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Best Midi Guitar Controllers 2024

Jamstik 7 Smart Guitar

Jamstik 7 is a series of wireless MIDI guitar controllers with interactive learning applications for learning to play the guitar. It boosts go-anywhere performance for up to 72 hours because to its relatively light weight and small dimensions. The Jamstik is aimed at beginning and intermediate guitarists, as it allows you to play in real-time using optical pickups for a more realistic experience.

The D’Addario strings that come with it are genuine steel strings that give it the appearance and feel of a real guitar. Plus, because of the weight, it feels strong in your hands. It doesn’t feel like a ‘toyish’ guitar in the least. The Jamstik is the best MIDI device for imitating guitar strings.

The Jamstik works with almost anything (Mac, PC, Android, and so on), and it even has Bluetooth capabilities. It also comes with a handy tiny strap so you can strum away while holding it against your chest. Batteries, a strap, and guitar picks are all included. Because of its simplicity, you can pick up the instrument, connect it into the programme, and start playing music right away.

As a result, this is an excellent offering for both amateur guitarists and producers. Simply plug it into your preferred DAW (Logic, Ableton, FL Studio, etc.) and start making beats. Many producers who choose not to utilise a digital piano or synthesiser to play chords can use this to play and record chords. You can also link this to your video game system and begin shredding on Guitar Hero. Jamstik 7 Smart Guitar is one of the Best Midi Guitar Controllers.

JAMMY G (Jammy Guitar) App-Enabled Digital MIDI Guitar & Controller

The Jammy G is a 6-string metallic guitar with a small and compact body. There are four pieces to the body: a neck, a body, and two detachable frames. These components may be simply removed and packed into a backpack for travel. The neck is made up of 6 guitar strings strung across 15 frets, with movement sensors on each fret and a processor that detects analogue and MIDI inputs. The body is made up of six strings that can detect velocity and palm muting, as well as a volume control knob.

The Jammy Guitar is the main product of Jammy, a relatively new startup company, It is a portable guitar that can be disassembled and reassembled as needed, as well as an advanced MIDI controller for expressive recordings and performances.

The Jammy’s mobility is one of its distinguishing features. It disassembles into many components that can be stored in the supplied gig bag or carried in your rucksack. This is unquestionably beneficial to someone who is continuously on the move.

The Jammy, which was just updated with the new G model, uses actual guitar strings and a MIDI guitar pickup to allow you to strum and pick like you would on a real guitar. The MIDI converter then behaves as if it were a different MIDI controller.

The Jammy was built with a plug-and-play philosophy in mind. After completing the initial setup, you can connect to your DAW by USB or via the Jammy smartphone app. This programme contains a variety of guitar sounds that function similarly to an amp simulator in your DAW. This allows you to play in real time as if you were using a regular guitar and an amp at home.

If you’re searching for a simple guitar MIDI controller, this is a perfect choice. Of course, the experience won’t exactly duplicate the sensation of playing an electric guitar, but that isn’t the objective. The Jammy is supposed to be portable and quick to set up, and both models meet this goal. JAMMY G is one of the Best Midi Guitar Controllers.

Artiphon Instrument 1 Adaptive Multi-Instrument MIDI Controller

Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 White | Adaptive...
  • The first MIDI controller that lets you strum, slide, tap, and drum on a...
  • Use techniques you already know, or try something completely new!
  • String bend, hammer-ons, and left- and right-handed switching make it the...

The Artiphone Instrument 1 was created with the intention of being played in a variety of ways, including as a standard guitar, a keyboard, a drum pad, a violin, or any other comfortable way for a budding musician. It has six ‘digital’ strings and a small neck with 12 frets. The entire fretboard is sensitive to pressure and velocity, and there is polyphonic aftertouch. The frets can also be removed, creating a fretless guitar ideal for bass and symphonic strings.

Artiphon was founded on the ground-breaking concept of a “multi-instrument,” which allows you to play a variety of instruments in a single, compact device with complete functionality, comfort, and a simple learning curve. The Instrument 1 was born as a result, with a Kickstarter campaign raising over a million dollars for the patented, ground-breaking design.

The unit features built-in speakers that are as loud as an acoustic guitar, as well as a pressure-sensitive fingerboard that allows for expressive playing. While the INSTRUMENT 1 may not be the finest way to replicate a variety of musical instruments without using a DAW, it is surely one of the best ways to imitate a variety of musical instruments without using a DAW.

A six-piece bridge is included in the gadget, which can be utilised for strumming, plucking, and tapping notes. The gadget doesn’t need to be tuned, and it can be adjusted to any tuning you choose, with a ‘capo’ feature that allows you to transpose it up and down. The built-in speaker is fantastic for jamming, and the volume knob allows you to adjust the volume on the go. You may connect to your phone or computer via USB connection, and there’s also a 3.5mm headphone port for silent practise.

If you’re searching for a great MIDI controller that can be used in a variety of ways, the Artiphon Instrument 1 is a great choice. The Instrument 1 is a genuinely futuristic guitar for current performers, with expressive playing skills such as aftertouch (allowing for some delicious vibrato), long battery life, and easy-to-use functionality in such a little gadget. The Instrument 1 provides on all fronts, whether you just want variety or want to experiment.

Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar

Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar (White Matte)
  • The Studio MIDI Guitar is a fast and reliable MIDI-capable electric guitar...
  • MIDI I/O Ports: Includes USB C-A for MIDI-Out and Charging, 3.5mm TRS-MIDI...
  • Includes in-house built Jamstik Creator VST/Plugin software for MIDI music...

The Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar was created to be a far more professional instrument for serious artists in need of a superb recording tool. The Studio MIDI Guitar is a versatile and expressive MIDI controller for recording and composing music, as well as a wonderful electric guitar when you want to play through a traditional analogue setup.

Like other headless guitars, the Studio MIDI Guitar has a headless neck with a 25.5′′ scale length and 24 frets. It contains two humbucker pickups, a three-way switch, and a volume knob, as well as a coil tap switch for single-coil mode. When connected to an amp via its 14” output jack, it performs admirably as a guitar, with a very smooth fretboard and responsive pickups that play just like a real guitar. The bridge and headstock are both stable, and they make changing tunings a breeze.

The Studio MIDI is distinguished by its unique Hexaphonic MIDI pickup, which transmits and analyses all of the notes you play in real time before converting them to MIDI. This enables full polyphonic MIDI expression (MPE), which captures the subtleties of your playing through velocity, aftertouch, vibratos, bends, and other factors. With minimal latency and true expressiveness that is unique to a guitar, you may connect the guitar to any DAW or other software to play a variety of MIDI instruments, from drums and bass to synths with orchestras.

The Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar is an excellent choice if you want a MIDI guitar that feels and functions like a regular guitar but with the extra benefit of MIDI processing. It’s a fantastic headless guitar on its own, but its entire potential is realised when it’s used with software to exploit its MIDI controller capabilities. For both amateurs and specialists in music production, this is a very expressive instrument.

Fishman TriplePlay Connect MIDI Guitar Controller

Fishman TriplePlay Connect Bridge Guitar MIDI...
  • MIDI Guitar Pickup System f Acoustic Guitar Electric Guitar - iOS

The Fishman Tripleplay is a compact gadget that attaches to the body of your guitar and transforms it into a MIDI instrument. This is a fantastic choice for guitarists who don’t want to invest in a full MIDI device but want the feel of a large block of wood on their shoulders! Another advantage is that it might be utilised to make some really cool noises while performing live.

Fishman is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality electric and acoustic guitar pickups. The Fishman TriplePlay Connect is a hexaphonic MIDI guitar pickup that captures analogue sound from your guitar and converts it to digital MIDI signals in real time. It’s a significant improvement over their previous TriplePlay Wireless pickup system, with lower latency and better tracking, and it’s compatible with everything from desktops to smartphones.

The TriplePlay Connect was created to connect effortlessly to iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones via a specially built app. The pickup itself is quite small and can be simply installed behind the bridge pickup on any guitar without the assistance of a professional. When the app is connected to an iOS device, you may choose from a number of settings and sounds, allowing you to perform synths, strings, drums, and more directly from your phone.

SynthMaster One, one of the best synthesizer plugins for a variety of sounds, is also included with the Triple Play Connect. This means you can immediately start working with a large library of fantastic sounds after plugging it into your DAW. The tracking is among the best, with low latency and a high level of accuracy in recognising pitch bends, vibratos, and other playing characteristics. The pickup also allows you to transpose your playing as needed, allowing you to perform in a variety of octave ranges and keys.

The Fishman TriplePlay Connect is a good alternative if you’re searching for a superb hardware solution to turn your existing guitar setup into a guitar MIDI controller. It instals quickly and painlessly on any electric guitar and gives extremely accurate, real-time MIDI signal tracking. The Connect is an excellent MIDI controller thanks to the integrated programs and plugins like SynthMaster One, as well as the ability to connect to a mobile device as well as a DAW.

Roland GK-3 Guitar Divided Pickup

Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup
  • Adjustable External Guitar MIDI Pickup with 1/4" Jack f Nmal Guitar Input

The GK-3 divided pickup mounts to any steel-stringed electric guitar without drilling and sends accurate performance data to guitar synthesisers like Roland’s GR-55. The slim-line form of the GK-3 allows for perfect positioning on the guitar.

This is actually a fantastic alternative for folks looking for authentic guitar tones while still dabbling in creative synth patches. Because MIDI is frequently linked with sounds that aren’t possible to achieve with a guitar, the Roland GK3 is ideal for individuals who desire the best of both worlds.

The MIDI system is attached to your guitar between the bridge pickup and the bridge, and it connects to your instrument’s input from there. The Roland GK3 has been on the market for a while and is an excellent MIDI pickup if you want to get creative, but it does require the Roland GR 55 effects unit (so that is one downside if you are trying to keep costs down).

The Roland GR-55 Gk’s triple more generator includes a variety of basses, amps, virtual guitars, and synth sounds. Multi-effects engines are divided into two categories. It also features effects like global reverb, chorus, and delay. An onboard looper, a built-in USB audio player, and a GK-3 PickUp are all included.

The Roland GK-3 is your best option if you need a dependable MIDI Guitar pickup. It’s nearly a pioneer in this field, and it’s been on the market for a long time, so you can rest assured that everything will be well with your purchase, just like many bass players do.

Sonuus i2M Musicport – Universal Audio to MIDI Converter and USB Audio Interface

Sonuus i2M Musicport - Universal Audio to MIDI...
  • Hi-Z USB audio interface
  • MIDI converter
  • Designed for guitar/bass/voice/wind

The Sonuus i2M is a MIDI-Guitar solution on a budget. If you wish to utilise your guitar or bass as a MIDI controller, the Sonuus i2M Musicport is the most affordable option. Any musical instrument can be used as a solo MIDI instrument with this inexpensive piece of equipment. Additionally, it functions as an audio interface, allowing you to record your guitar.

It’s one of the few audio to MIDI converters that actually works. Its job is simple: it identifies the notes you play and precisely converts them to MIDI format with near-zero latency and complete plug-and-play functionality. It will work with not only guitars, but also bass guitars and some ukuleles. What’s more, it allows converting vocal notes to MIDI format, so you can play whatever melody you like and the fundamentals will be captured. Finally, you can sing the tune and have it recorded in MIDI format by this unit.

If you’re searching for a simple and inexpensive tool to let you write down the basic notes for your tunes or just have fun, this could save you money over other options, especially if the majority of your MIDI needs are for studio work.

Livid Instruments Guitar Wing Wireless Control For Guitar

Livid Instruments Guitar Wing Wireless Control For...
  • Instantly access and control digital effects at your fingertips
  • Adjustable to your instrument for a secure and natural fit
  • Works with your favorite DAW, iOS device, MIDI hardware

On this list, Guitar Wing (by Livid Instruments) is a bit of a wildcard. In comparison to the other possibilities, it is not a MIDI controller. The unit, on the other hand, functions as an effects processor, interacting with many factors as you play your guitar to produce some incredible sounding effects.

A series of buttons and controls on the Guitar Wing allow you to connect your guitar to effects in your DAW through USB. Pitch, modulation, and filters, as well as reverb, distortion, and delay settings, may all be changed in real time from there.

This one has the potential to be a lot of fun, but we can see a steep learning curve ahead of it. However, we’re confident that once you understand how the Guitar Wing works, you’ll perceive it as much more than a guitar controller. With so many options, it’s simple to see how the Guitar Wing may give your playing a whole new perspective.

Utilizes your MIDI controller to integrate peripherals, lighting, effects, and other stage implements. You have complete control over your stage performance when it is coupled with your computer. This contains your guitar tone’s effects. It’s a fantastic concept that may be a little ahead of its time. You might be looking at the future of guitar effects and stage technology in one package as it improves and the accompanying technology evolves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MIDI Guitar?

MIDI provides electronic sounds that replicate musical notes and instruments, unlike a real guitar, which employs sound vibrations caused by strings. That implies you can use a six-string guitar with a hexaphonic pickup to send each string’s sound to a separate effect.

How to Use Guitar as A MIDI Controller?

You can use a regular guitar as a MIDI controller with the help of a guitar to MIDI converter or a guitar to, but you’ll need a MIDI guitar controller otherwise. Once you’ve got one, you’ll be able to connect your MIDI guitar controller to your preferred DAW and utilise it in any style you choose. You can make any sound you want, whether it’s electric, bass, acoustic, classical, or anything other.