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Ujam Beatmaker Rico Review 2024

Tracks in the reggaeton and dancehall genres stand out for their upbeat rhythms, diverse percussion, and flavorful grooves. UJAM Beatmaker Rico includes the tools for creating powerful beats and stylish sounds, all with a simplified UI that has wowed music production experts, from Paso A Paso to Dembow. You can endlessly recombine pre-made patterns and expertly produced styles to create real grooves that are ready to play. Rico has the ingredients to match the energy of your tune, whether you’re seeking for brand-new rhythms that are completely original or want to go on an intense musical journey.

Founded in 2009 by music technology pioneer Peter Gorges, hip-hop producer Pharrell Williams, and film composer Hans Zimmer, Ujam has grown steadily over the past ten years thanks to its selection of instruments and effects products. Bassist, Drummer, Guitarist, and the brand-new Finisher series are just a few of its superb and user-friendly instrument plug-in collections. The original version of the cross-platform Beatmaker was made to give your productions a quality electronic boost, and it allowed users to build original hits, patterns, and grooves using real-time input from a MIDI controller. Beatmaker 2 plug-ins leverage Ujam’s macro controls to enable dynamic and tonal altering instantly. They are designed for live arrangement and mixing.

In order to free you from the tedious task of navigating menus and let you to concentrate on creating your groove, UJAM has nailed the ability to condense sophisticated and frequently complex beat-making processes for music production into a streamlined, straightforward interface of drum sounds. You can add a variety of alternatives, ranging from subtle to monstrous, to the track’s signature percussion and deep, bass-filled kicks. With 20 styles spread throughout 23 patterns and 10 drum kits with 16 instruments each, there are 460 different pattern combinations possible. You can use The Grinder to add raucous delay and jumble up the riddim, the Wrecking Ball to crank up the distortion for crushing texture, or Good 2 Go to liquify everything to create endless, contagious beats that will serve as the foundation of your next rager. All of these effects and more are available in the mix and multi-effect controls.

Some of the greatest pop singles of the last five years have used elements of reggaeton and dancehall rhythms, and the dembow groove is still on the rise. Hours of mixing are required to lock in a round bottom end, delectable percussion, and a snare that smashes. RICO, however, ensures that you never have to start from begin. Any pop song you write can be given a Latin club or dancehall flavor! Add some spice to the proceedings with deep, bassy kicks and the traditional reggaeton boom-chak rhythm, which never fails to get the crowd grooving and moving. RICO has all the components you require, whether you need fast-paced beats or real world percussion patterns.

You may rapidly swap between several multi-effect profiles using the mix settings, giving your music a huge boost. With only a few clicks, you can add extreme distortion with Wrecking Ball, delay and muddle your beats with The Grinder, and liquify everything with Good 2 Go, giving reggaeton your own unique touch.

You may control hundreds of rhythms, ranging from mild to thundering beats, using 20 different styles, 50 presets, 10 drum kits, and 460 patterns. If you want to get creative, there are odd rhythms that diverge from 4 to the floor, like Perreo, as well as hard-hitting beats in Styles like Pichudo. Classic and more traditional latin rhythms like Paso A Paso are also available. You’ll never run out of alternatives if you pair these with one of the ten available kits, Additionally, combine with Virtual Bassist DANDY and Virtual Guitarist AMBER for a powerful and smooth electro-acoustic sound.

Ujam Rico is a must have for anyone into producing latin or dancehall music. This drum machine is as easy as it gets! Rico is available for an intro price of $49.