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UJAM Silk Review 2024

Your ideal nylon-string concert guitarist is SILK from UJAM. Allow the slick and deft finger-picking virtuoso to lead you on a journey that ranges from crisp and natural-sounding singer/songwriter arrangements to vibrant fortissimo style phrases appropriate for dance and pop songs. All levels of musicians can benefit from SILK’s credentials, which include the uncompromising sound quality pros need. Complete beginners will value UJAM’s uncomplicated design, which enables them to instantly record their ideas without any prior guitar experience. In order to create a virtual instrument that even the best composers and musicians will find difficult to distinguish from the real thing, UJAM Instruments chose to record a mint condition 1967 German nylon-stringed concert guitar made by a renowned luthier with an amazing session musician at the helm.

You can compare having UJAM Silk in your plug-in library to hiring a professional classical guitarist. It’s simple to incorporate nylon-string guitars into your tracks when using this plug-in. Virtual Guitarist Silk, when used in conjunction with a MIDI keyboard controller, gives you complete control over every part of the performance, including essential chord voicings, playing style, and even how much palm muting is included in the final recording. To get you started, UJAM offers a variety of very musical presets in addition to its incredibly straightforward controls and quick workflow. There are a total of 60 styles and 670 phrases to discover, all of which were performed on an antique nylon-string guitar and recorded with renowned studio microphones.

Have a keyboard from Native Instruments called Kontrol? You can interface with Silk with improved connectivity possibilities. The plug-in will immediately map to the keyboard, allowing musicians to use Light Guide, Smart Play capabilities, and all of Komplete Kontrol’s other features.

Silk’s user-friendly UI provides all the tools you need to produce a standout guitar part. To make your guitars seem more genuine, you can set a key, play style, tempo, and other factors in the performance section up top. Everything else about the performance is covered in the window’s section on sound design. The picking hand’s location, the sound of the guitar, the choice of microphones, and other factors can all be changed. Additional settings enable stereo doubling, attach properties, delay, reverb, and fret noise. Silk maintains UJAM’s pleasantly simple controls, making it simple to dial in the ideal sound despite all the customising possibilities.

If you need a Guitar in your music production, you need UJAM Silk.