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Best 3/4 Acoustic Guitars 2024

A 3/4 acoustic guitar is a smaller and more compact version of the traditional full-sized acoustic guitar. These guitars are popular among beginners, children, and players who prefer a more portable instrument. Despite their smaller size, they can still produce a rich and warm sound, making them a great choice for a variety of musical styles.

Thanks to a handy body size that still keeps a rich, natural tone, small body acoustic guitars are proving to be immensely popular with guitarists of all levels. The best 3/4 acoustic guitars perform virtually the same functions as a regular-sized acoustic guitar, but they are lighter and easier to transport for guitarists who travel, as well as offering a simpler starting point for younger and less experienced players. When you decide to buy one of these mini guitars, you’ll be in good company because many famous people, including Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, use 3/4 acoustic guitars during their live performances.

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany...
  • 6-string Acoustic Guitar with Mahogany Top
  • Layered Sapele Back
  • Sides - Natural

My choice for the best 3/4 acoustic guitar is the Taylor BT2. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a compact, nicely made guitar with great sound. The BT2’s Mahogany top provides it a warm, cozy sound ideal for those evenings spent around a campfire. The Taylor BT2 is a fantastic option for anyone searching for a great-sounding and simple-to-play 3/4-sized guitar, regardless of whether they are a beginner, child, or small-handed player.

The best 3/4 acoustic guitar available right now, in my view, is the Taylor BT2. Travelers, guitarists with small hands, amateurs, kids, and people looking for a top-notch office guitar will all find it to be the ideal tool. The Taylor BT2 is a 3/4-sized acoustic guitar with a laminated Sapele back and sides, a bolt-on maple neck, and an ebony fingerboard. Its solid tropical mahogany top is also made of solid wood.

Acoustic guitars with solid Mahogany tops have a wonderful sound. Each note resounds clear and in balance because to the compression that comes naturally. Additionally, mahogany emits warm, cozy tones that are organic and earthy. Additionally, the Taylor BT2’s neck is buttery to play. This guitar’s shorter scale length also results in less string tension, which is beneficial for beginning guitarists because it makes the strings less unpleasant to play.

The Taylor BT2 is a great acoustic guitar, but it is not without flaws. First of all, this guitar is pricey. For less than $500, you can have a great full-sized guitar with more versatility and a richer tone. Additionally, the BT2 lacks the necessary equipment for live performance. The BT2e is an option, but it does come at a significant price premium.

It’s important to note that Taylor Guitars is one of the top producers of acoustic guitars in the world (I consider it the best guitar brand in the market). Through meticulous design and the use of computers, lasers, and other high-tech tools, they strive for a high standard of excellence in every guitar they build. In other words, you can be sure that when you buy a Taylor, you’re receiving a guitar that will sound great, play great, and last a lifetime. Let’s say you’re looking for a nice portable guitar to play around a campfire or something you can use to relax on the couch. The Taylor BT2 won’t let you down in that situation. This is the Best 3/4 Acoustic Guitar in 2023.

Fender Sonoran Mini With Bag

Fender Sonoran Mini 6-String Acoustic Guitar...
  • 6-In-Line Headstock: The Strat-style 6-in-line headstock imparts Fender�s...
  • Scalloped Bracing: This lets the top resonate more freely, resulting in a...
  • Packs a Punch: The Fender Sonoran Mini Acoustic Guitar packs a big punch...

The Fender Sonoran Mini is unique in its own way. It has a scaled-down, all-mahogany body that can produce a present tone that rivals that of its full-sized siblings. A 24.1-inch scale length and nato neck combine for a smooth, forgiving playing experience. The Sonoran Mini may be the ideal first guitar because of its affordable pricing and simple playability, but experienced players will also enjoy it very much. The compact size is perfect for jam sessions at campsites, freestyle performances around fires, and touring guitarists. The Fender Sonoran Mini will exceed all expectations for a little acoustic guitar, whether it’s your first or your fifth.

The California Series acoustic guitars from Fender Guitars incorporate all of that retro-beach vibe into a highly playable and cheap guitar. The 3/4 acoustic guitar in this group is the Fender Sonoran Mini. With the Stratocaster headstock and pear-shaped body, it has a beautiful appearance. For your preferred tonality, it also comes with a mahogany top or a spruce top.

The Mahogany will provide a warm tone with a balanced sound and has a more vintage appearance. The spruce, though, will have a slightly wider dynamic range and more sparkle. Because it is made entirely of laminate, the Sonoran is a fantastic travel guitar. Fender has also included a gig bag to help transporting your gear to your upcoming camping or beach vacation simpler.

In the end, the Fender Sonoran Mini is a great choice if you frequently play guitar outside and want an instrument that exudes cool. It’s a sturdy 3/4 acoustic guitar that will last you for many years. This is the Best 3/4 Acoustic Guitar for beginners in 2023.

Yamaha APXT2 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar -...
  • Spruce Top
  • Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
  • System 68 Pick-Up

For electric guitar players with small hands, the Yamaha APXT2 is the ideal 3/4 acoustic guitar. Its compact neck and short scale length make it simple to play, and you can connect it directly into your amp or pedalboard thanks to its built-in pickup. The Yamaha APXT2 is an excellent addition to any small-guitar collection, whether you are a beginner guitarist seeking for an acoustic and electric guitar combination in one box or want something to travel with.

A 3/4-sized acoustic-electric guitar like the Yamaha APXT2 is ideal for electric guitarists who have small hands and prefer an acoustic-like feel. The Yamaha APXT2 has a spruce top, thin line body, and a smooth action with simple playability and superb plugged-in tones. Accessing upper frets is also made simple by the cutaway, which is ideal for soloing.

For those who wish to maintain their guitar in tune while they are on the go without having to remember an extra piece of equipment, the built-in tuner is a fantastic feature. This acoustic guitar is ideal for gigging electric guitarists who require a dependable acoustic-electric guitar for the occasional song due to its onboard ART-based preamp and System 68 contact pickup.

The Yamaha APXT2’s unplugged tone, which is thin and weak, is one of its main drawbacks. Given that this isn’t your typical 3/4-sized acoustic guitar and that it was made to be played with an electric amp, it’s not a big deal. The best 3/4-sized acoustic-electric guitar for guitarists with little hands is the Yamaha APXT2. It’s ideal for performers who need an acoustic guitar but don’t want to carry a large guitar around.

Martin LX1RE Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Looking for the ideal acoustic guitar for performing? The Martin LX1E Little Martin is something else you should look into. At your upcoming performance, the LX1E will accurately transmit your tone whether you’re playing folk, country, rock, or any other genre of music. Let’s say you’re looking for an excellent, versatile little acoustic guitar. The Martin LX1E Little Martin is unquestionably something to think about in that situation. Ed Shereen created the Martin LX1E, a 3/4-sized acoustic-electric guitar, renowned, and it is easy to see why.

First of all, Martin Guitars is a renowned company that has been producing top-notch acoustic guitars since 1833. Since then, Martin has added cutting-edge design features to their acoustics that are now considered industry standards, and their guitars have some of the greatest tones available.

For performers who perform live, the Martin LX1E Little Martin is the ideal tiny acoustic-electric guitar. This 3/4-sized guitar’s built-in Fishman Sonicore pickups, solid Sitka spruce top, and premium craftsmanship produce a fantastic plugged-in tone. It is simple to transport due to its lightweight design. The Little Martin guitar’s unplugged tone, however, can be deficient in comparison to other acoustic guitars on the market due to its smaller body construction. Additionally, this guitar may not be affordable for everyone given that it is more expensive than many other 3/4-sized acoustic instruments.

But let’s say you’re looking for a 3/4-sized, professional-grade acoustic guitar that would sound fantastic live and is produced by one of the most well-known names in the business. The Martin LX1E is your best option in that situation.

Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale Guitar with Gig Bag

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar,...
  • The FG Junior is a 3/4 sized guitar modeled after the acclaimed Yamaha FG...
  • The JR1 has a smaller body and shorter neck, perfect for young players or...
  • Yamaha craftsmanship and a spruce top give this compact guitar an authentic...

The Yamaha JR1 is a top-notch, reasonably priced steel-string acoustic for beginners. If you’re looking for an instrument that can perform a variety of genres, this is a good option. Because it’s simple to learn and has a smaller scale that makes it pleasant to play, the Yamaha JR1 makes a great first guitar. The JR1 is strong and sturdy due to its all-laminate construction. In conclusion, the JR1 is excellent for beginning players wishing to pick up the fundamentals of acoustic guitar playing.

Young children, those who live in small shared spaces, and amateurs who want a guitar they can easily travel with might consider the Yamaha JR1 as a great first guitar. The JR1 is not a flashy instrument and is modeled after the Yamaha Folk Guitar, a classic full-sized beginner guitar.

The traditional dreadnought guitar has a spruce top, meranti back and sides, and an all-laminate construction. When playing, the guitar’s nato neck seems sturdy, but it lacks the Taylor’s smooth glide. Compared to solid wood guitars, laminated guitars are frequently more durable and more cheap. As a result of the Yamaha JR1’s high level of resistance to dents, warping, and cracking, you won’t need to worry about them much.

The drawback of an all-laminate built acoustic guitar is that the sound is flat and lacks depth and richness. Consider another scenario: You are an adult trying to buy a fantastic travel guitar. The Yamaha JR1 would not be the ideal option in that situation because of the neck discomfort caused by the short scale length (21.25″).

Although you might think of Yamaha as a motorcycle maker, they have been making acoustic guitars since 1940. One of the best beginner guitar brands that is also well-made and reasonably priced is Yamaha. You can’t go wrong with the Yamaha JR1 if you’re searching for a fantastic starting kids guitar or an economical beater guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3/4 acoustic guitar?

A 3/4 acoustic guitar is a smaller-sized version of the traditional acoustic guitar. It typically has a shorter scale length and a reduced body size, making it more compact and manageable, especially for beginners and younger players.

Who should consider getting a 3/4 acoustic guitar?

3/4 acoustic guitars are ideal for beginners, children, travelers, and players who prefer a more comfortable and portable instrument. They are often recommended for individuals with smaller hands or those who find full-sized guitars too unwieldy.

What are the advantages of a 3/4 acoustic guitar?

Some advantages include easier playability for beginners, a more comfortable size for smaller players, and increased portability. They can also be great for fingerstyle playing due to their shorter scale length.

Can I upgrade from a 3/4 to a full-sized guitar as I progress in my playing?

Yes, many players start with a 3/4 guitar and then transition to a full-sized instrument as their skills and preferences evolve. The transition can be relatively smooth, especially if you’ve developed your playing technique on a 3/4 guitar.

Are 3/4 acoustic guitars suitable for adults and experienced players?

Yes, 3/4 guitars can be enjoyed by adults and experienced players, especially for specific playing styles or when a smaller, more portable guitar is preferred. However, full-sized guitars may still be preferred for their tonal depth and projection.