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How To Charge JLAB Earbuds

If you’ve recently purchased a pair of JLab Earbuds or have had them for a while, you’ve probably wondered if you’ve been charging them properly. JLab earphones require proper charging to maximize both their performance and lifespan. Fortunately, the pricing procedures are rather straightforward and should be simple to understand for most customers.

We’ll walk you through a simple, step-by-step procedure in this post for charging your JLab earbuds properly.

How To Charge JLAB Earbuds

There are two effective and correct ways to charge your Jlab earbuds. User options include:

1) You can use the JLab’s charging case or charge your tier earbuds directly.

2) Users can also immediately charge their Jlab earphones by plugging them into a power source via a USB cable.

JLAB Charging Case

For secure storage, the Jlab earbuds come with a small but sturdy carry case. When users are off the grid, these carry cases can also serve as a source of power for charging.

By connecting them to a power source via a USB port, Jlab charging cases can be charged independently of headphones. Users may simply charge their earphones while on the road by inserting them into the charging case after it is fully charged. Additionally, the Jlab carry case has a light indication that lets customers know how much battery life is still in the case.

How to Charge Your JLab Headphones

You can use your JLab case to simultaneously store and charge your JLab earbuds once it has been charged.
Find your Jlab headphones and set each one in the corresponding charging port of the charging case for your Jlab headphones.
Users must make sure that each earbud is placed correctly, with the right earbud on the right side and the left earpiece on the left. The JLab earbuds have letters on the side to show which side is the correct side.
JLab earphones can be unattended while they charge in their charging case. When the earphones’ battery life reaches its maximum, the charging process will end automatically.