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Best HyperX Headsets 2024

HyperX is a well-known brand in the world of gaming peripherals, and their headsets have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality audio and comfort for gamers. These headsets are designed with a focus on providing an immersive gaming experience, whether you’re competing in a fast-paced first-person shooter or exploring the vast landscapes of an open-world adventure. HyperX headsets are favored by both professional eSports players and casual gamers alike, thanks to their combination of superior sound quality, ergonomic designs, and durability.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless - Gaming Headset for...
  • Up to 300 hours of wireless gaming: Play knowing you’ll get weeks of...
  • DTS Headphone:X Spatial Audio: DTS Spatial Audio will help amp up your...
  • HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers: The groundbreaking dual chamber driver system...

Selecting a gaming headset can be likened to selecting a preferred shade of blue – an abundance of choices, often with similar specifications. However, in a fiercely competitive market, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless manages to distinguish itself through a combination of top-tier performance features, unparalleled comfort, and an outstanding 300-hour battery life, setting new industry standards. The inclusion of DTS Headphone:X spatial audio technology provides an exceptionally immersive 3D sound experience with spatial audio effects. Complementing this, memory foam breathable earcups and a robust aluminum frame ensure the utmost in durability and comfort for extended gaming sessions.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround...
  • 15-25kKhz Frequency Response.Headphones fit type:Over-Ear.Note : If the...
  • Designed for comfort: Exceptionally comfortable memory foam ear cushions...
  • Supreme audio quality: Large 53 millimeter drivers provide high-quality...

With a wireless connection, the HyperX Cloud 2/Cloud II Wireless is the best HyperX headset for gaming. These durable headphones have a comfortable fit and a slightly bass-heavy sound profile that enhances action game sound effects. Their boom mic detaches for a more casual look, and it has exceptional recording quality, so your voice sounds clear and full while talking to your teammates for a better gaming experience. It performs a good job of isolating your speech from background noise, so even in a noisy environment, everybody you’re speaking with can hear you.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any modifying choices in their software, such as a graphic EQ or presets. The cloudx stinger core also have poor passive noise isolation and leak some sound, making them unsuitable for listening to music on the go because you can be distracted by background noise or annoy people around if you crank up the volume. Furthermore, the sound they make is affected by how well they fit, seal, and position on your head, which is especially noticeable if you have thick hair or wear glasses. However, if you’re seeking for the top HyperX headset for PC or consoles, their wireless design and excellent microphone performance make them a strong contender. This is the best hyperx headset in 2023.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Wireless Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Flight S - Wireless Gaming Headset,...
  • Frequency response 10Hz–20kHz.Headphones fit type:Over-Ear
  • Gaming-grade 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
  • Long lasting battery life - up to 30 hours

The HyperX Cloud Flight S is the best HyperX gaming headset with wireless connectivity. These sturdy headphones offer a gaming-oriented design, but the boom mic may be removed for a more casual approach. Because their default sound profile is neutral and balanced, they are excellent for a wide range of audio experience and sound quality. Even if you’re playing in a crowded location, the microphone’s recording quality is remarkable, so your voice is clear and full-bodied for teammates on the other end. They are suitable for numerous extended gaming sessions without recharging, with a continuous 33.3 hours of battery life and hyperx headset.

The headband itself has a soft memory foam pad and the perfect amount of tightening tension to keep you secure without being too tight. The HyperX Cloud Flight headset has 50mm speakers, weighs 320 grams, has a noise-canceling microphone that can be removed, and is compatible with PC, PlayStation, and XBox One (will need CloudX Flights support for XBox One).

The wireless headset can last up to 30 hours on a single charge and has a wireless range of up to 20 meters from the system. Wireless charging and 7.1 surround sound are also included in the “S” model of this headset. Finally, if you’re looking for a HyperX headset that’s also wireless, HyperX Cloud Flights is your best bet. This is the best budget hyperx headset in 2023.

HyperX Cloud Orbit S Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Orbit S Gaming Headset with 3D Audio,...
  • Audeze planar magnetic drivers.Note : If the size of the earbud tips does...
  • Waves Nx fully immersive 3D . Sound pressure level - >120 dB
  • Waves Nx head tracking technology

The word One of the Best HyperX Gaming Headsets available is the HyperX Cloud Orbit S. This headset, which is based on the higher-end Audeze Mobius, has the same flat magnetic pilots and durable construction as the Mobius, but with less bells and whistles. The Cloud Orbit S is a little more pricey than most other HyperX headsets, but even before you turn it on, you can know it’ll be one of the best gaming headsets. The casings and headband are made of high-quality materials and have a matte black finish for a traditional and elegant appearance. The memory foam ear cushions make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time once you put them on.

The Cloud Orbit comes with 100mm flat magnetic drivers, fully immersive 3D sound, a retractable noise-canceling microphone (with pop filter), and a variety of connecting choices (USB Type-A, USB Type-C and 3.5mm connector.) Cloud Orbit, like most HyperX headsets, works on PC, XBOX, PS4 (and PS5), Nintendo Switch, Mac, and mobile devices. Finally, if you’re searching for a pair of gaming headsets that will elevate your in-game audio to new heights, the HyperX Cloud Orbit is the headset for you.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S PC Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Alpha S - PC Gaming Headset, 7.1...
  • Frequency response 13Hz – 27kHz.Headphones fit type:Over-Ear
  • Custom-tuned HyperX 7.1 surround sound
  • Bass adjustment sliders

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is the best HyperX wired headset. Because of their lightweight construction and a variety of integrated headphones in leather and fabric, these wired gaming headsets are quite comfortable. With a flexible aluminum frame, a retractable boom mic, and braided audio wire, they’re also quite well crafted.

If you want to add a little extra pop and rumble to your favorite action games, they have sliders on each earbud that let you to modify the amount of bass in three different settings. Your microphone is normally excellent, as it captures your voice in a clear, full-bodied, and noise-free manner. Compared to the original Cloud Alpha, this is more of a PC headset. The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a 3.5mm gaming headset that also comes with a USB adaptor and an audio control device. Here are the controls for the inbuilt 7.1 virtual surround sound system, as well as game audio and chat.

HyperX Cloud Stinger – Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger – Gaming Headset,...
  • Headphones fit type:Over-Ear
  • Lightweight headset (275 gram) with 90-degree rotating ear cups provide a...
  • HyperX signature memory foam provides maximum comfort during extended use

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is the best HyperX headphones for the money. These low-cost gaming headphones are well-made and provide a comfortable, light fit that’s excellent for long gaming sessions. Because of its networked design, battery life and audio lag are significantly reduced. Their 1/8″ TRRS cable makes them fully compatible with PC, PS4, and PS5 consoles, which is excellent if you like to game on many platforms. They have a bass-heavy sound profile that adds more thump and boom to your audio. Even in crowded situations, their boom mic does an outstanding job of recording your words and ensuring that your teammates can easily hear you.

The controls are somewhat limited, as you can only adjust the volume and mute the microphone by flipping it upright. Like many gaming headphones, they include selectable bass and treble output. They also don’t operate with HyperX NGENUITY software, thus there aren’t any customization options like an EQ or mic control. If you’re looking for a pair of gaming headphones with a bit more heaviness, the Cloud Stinger Core deliver similar benefits while also including 7.1 simulated surround sound. The original Stinger boasts a simplistic design and a fantastic price-to-performance ratio if you’re on a tight budget.

HyperX Cloud Mix Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth

HyperX Cloud MIX - Wired Gaming Headset +...
  • Wired gaming headset certified for Hi Res Audio, with detachable braided...
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for on the go connectivity and intuitive...
  • HyperX dual chamber drivers for more distinction and less distortion

The HyperX Cloud MIX gaming headset is a good choice if you value versatility. It can be used connected via a 3.5 mm audio port or wirelessly via Bluetooth, with a battery life of up to 20 hours.

The headset can produce frequencies between 10Hz and 40kHz using rich Hi-Res Audio when using the audio jack option. It can also isolate bass frequencies for more realistic sounds thanks to the inbuilt HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers. And it’s all housed in a robust aluminum chassis that protects your headset from drops and other mishaps.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset with Dolby...
  • Studio-grade sound stage
  • Signature HyperX memory foam with premium leatherette
  • Durable steel frame; TeamSpeak and Discord certified noise-cancelling mic

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S sports the most impressive specs of the HyperX range, although you’ll pay a bit more for the privilege. It utilizes similar robust flex-free plastics, compact construction, and metal parts to complete a strong-feeling package. The headband across the top floats, automatically adjusting to any head shape, with premium leatherette earcups that feel rather heavenly against your skin.

The Revolver S sports the latest generation of HyperX’s signature drivers, with a broad frequency range for a distinct sound experience. The only real downside with the Cloud Revolver S is that the 7.1 surround sound injector is compatible only with PC, leaving console and mobile gamers stuck on 3.5mm. In that scenario, you’d want to opt for a different headset from this list. This is the best hyperx headset for gaming in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HyperX known for in the gaming industry?

HyperX is renowned for its high-quality gaming peripherals, including headsets, known for their exceptional audio quality and comfort.

What types of headsets does HyperX offer?

HyperX offers a wide range of headsets, including wired, wireless, and virtual surround sound models to suit different gaming preferences.

Are HyperX headsets compatible with various gaming platforms?

Yes, most HyperX headsets are compatible with popular gaming platforms such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, offering versatility for gamers.

Do HyperX headsets have built-in microphones?

Most HyperX headsets come with built-in microphones that offer noise cancellation and clear voice communication, crucial for team-based multiplayer gaming.

How is the audio quality of HyperX headsets?

HyperX headsets are known for their superior audio quality, delivering clear and immersive sound, which is particularly important for gamers who rely on precise audio cues.