meaning they only include the drums and not the hardware or cymbals. Be sure to check what’s included in your purchase.

Drum Set Size

The size of the drum set should correspond to the player’s size. For younger players or those with limited space, a junior or compact drum set might be a good choice.

Drum Material and Construction

Drum shells are made from a variety of materials, each affecting the sound and price of the drum set. Common materials include maple, birch, poplar, and mahogany. Maple and birch are used in high-end drums for their rich, resonant tones, while poplar and mahogany are found in more affordable options.


Determine how much you’re willing to spend before you start shopping. Drum sets can range widely in price, and it’s easy to get carried away. Remember that you’ll also need to budget for additional items like drumsticks, a drum throne, and possibly a cymbal pack if it’s not included in the drum set.

Brand Reputation

Choosing a drum set from a reputable brand ensures you’re getting a quality product. Brands like Pearl, Tama, Ludwig, and Yamaha are known for their quality and have a wide range of options suitable for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is typically included in a beginner drum set?

A beginner drum set usually includes a bass drum, a snare drum, one or more tom-toms, a hi-hat cymbal, and a ride or crash cymbal. Many beginner drum sets also come with hardware like drum stands, pedals, and a drum throne.

What size drum set should a beginner choose?

The size of the drum set should match the player’s size for comfortable playing. For children or smaller adults, a junior drum set might be a good option. Most adult beginners can comfortably play a standard-sized drum set.

Acoustic or electronic drum set: which is better for a beginner?

Both acoustic and electronic drum sets have their benefits. Acoustic drums provide a traditional, authentic playing experience and are excellent for developing fundamental skills. On the other hand, electronic drums offer a wide range of sounds, volume control, and are perfect for quiet practice. The choice depends on the learner’s personal preference, musical goals, and living situation.

What are some essential drum accessories for beginners?

In addition to the drum set, beginners should consider getting a pair of drumsticks, a drum throne, a practice pad, a drum key for tuning, and possibly a metronome for timing practice.

How much does a good beginner drum set cost?

The price of a beginner drum set can vary greatly, from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, depending on the brand, quality, and what’s included in the set. As a beginner, you don’t need the most expensive set, but it’s wise to invest in a quality kit that can withstand regular practice and provide a satisfying sound.

What are some reputable drum set brands for beginners?

Some well-respected brands that offer beginner drum sets include Pearl, Ludwig, Tama, and Yamaha. These brands are known for their quality, durability, and good value for money.

How do I maintain a beginner drum set?

Regular cleaning, proper tuning, avoiding extreme temperature or humidity changes, and regular head replacement are key to maintaining your drum set. A well-maintained drum set can last for years and continue to produce a great sound.