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Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums 2024

Although practically any drumstick can be used with electronic drums, some sticks will provide a better job of long-term head protection. Over time, wooden tips may split. This could damage electronic drum heads, especially mesh-made ones (which is now currently the most popular type of head on e-drums). Don’t worry too much if all you have are wooden drumsticks. Mesh heads and rubber heads will be harmed over time as a result of damaged wooden sticks, though.

Do you want to get immediately to practising and playing after getting brand-new electronic drums? Or are you just trying to find a new set of drumsticks to replace your old ones? Whatever the cause, it is common knowledge that using the right musical instruments will help you grasp an instrument much more quickly. But finding the best drumsticks for electronic drums requires time, effort, and patience because there are so many possibilities on the market right now.

Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks

Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks
  • Patented feature effectively reduces key vibrations
  • Well-balanced but lighter touch and feel
  • Much greater stick articulation

Who doesn’t enjoy producing clear, sharp sounds with each drumstick strike? These Zildjian anti-vibration drumsticks with teardrop nylon tips are great for playing quickly. The 15-1/2″ length and 0.052″ diameter of the medium-sized 7A drumsticks give them a great grip and make them simple to wield. Hickory, a high-quality wood that provides the most harmonious ratio of density, weight, and strength, is the next component of the stick. The lacquer finish is a great added touch that protects them from deterioration and everyday wear and tear.

This stick’s hickory base and nylon tip were both chosen by Zildjian. Players will benefit most from 7A anti-vibe. They are shorter, thinner, and lighter than other drumsticks on the market at 15.5″ long and 0.520″ thick. Soft players will like playing them, while big hitters may be let down. But don’t worry; Zildjian produces the same series in 5A and 5B models, so the majority of drummers will discover the one that best suits them.

These drumsticks’ innovative vibration absorption technology, which makes them more pleasant and simple to play than traditional sticks, is what we enjoy about them the most. They are ideal for quick drumming since they fit properly in the hand and provide the reaction you need to feel during your practise. Only a size option would be preferable because these drumsticks are not meant for heavy hitters. This is the Best Drumstick for Electronic Drums in 2023.

Vater Percussion Power 5A Nylon Tip

Vater Power 5A Nylon Tip Hickory Drum Sticks, Pair
  • Comfortable to the 5A player but with 1/2" extra length for extra reach and...
  • Nylon tip
  • Hickory

Any drumming instrument will work well with these Vater drumsticks. They are the ideal auxiliary alternative because of their teardrop-shaped tip, which produces the properly focused low-end sound that works especially well for both acoustic and electronic drums. Furthermore, they are sturdy due to the excellent hickory structure, and the thicker nylon teardrop tips at the ends enable quick and accurate drumming. These 5A drumsticks, which have a 16-1/2″ length and a 0.580″ diameter, are visibly heavier than those in previous sizes.

The traditional substitute for the common wooden stick is a stick with a nylon tip. On acoustic drums, nylon gives a brighter, more constant sound, but many drummers also use nylon tips when practising on electronic drum sets every day. Overall, there won’t be much of a difference between utilising wood or nylon tips on an electronic drum set. I strongly advise Vater as the firm to choose if you do decide to buy a nylon tip stick.

When using inferior sticks, nylon tips have a tendency to randomly fly off and strike you in the face. Vater sticks have a wonderful reputation for being long lasting and durable. Vater sticks provide you the best chance of retaining the nylon tip on the drumstick where it belongs, assuming you don’t want this.

Although it is the most widely used drumstick size in the world, Vater has lengthened the stick just a bit for a little bit more reach and power. This stick is in the middle of the weight range of the lighter and heavier sticks I’ve recommended in this post. It’s an excellent all-arounder even though it wasn’t created with a specific application in mind. This is the Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums in 2023.

Promark Rebound 5A ActiveGrip

Promark ActiveGrip Drum Sticks - Rebound 5A...
  • HICKORY WOOD: Hickory is the most popular wood choice for drumsticks due to...
  • ACORN TIP: The reinvented acorn tip provides a larger sweet-spot for...
  • LENGTH: 16" / 406.4mm

When playing your electronic set during a lengthy drumming session, it’s easy to drop your sticks if you have very dry hands or if your hands sweat a lot. Naturally, you never want to have to worry about dropping a stick, thus several designs have been developed by drum makers to maximise friction between your hand and stick.

This drastically reduces the possibility of your stick slipping out of your hand in the middle of a song, which has a profound impact on your playing confidence and comfort. While many drum manufacturers have produced anti-slip sticks, Promark’s ActiveGrip sticks are among drummers’ all-time favourites.

Depending on how hot or perspirant you are, the special coating on the stick adjusts. The stick becomes more secure in your hands and less likely to move as your hands warm up. The same thing happens as your palms perspire more; moisture activates the gripping coating and once more increases the stick’s level of grip. Many drummers who have tried for years with various DIY fixes to increase the level of grip on their sticks may find this to be a lifesaver.

As many of the other sticks I’ve described in this article have a similar design, I’ve decided to highlight the Rebound 5A sticks for electronic drumming. They are made by Promark, one of the most reputable drumstick manufacturers, and are quite responsive on the drums. They are also reasonably light for easy movement around the set.

Vic Firth American Classic eStick

Vic Firth American Classic eStick
  • Acoustic shielding
  • Accessories - Drums und Percussion
  • Material: Holz

This product meets all criteria for being appropriate for electronic drums. First off, the Vic Firth American Classic eStick set is the greatest premium drumstick for electronic drums thanks to its unique long taper design and craftsmanship. These drumsticks provide warm, dark, and deep cymbal tones with a hickory stick and tip. The item looks to be fairly lightweight based on its dimensions, which are 16-1/2′′ in length and 0.563′′ in diameter.

One of the names that has a solid reputation for producing quality drumsticks and other accessories is Vic Firth. Here is an example of one of their products that exhibits excellent innovation. This design was motivated by the desire to play an electronic drum conveniently while still blending in well with an acoustic drum. As a result, it is one of the most adaptable drum sticks available.

The creator claims that the Vic Firth 5A and 5B extreme models provided the inspiration for the basic concept. A drum stick with comparable proportions and a longer taper is the end product. By reducing its weight, this creates a new equilibrium that enables the sticks to bounce more quickly than the others. Such characteristics won’t appeal to power users, but for an electronic kit, you simply need to flip the volume knob up and you’re ready to go, they are acceptable.

Another feature that makes these sticks particularly good is the tip. It has a wider area of contact and is more reminiscent of antique sticks. This, in theory, makes it possible for e-drum triggers to work more effectively than they would with conventional sticks. Compared to standard 5As, they are often longer and lighter. So you can play more quickly. Additionally, it lacks a wood tip, which is advantageous for e-kits.

Zildjian 5B Nylon Natural Drumsticks

Zildjian 5B Nylon Natural Drumsticks
  • A consistent favorite for its medium sized dimensions and nylon teardrop...
  • Length = 16
  • Diameter = 0.600

One of the most well-liked goods among drummers are these 5B nylon drumsticks from Zildjian’s Hickory range. The hickory stick measures 16″ in length, 0.6″ in diameter, and has a medium-sized 5B construction. The size and weight of these drumsticks are also ideal for extended use because they prevent wrist strain even after many hours of drumming. The tear bead is a perennial favourite thanks to its nylon tip’s oval shape, which consistently produces crystal-clear sounds.

These drumsticks are well-liked by both beginners and pros since they provide the best grip thanks to their good balance and weight. Another quality that makes these drumsticks stand out is their increased hickory durability. These drumsticks feature vibration reduction technology, just like the majority of Zildjian products do.

The lacquer coating’s short lifespan, which eventually results in an unattractive appearance, is the only negative in this situation. This product will become unbeatable if it has a stronger finish for better protection.

Types of Drumsticks

There are different types of drumsticks available, and each type has its unique characteristics. The most common types of drumsticks are wooden drumsticks made from hickory, maple, or oak. Another type of drumstick is a nylon-tipped drumstick that produces a different sound and is less likely to chip or damage the drum kit or electronic drum set.


When it comes to choosing drumsticks for electronic drums, the material can play a significant role in the sound produced. For electronic drums, a lighter model stick is generally preferred, which will do less damage to mesh heads or rubber cymbals. Wooden drumsticks are typically the most popular for electronic drums because they produce a softer sound and are less likely to damage the electronic drum components. Nylon-tipped drumsticks are also an option but can produce a harsher sound on electronic drum sets.


Drumsticks for electronic drums come in different sizes, with 7A, 5A, 5B, 2A, and 2B being the most common. The larger the number, the smaller the stick, with each option having added length or girth. 7A is the thinnest and lightest, while 2B is the thickest and heaviest. It’s essential to choose the right size drumsticks that work for your playing style and preference.


There are many brands of drumsticks available in the market, each with its unique features and qualities. Promark and Vic Firth are two popular brands that offer drumsticks for electronic drums. Other brands include Zildjian, Vater, and Pro-Mark. It’s essential to research and compare different brands and their offerings before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best drumsticks for electronic drums?
The best drumsticks for electronic drums are those that are lightweight and produce a softer sound. Promark 5A and Vic Firth 5A are two popular options that are highly recommended.

What is the difference between drum kit and marching sticks?
Marching sticks are thicker than drum kit sticks and are not suitable for use on drum kits.

Can I use nylon-tipped drumsticks for electronic drums?
Yes, nylon-tipped drumsticks are an option, but they can produce a harsher sound on electronic drum sets.

What size drumsticks should I use for electronic drums?
It depends on your playing style and preference. 7A, 5A, and 5B are the most common sizes, with 7A being the thinnest and 5B being the thickest.

What brand of drumsticks is best for electronic drums?
Promark and Vic Firth are two popular brands that offer drumsticks for electronic drums. Other brands include Zildjian, Vater, and Pro-Mark.

Can I use the same drumsticks for electronic drums as I do for acoustic drums?

Yes, you can use the same drumsticks for both electronic and acoustic drums. However, due to the different materials of the drum heads/pads (mesh or rubber for electronic drums vs. mylar for acoustic drums), you may notice differences in feel and rebound. You might also want to consider the durability of your electronic drum pads, as excessively heavy sticks or hard playing can cause wear over time.

What drumstick size is best for electronic drums?

The best drumstick size for electronic drums largely depends on your personal preference and playing style. Common sizes used for electronic drums are 5A and 7A. A 5A stick is a versatile option suitable for various music styles, while a 7A stick, being thinner and lighter, is great for lighter playing styles or for beginners.

What type of drumstick material is best for electronic drums?

Most drumsticks are made from wood, typically hickory, maple, or oak. Hickory, being resilient and responsive, is often a good choice for electronic drums. Alternatively, you can also consider nylon-tipped sticks, which can provide a brighter, more articulate sound on electronic cymbal pads.

How does the tip shape of a drumstick affect playing on electronic drums?

The shape of the drumstick’s tip can influence the sound it produces. Round and teardrop tips are popular choices for electronic drums as they provide precise and clear sounds when hitting the drum pads. A round tip generally produces a brighter and more focused sound, while a teardrop tip provides a fuller, warmer tone.

How often should I replace my drumsticks?

The frequency of replacing drumsticks depends on how often you play, how hard you play, and the type of music you play. If you notice visible wear such as chips, cracks, or splinters, it’s time to replace your drumsticks. Regularly replacing your drumsticks can also help preserve the life of your electronic drum pads.

Are there specific brands of drumsticks recommended for electronic drums?

While there are many excellent brands of drumsticks to choose from, some popular choices among electronic drummers include Vic Firth, Zildjian, and Promark due to their quality, variety, and reputation.

Can I use brushes or rods on electronic drums?

Yes, you can use brushes or rods on electronic drums, but the effect will be different from using them on an acoustic drum set. Brushes or rods won’t produce the typical “swish” sound on mesh or rubber pads. However, they can provide a different feel, which might be desirable for certain styles or techniques.

How should I hold drumsticks when playing electronic drums?

The way you hold drumsticks when playing electronic drums is the same as with acoustic drums. The two most common grips are the match grip (both hands hold the sticks in the same way, palms down) and the traditional grip (one hand holds the stick palms down, and the other holds it between the thumb and forefinger, palm up). Proper grip can help prevent fatigue and injury.

Do heavier drumsticks deliver louder volume on electronic drums?

Not necessarily. The volume on electronic drums is primarily controlled by the module’s settings, not the force with which you hit the pads. While heavier sticks can lead to more forceful strikes, they won’t necessarily result in louder volume. In fact, hitting the pads excessively hard can potentially damage them over time.