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UJAM Beatmaker Hustle 2

With its trunk-shaking bass and snappy hi-hats, filthy south, trap, and grime beats can all be created using UJAM Beatmaker Hustle 2. A selection of presets are included in the standalone beat making package to help you get going right away. However, if starting from scratch works better for your workflow, choose from one of the 10 genre-appropriate drum kits, choose from one of the 60 preset drum types, and start playing! Hustle 2, which is currently in its second iteration, features controls for each instrument’s sound creation. A new master section with straightforward controls has also been included to enhance the mix. You may adjust filter sweeps, ambience, extra saturation, and volume in the master area.

Your inventiveness is strengthened by the simple controls, and the next chart-topping smash could be only a few modifications away. Before fine-tuning each instrument with simple controls, increase the beat’s strength and characteristics using the supplied sliders. Hustle 2 additionally outputs to MIDI in your DAW, enabling complete customization. Choose UJAM Beatmaker Hustle 2 to create the smooth trap beats or the gritty grime bass you want.

Fantastic drum sets and eye-catching patterns abound in Hustle 2. Hustle 2 offers the urban sound you’re looking for! The hefty, real presets can be mixed and matched to fit your style. Even a built-in quantize slider is available to keep your beats exact and tight. Hustle 2’s covert weapon is called Bass Tune. It allows you to quickly sequence your bass’s pitch, saving you the time it would take to subsequently change the pitch in your DAW. Hustle 2 is a recipe for success when combined with its uncomplicated design.

The beat is the focus of bass music genres, which feature thunderous bass drums, frenetic hi-hats, and grizzled snares. Beatmaker HUSTLE 2 by UJAM is the solution if you’re a producer looking to make a statement in contemporary urban genres like Trap, Grime, or Dirty South.