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Best Bass Ukuleles 2024

Over the past ten years, interest in the bass ukulele has grown. It is a rare hybrid instrument. These ukulele-sized basses have a startling powerful tone, which makes them a fun substitute for upright basses and bass guitars.

It’s astonishing how quickly bass ukuleles have entered the mainstream given their youth. Bass ukuleles are beloved by many musicians because of how easy it is to travel with them thanks to their modest weight. Compared to other ukuleles, this one is far more rhythmic. This ukulele is unquestionably a must-have because of its distinctive percussive sound, especially if you have prior bass playing experience.

Mahogany Journeyman Fretted UBASS by Kala (UBASS-JYMN-FS)

Mahogany Journeyman Fretted UBASS by Kala...
  • Mahogany Back & Sides w/Mahogany Top & Cream Binding
  • Venetian Cutaway
  • 20.875"-Scale Mahogany Neck

The Journeyman is a high-quality Acoustic-Electric instrument that is made by a firm that specializes in these instruments. The form and shape of this instrument immediately catch your attention. The design obviously has an orchestral vibe to it and appears to rely largely on the cello or upright bass for its aesthetic, which is fine. Even the “F” perforations and Venetian cutaway lend an air of refinement.

Mahogany is used to construct the back and sides of the ukulele’s main body, and Kala chose to use the same wood for the top as well. There aren’t many better woods to use to build a bass ukulele because mahogany is known to generate warm tones with a deep resonance. In order to give it a luxurious and appealing appearance, they also applied a cream binding.

It has a 21-inch scale length, a mahogany neck, and a fingerboard made of rosewood. The standard locations are used for dot inlays. The fingerboard is completely accessible through the cutaway. Black custom open geared die-cast tuners that are well-made and durable are located at the top, where there is also access to the truss rod.

A piezo pickup with an active EQ that offers tone and volume settings is what amplifies the sound. A tuner is also integrated. It is a well-made instrument with the benefit of supporting wound or nylon strings. A bass ukelele can sound completely different when played with wounds, and if you are not too rough, it can even take some slap.

Hadean Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele UKB-23

Although they may not be the first firm that comes to mind when considering ukuleles, they are a manufacturer of high-quality instruments at affordable prices. Instead of the more common Koa, walnut was used to make the body. This alone distinguishes this instrument from the competition since the sound of the walnut will produce a warmth that is unmatched by the sound of certain other woods. Additionally, it will make it appear differently from other instruments.

The materials selected and the extremely exquisite construction show that the bass ukulele’s aesthetic appeal was a top priority. There is further design around the soundhole and a lovely white and black binding to go with the walnut wood’s striking texture. It has an unremarkable truss rod and a rosewood neck. This instrument feels robust in your hands, which is a sign that it was manufactured well and with high-quality materials.

They have maintained with rather traditional fits for the hardware. a rosewood bridge with four separate saddles and four die-cast tuners on the headstock. They don’t appear particularly expensive or glamorous, but they do the work needed to keep the instrument in tune.

It has excellent electrical capabilities. It includes a three band EQ, a tuner, and a preamp with treble, bass, and mid and volume controls. A little bundle. Unplugged, the walnut body’s sharp toppy sound is what drives the sound, which is wonderful. It’s unexpected given the small body size given the topic of sound projection that the loudness is enough and projects. Plugged in, it is entertaining, and the EQ lets you modify a little bit of sound. But if you get carried away, beware of some blowback. It is lightweight and only 30 inches long, making movement a breeze. A fantastic small bass ukulele at a terrific price. This is the Best Bass Ukulele in 2023.

Donner DUB-1 30 inch Electric Bass Ukulele Mahogany Body with Case

Donner DUB-1 30 inch Acoustic Electric Bass...
  • Limited edition professional 30 inch ukulele bass with EQ, offers great...
  • Mahogany body and neck bring you richer and brighter sound; comfortable...
  • Comes with preamp for amplified use with volume, bass, mid and treble...

Our favorite ukulele model is the Donner DUB-1. This model is the one to choose if you’re seeking for an acoustic-electric guitar of the highest caliber. You’ll like how the bass has an equalization in addition to the fact that this model is a limited edition. You can count on hearing something special and outstanding. This won’t produce any buzzing sounds.

The device has a pre-amp that amplifies the bass and controls volume and treble. You’ll discover that this ukulele is not only simple to play, but also pleasant to hold. You won’t have hand tiredness playing your favorite instrument for long periods of time. Mahogany serves as the material for the instrument’s body, giving it both aesthetic appeal and durability. You can select your desired tone from the 18 bass frets on this instrument.

On this instrument, the creator used Aquila strings. If you have any knowledge of these strings, you are aware of how they improve tuning stability. Greater fret-intonation accuracy is also guaranteed by using the same strings. The fact that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy these features because they are cheaply priced is undoubtedly the cherry on top.

This instrument comes with a cover to keep it safe while being transported or stored. Traveling around with the u-bass will be hassle-free because of how easily you can sling the backpack over your shoulder. Sadly, this model works well for right-handed folks exclusively. Also keep in mind that it takes some getting used to the strings. But eventually, you’ll play flawlessly.

Oscar Schmidt OUB200K Comfort Series Bass Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OUB200K Comfort Series Bass Ukulele...
  • Bass Ukulele
  • - Mahogany top, back and sides
  • - Satin Finish

Oscar Schmidt is better renowned for producing high-quality acoustic guitars, but they’ve also made a bass ukulele that lives up to their reputation for excellence. In making guitars, they drew heavily on their knowledge, and the usage of wood in this bass bears many similarities. For the sides and back, Koa was used. Koa is a fantastic wood because of its colors, but it is also well-known for its resonance, making it the perfect option.

They added a spruce top to the instrument in addition to only using high-quality wood for the back and sides. Acoustic guitar owners will be aware of the sound-related effects of adding a spruce top. You might not be accustomed to the sound that this bass ukulele produces as a result. The body design has been tastefully finished with binding that wraps around the main body and even reaches the top, giving it a fashionable appearance. It looks like a great instrument and has a sturdy construction.

It has a mahogany neck and a fingerboard made of rosewood with sixteen frets and dot inlays. A tiny cutaway makes it feasible to access the top of the fingerboard. The neck has a really lovely profile that makes playing it a breeze. The rosewood bridge has four independent saddles that make it simple to modify if necessary. Additionally, there are four die-cast tuners at the top of the range that are incredibly durable and well-made.

There is an integrated preamp, as there is with many bass ukuleles. It has a built-in tuner, bass and treble settings, and a volume control. It makes an incredible sound. When plugged in, it sounds really fantastic. When unplugged, it is quite loud and has a deep bottom end. The preamp tone settings provide you the flexibility to design a sound without losing the instrument’s resonance to amplification. Although Oscar Schmidt is less well-known in the ukulele scene, this is nevertheless a good instrument at a fair price.