Best Humbucker Pickups 2022

Jazz and blues guitars have long been associated with humbucker pickups. They were created to address the hum problem that single coil pickups frequently have. The noise was minimized by connecting two single coil pickups in series and inverting the poles. The humbucker was born, and guitar players cheered.

The tone was also darker thanks to the double coil arrangement. As a result, humbuckers became popular among jazz and blues guitarists seeking clarity for prolonged chords, chromatic and bluesy runs.

Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates SH-PG1n/1b Pickup Set Neck & Bridge Nickel

The Gibson ’59 Burst Les Pauls’ famed tone is desired by guitarists for a reason, and Billy Gibbons’ Pearly Gates is an iconic example. The results were always going to be extraordinary when one of the greatest pickup makers endeavored to reproduce their humbuckers, which is why this is number one on our list of the best electric guitar pickups.

These won’t let you down, whether you’re a Les Paul owner trying to boost your bridge position tone or want some golden era vintage blues mojo for your humbucker upgrade.

Sustain is provided by a somewhat bright high-end with rich harmonics, while midrange raunch is also present. A four-conductor hookup wire is included with the Pearly Gates, allowing for a multitude of pickup switching choices.

DiMarzio Super Distortion Pickup Black Regular

The Super Distortion is historically significant in addition to being a terrific humbucker. Before the Super Distortion established a benchmark by which other high output pickups were compared, the concept of buying a replacement electric guitar pickup didn’t actually exist.

It was designed to blast your tube amp into gorgeous overdrive and has been utilized by Paul Gilbert, Kurt Cobain, Def Leppard’s Phil Collen, and Kiss’s Paul Stanley, among others. But why should humbucker guitarists have all of the fun?

The Super Distortion S is designed to fit in the Strat’s slanted bridge position and gives the same legendary thrills as its older sibling. It’s a fantastic all-arounder that’ll turn you into a super Strat in no time!

Gibson Gear 57 Classic Plus Humbucker

Gibson '57 Classic Plus Humbucker Pickup, Nickel
  • Special Alnico II magnet
  • Vintage enamel-coated wire
  • Nickel-plated pole pieces

The 57′ Classic has been the quintessential humbucker PAF since its inception in the 1950s, famed for its smooth and velvety tone. The ’57 Classic Plus is an overwound variant of the ’57 Classic. The output is increased, making it perfect for usage in the bridge position.

Few pickups have the pedigree, history, and legacy of the Gibson ’57 Classic when it comes to humbuckers. Many of the most well-known jazz and blues guitars include this pickup. The Gibson ’57 Classic Plus is a little overwound variant that gives the bridge position a little more bite without sacrificing the smoothness that made the original so famous among blues and jazz performers.

The ’57 Classic Plus is the ideal partner for the ’57 Classic, providing a gorgeous PAF-like fat tone with a vintage taste for playing blues, jazz, and rock in the style of Yes’s iconic Steve Howe. With this pickup, guitarists will get the right blend of creamy and smooth sound with some bite from the bridge position. The ’57 Classic Plus is a real classic that will shine in overdrive or clean on most Gibson type guitars, as its name suggests.

Bare Knuckle Pickups The Juggernaut Humbucker Set

Bare Knuckle Pickups The Juggernaut Humbucker Set Open Black 50mm
  • Standard space bridge
  • Calibrated bridge & neck set
  • 13.3 bridge resistance, 8.9 neck resistance

It’s difficult to find pickups as nice as Bare Knuckle’s. We can’t help but admire their Juggernaut set of humbuckers when it comes to humbuckers. Misha Mansoor, a modern prog metal prodigy responsible not just for pushing the boundaries in songwriting procedures but also for exploring new sonic areas, collaborated on this pickup model. These have an unusual design and use a combination of Alnico 5 and ceramic magnets for the bridge pickup, as well as Alnico 5 magnets for the neck pickup. On both coils, screw pole components are placed after this. You’ll also get a 4-conductor wire to aid in the creation of various splitting choices.

Bare Knuckle’s Juggernaut humbucker set provides an extremely diverse tone shaping option. Not only will you have those regulated yet extremely distinct mids, but the pickup will also work with you and respond to your playing dynamics. In high-gain settings, they manage to keep a lot of tightness while still retaining a lot of brightness and bottom-end punch.

EMG 81 Active Guitar Humbucker Bridge/Neck Pickup

EMG 81 Active Guitar Humbucker Bridge/Neck Pickup, Black
  • Utilizes powerful ceramic magnets and close aperture coils
  • The tone was designed with detailed intensity, incredible amounts of high end cut, and fluid sustain
  • In the bridge position of your guitar, it will make your leads slice right through even the densest mix

EMGs are possibly the most well-known and iconic Active Humbucker. That is, a humbucker that takes more power (usually a 9v battery) but produces a significantly higher output, making it one of the greatest humbucker pickups for hard rock, metal, and high gain music in general.

The 81/85 combination is synonymous with thrash metal, and EMGs are one of the oldest active pickups available. As a result, players may expect a tone with a high output, high gain, and the finest distortion handling. Allowing for high gain riffs to keep their contour and tone at all volume levels.

Fishman Fluence Signature Series Tosin Abasi 7-String Humbucker Pickup Set

Fishman Fluence Signature Series Tosin Abasi 7-String Humbucker Pickup Set
  • 1 Ceramic pickup (Bridge position), 1 Alnico pickup (neck or middle position)
  • All components required to achieve Tosin’s wiring scheme (minus pickup selector)
  • Volume and tone pots

With a growing list of endorsees, the Fishman Fluence Modern pickup set is the flagship of this new addition to the pickup industry. Any guitarist looking to stay on the cutting edge of new guitar tones need look no farther than one of the most inventive and greatest humbucker pickup sets out today.

To highlight Fishman Fluence pickups without mentioning their most prominent and notable endorsee, Tosin Abasi, would be unjust. With his unique technique, Tosin, the lead guitarist in Animals As Leaders, has ushered in a new era of guitar-based music, and his pickups are no exception. His unique set adds to the already groundbreaking foundation by emphasizing pure tones.

The emphasis on clean tones is a unique trait, particularly in the 7th and 8th string groups, making it one of the greatest humbucker pickups available. The Abasi Set concentrates on the frequently overlooked clean tones, whereas most multi scale pickups are primarily focused on high out and gain tones.