Best Jazz Drum Sets 2021

Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz

Gretsch Drums CT1-J483-SWG Catalina Club 3 Piece Drum Shell Pack, Satin Walnut Glaze
  • Gretsch Formula 7 Ply Mahogany Shells w/Clear Interior and 30 Degree Edges
  • Matching Bass Drum Hoops w/Natural Gloss Interiors
  • 12.7 millimeters Tom Arms and 10.5 millimeters FT Legs

The Gretsch Catalina Club is unquestionably one of the most well-known jazz drum sets. Their wood shells produce a vintage tone that jazz drummers want.

The snare is 14 inches, while the toms and bass drum measure 12 inches, 14 inches, and 18 inches, respectively. The snare drum is a versatile instrument. When tuned low, it creates a sound that is reminiscent of “vintage” jazz, such as bebop. It carries a punch when tuned high and fits in nicely with the curre