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Best Nintendo Switch Headsets 2023

It’s no easy task to get the best Nintendo Switch headset for you. There are lots of models to pick from now that more budget-friendly options are on the market. There’s a wide choice of Nintendo Switch stereo gaming headset available right now, whether you’re looking for a powerhouse that will go from dawn to dusk on a single charge or a pair of wireless earbuds for commuting sessions.

If you want to keep up with Nintendo’s brave little hybrid handheld/home system, you’ll need the best Switch headphones. Maybe you’re thinking about starting up one of the more competitive games out there, like Overwatch, Apex Legends, or Super Smash Bros., and you’re excited to listen for all those subtle cues that will tell you whether you’ll be ambushed or whether your attack will be countered. It’s all well and well to use the Switch’s in-built speakers to listen to the sounds and suites of music you hear in your games, but torturing your ears in this way won’t do justice to the audio that your favorite developers have spent so much time putting together.

Razer Barracuda X Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming and Mobile Headset

Razer Barracuda X Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming and Mobile Headset (2021 Model): 250g Ergonomic...
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz.Headphones fit type:Over-Ear.Specific uses for product : Business,Gaming,Personal
  • Wireless USB-C Multi-Platform Connectivity: With a high-speed 2.4GHz connection, enjoy seamless audio whether you’re gaming at home or out with your...
  • 250g Ergonomic Design: Built for gaming marathons yet portable enough for daily commutes, its lightweight build is complemented by breathable memory...

The Razer Barracuda X comes in at a great price of $99.99, which is a great deal when you consider the exceptional audio quality, wireless connectivity, and comfy, long-session-withstanding form factor. This is one of our favorite Nintendo Switch headsets not just because it provides all of that quality at a low price, but it also does it without sacrificing any of the features that Switch users may desire.

Sure, you’re giving up the EQ settings of a more PC-focused pair of cups, but you won’t need to fuss with presets if you’re just looking for an economical set of cups that will make your Nintendo Switch games sing. The design is also basic enough to fit into a commuting or traveling setting, with an inconspicuous design that won’t blind your fellow passengers with bright RGB lighting or take up half the carriage with massive cups.

These are some of the lightest cups on the market right now, weighing in at just 250g, beating out the Logitech G733, which is often regarded as one of the most comfortable alternatives. That means you’ll be able to play for longer periods of time without feeling drained, as long as the Switch battery allows. That’s because the headband is generously padded, and the cushioning on either side is plump, allowing for a comfortable temperature without crushing your ears. This is the best switch headset in 2023.

Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset for Playstation – USB-C Wireless – Detachable...
  • Optimal PS5 compatibility requires user to change settings on Sony PS5 – disable Sony 3D Audio and then increase default volume to 100%
  • Take the same gaming-grade wireless on the go using the compact and portable USB-C dongle on your Nintendo Switch and Lite, and Android phones
  • Detachable ClearCast noise canceling microphone with natural sounding clarity, Discord certified

Are you looking for the best Nintendo Switch headphones? SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless is the answer. It delivers great sound and a beautiful, comfy design that exceeds the competition in addition to being totally wireless. The removable microphone is also a plus; it means you can use these headphones on the fly without having to tote along a microphone you’re unlikely to use.

The Arctis 1 Wireless uses a USB-C receiver to provide 2.4 GHz RF wireless audio features. Simply plug it into the USB port on the switch’s bottom, and you’re ready to listen to music wirelessly while offline. If you want to connect the headset to a docking station, it also comes with a USB-A to USB-C converter, so you may connect the receiver while remaining wireless. This headset is comfortable enough for multiple-hour gaming sessions, and it has the potential to endure much longer. In our experiments, we discovered that the Arctis 1 could run for more than 25 hours on a single charge. In short, there really isn’t a more versatile alternative for wireless sound on the Switch (or pretty much anywhere else) than this.

Right now, the Arctis 1 is the best Nintendo Switch headset. That doesn’t mean their audio isn’t good; it’s on par with the SteelSeries Arctis 7, a terrific but slightly more costly PC headset. This is due to the fact that during busy games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, there are essentially no artifacts or audio loss. Arctis 1 also begins to progress in terms of convenience. It has the famous SteelSeries headband, as well as decent foam cushions and a robust steel core, making it a solid choice for medium-length gaming sessions.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless is the cordless headset of your dreams if you want to spend some peaceful time with Nintendo’s magnificent collection. It’s designed to give a wireless listening experience on Nintendo Switch. You can plug and play and save the hassle of dealing with cables by using a simple USB-C dongle. If you wish to use it on all of your devices, the discreet and delicate matte black design lets you to blend in in public.

If wireless functionality is your key deciding factor, you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth with these headphones, which have a 20-hour battery life and powerful sound that removes all the intricacies of a Nintendo game score. And, for less than $100, it’s on par with other high-quality wired headphones. This is the Best Nintendo Switch Headset in 2023.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch

HyperX Cloud Alpha - Gaming Headset, Dual Chamber Drivers, Legendary Comfort, Aluminum Frame,...
  • Frequency response 15Hz–25,000 H.Headphones fit type:Over-Ear.The versatile Cloud Alpha is designed to work on PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and...
  • HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers for more distinction and less distortion
  • Signature award winning HyperX comfort

HyperX Cloud Alpha is a terrific choice for Nintendo Switch players searching for a comfy mid-range solution thanks to its gaming-inspired design. Although the quality of the output isn’t great, the new cloud design is fashionable enough to blend in when outdoors, especially without the noise-canceling mic attached. It is of minor importance. On the Nintendo Switch, having volume control on the headphone wire is convenient for turning it on on the fly, and the memory foam earmuffs ensure that it won’t itch or make you uncomfortable even after lengthy gaming sessions. Because of the metal strip on top and the braided wire, the design is quite sturdy, so if you’re normally careless with your helmets, it’s worth considering, especially for the price.

HyperX Cloud Alpha has been around for a while, and the numerous awards it has received for pc gaming demonstrate why. HyperX has a knack for making fantastic headphones, and this one manages to strike the perfect balance of quality, price, and comfort. The Cloud Alpha, which was inspired by aviation headsets, is comfortable to wear for long amounts of time and is a wonderful method to filter out unpleasant external sounds – ideal for when you’re on the road or trying to get lost in a game. You don’t receive at the sacrifice of high-end definition, unlike the one we would ordinarily like.

Aluminum is used to make the frame, which gives stability. The headphones are soft and pleasant, with a matte finish on the vinyl. However, as with any vinyl headphones, there will be some extra heat, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. In terms of durability, the helmet’s whole interior is removable, allowing for simple maintenance and long-term use. If necessary, the microphone, cord, and headphones can all be readily replaced. However, HyperX does not provide an additional pair of headphones in the box.

This headset is a crowd favorite, as evidenced by the large number of Twitch streamers who use it on a daily basis, and for good reason. It’s dependable, comfortable, and functional. Of course, it lacks many of the added features found in other gaming headsets, such as surround sound and flashy adjustable lighting, but most of those features wouldn’t work on a Switch anyway. HyperX Cloud Alpha, on the other hand, focuses on the fundamentals and does so with composure. You won’t find a better deal for less than $100, regardless of platform. The fact that it works whether the Switch is docked or unpinned is just the cherry on top.

In a nutshell, this best Nintendo Switch headset for the money is a fantastic all-around performer. It’s a terrific investment because it works just as well with movies or music as it does with Fortnite matches. Because the microphone is detachable, the Cloud Alpha is far more convenient to use on the go. Although this mic isn’t the best, being able to remove it on your commute or solo marathons is a good compromise. This is the best headset for nintendo switch.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4,...
  • FLIP-UP MIC - Turtle Beach’s renowned high-sensitivity mic picks up your voice loud and clear to ensure your commands are always heard; Plus, it...
  • HIGH-QUALITY 40MM SPEAKERS - Superior 40mm over-ear speakers produce crisp highs and thundering lows
  • LIGHTWEIGHT COMFORT - A lightweight headset design ensures complete comfort during those hours-long gaming sessions featuring a padded headband and...

This Turtle Beach Recon 70 is one of the best budget Nintendo Switch headsets. Despite the low price, this is a full-featured product. Is there a nice microphone? Check. A headband that is reasonably comfortable? Check. Is it possible to get a good sound with a well-balanced bass? Check. The limited cushioning of the headphones starts to cause some discomfort after more than an hour of gaming, so it’s not the most comfy headset. If you only use your Switch for short sessions or daily trips, this isn’t a big deal. The sound profile of this headset is very low, as it is geared at gamers. It’s great for games where you’re in the zone, but we don’t think you’ll notice much of a difference if you watch a lot of TV shows or movies, unless the bass is really turned up. Given the pricing, the build quality isn’t too bad. We can’t guarantee that this helmet will last for years, but it also won’t break apart in your hands. It is, of course, mostly made of plastic, which can make it appear cheap at times.

So, the Turtle Beach Recon 70 has the drawbacks that you’d anticipate from such a low-cost headset. Because of the bass drivers, it’s fine for most sorts of music, but because of the way it’s designed for gaming, it’s not as excellent for movies or TV. However, when it comes to the main stuff: gaming, it performs a fantastic job. This provides fantastic value for your money. Oh, and don’t be concerned about the numerous magnification differences. Despite the fact that there are multiple versions of the Recon 70P, X, and others, they are all the same headphones with slightly different colors. The 3.5mm jack on each is also compatible with Switch.

The Turtle Beach Recon 70 is a no-brainer if you’re on a tight budget. You’ll receive well-made, comfortable headphones, a fantastic stealth microphone for Nintendo Switch Online multiplayer, and 40mm speakers for immersing yourself in the latest games for just under $ 40. This is a straightforward alternative that works with all current-generation consoles, as well as PCs and mobile phones that have 3.5mm ports. Aside from its versatility, it’s a good buy if you only need a headset without any bells and whistles. The leather-lined cushions will help you tune out the rest of the world so you can concentrate on what matters most using the best headset for switch.

Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset: 7.1 Surround Sound

Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset: 7.1 Surround Sound - Lightweight Aluminum Frame - Bendable...
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE - 12 Hz – 28 kHz.Headphones fit type:Over-Ear
  • IMMERSIVE, 7.1 SURROUND SOUND FOR POSITIONAL AUDIO - Outfitted with custom-tuned 40 millimeter drivers, capable of software-enabled surround sound...
  • DESIGNED FOR ALL-DAY COMFORT - The lightest Kraken headset ever at 250 grams, around 40% lighter than the competition

The Razer Kraken X has a surprise up its sleeve if you expect a Nintendo Switch headset in this price bracket to be unpleasant. Even after hours of play, it remains comfortable to wear. The padding is significantly more effective than its appearance suggests, and the design’s lightweight nature aids greatly the best nintendo headset.

Furthermore, the audio quality is excellent. Despite the fact that the X isn’t the greatest of the Razer headsets, it still manages to amaze by blending crisp highs with rumbling lows. It’s also simple to adjust the volume using the inbuilt controls (which are lacking on the otherwise-identical Kraken X Lite, by the way). While it’s a shame that the 7.1 digital surround sound is only accessible on PC, we can’t say we’re disappointed with the overall quality. Another advantage is the Kraken X’s compatibility with virtually everything. It works with nearly anything, and if you can get it on a PC, you’ll have an even greater time. This is the best gaming headset for nintendo switch.

EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds

EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Wireless Gaming Earbuds, Bluetooth & USB-C Dongle, Noise Reducing Closed Design,...
  • Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not obtain...
  • EPOS ENGINEERED SOUND – The GTW 270 Hybrid wireless earbuds give gamers an immersive audio experience with maximum noise reduction thanks to the...
  • Product Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not...

The EPOS GTW 70 Hybrid wireless earphones are designed for Switch and mobile gaming and provide a high-end audio experience. Deep bass, rich mid-tones, and superb directional audio make these earbuds as remarkable playing games on your Switch or PS5 as they are listening to your favorite tracks through your phone, as you’d expect from the folks at EPOS, whose hardware is on our top gaming headphones list. The GTW 70 Hybrid also comes with a charging case that may provide the earbuds a total of 20 hours of battery life.

They include a USB-C dongle that allows you to connect them to your Nintendo Switch and PS5, as well as a cable to connect the dongle to a PS4. Furthermore, they support Bluetooth, allowing you to sync them with any Bluetooth-enabled device. While they do include an in-built microphone, it only works when you connect over bluetooth connection instead of the USB-C dongle. Because the dongle is designed to provide low-latency audio, there is less interference between what you’re heariBluetoothng and what’s going on in your game. However, this means you won’t be able to connect with your teammates via the internet.

ASUS ROG Strix Go 2.4 Wireless Gaming Headset with USB-C 2.4 GHz Adapter

ASUS ROG Strix Go 2.4 Wireless Gaming Headset with USB-C 2.4 GHz Adapter | Ai Powered...
  • CLEAR HEADSET MIC – Certified by Discord and TeamSpeak, the ROG Strix GO 2.4 is a pro gamers must have. Detachable unidirectional boom microphone is...
  • HI-RES HEADPHONE AUDIO – Exclusive ASUS Essence driver and airtight-chamber design, the ROG Strix GO 2.4 wireless headset keeps you in the moment &...
  • Ai NOISE-CANCELLING HEADSET – Industry-leading Ai powered noise-cancelling tech provides crystal-clear in-game voice comms. Blocks leaf blowers,...

There aren’t many headsets that prioritize the Nintendo Switch, but the ROG Strix Go 2.4 outperforms them all. The Go’s beautiful, streamlined appearance is complemented by excellent audio and plenty of flexibility, which is emphasized by the Go’s ability to connect wirelessly with the Switch in portable mode. That’s a significant achievement.

The Go 2.4 comes with a noise-canceling headphone as well. It’s also really excellent at it; we’ve used it to block out the rest of the world when working or gaming. There’s a lot to like here, especially when you consider the comfort provided by substantial cushioning and a discreet, slightly curved design. It’s especially appealing because it can be connected to other consoles or mobile devices via cable.

The microphone on this headset is the cherry on top. It boasts great AI-assisted noise-cancellation technologies that keep your voice clear even when there is background noise. The clearest example of this was during our preview at a crowded convention hall, when we were able to record crystal-clear conversation despite the din. This is the Best Nintendo Switch Wireless Headset in 2023.

Sennheiser GSP 550 PC Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

Sennheiser GSP 550 PC Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, Flip-to-Mute microphone, USB...
  • sennheiser precision audio engineering combines with 7.1 dolby surround sound to create the ultimate, expansive soundscape experience so you can fully...
  • the unique headband design provides adjustable contact pressure and a customized fit providing the most comfortable wearing experience
  • an intuitive volume control on the right ear cup puts on-the-fly audio adjustment at your fingertips for easy volume control while you're playing

Anything by Sennheiser is worth considering if your budget allows it, and the GSP 550 is no exception. It’s a huge beast of a headset that looks right at home on the helmet of a colonial marine from Aliens, and it’s tough and high-quality.

When it comes to microphones, Sennheiser has a stellar reputation, and their audio gear is no exception. Many professional recording studios, for example, use their goods. The GSP 550 reflects that experience. It sounds as good as you’d expect from such a high-end pair of headphones, and the mic is second to none. It also has superior 7.1 surround sound, which is processed through a USB adapter for a more three-dimensional audio experience.

The level of comfort is also good (surprisingly so for such a bulky headset). The earcups do an excellent job of blocking out external noise, and the headband is wide enough that it doesn’t scrape into your head after a long gaming session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a Nintendo Switch headset with a mic?

Nintendo Switch headsets with microphones are generally designed to be compatible with consoles other than the Switch. This means they’re not as useful as they could be on the Switch. A headset that allows you to play games while talking to friends isn’t really needed on the Switch. Using a smartphone app to talk to friends doesn’t work well on the Switch. Nintendo Switch owners should make sure their headset has a mic attached. Fortnite and other games that support voice chat are the only ones that work with the Switch’s built-in mic. Other than those two titles, Nintendo Switch users need to buy a separate headset with a mic.