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Home Theater

Building the best home theater includes Receivers, Speakers, Soundbars, Players & more.  We’ve got them all covered for your ultimate home theater experience.


Best Tube Preamps 2024

It won’t take long if you take music seriously for you to start hearing arguments over whether analog or digital sounds better. Which sound a

Best USB DAC 2024

Are you unsure what a DAC is or whether you should buy one? If you’re new to the audiophile scene, you’ve certainly heard about digital

Best Power Conditioner Audiophile 2024

At least in the informed ones, power conditioners have become a standard in recording studios. This is because they contribute to enhancing the caliber of

Best Speakers for Apartment 2024

Limited space, close proximity to neighbors, and the desire for an aesthetically pleasing setup demand a speaker that transcends the ordinary. It’s not just about

Best Music Streamers 2024

Online streaming has grown pervasive, and for music lovers, it most likely plays a sizable part in everyday listening habits. Even staunch supporters of traditional

Best Yamaha Receivers 2024

Yamaha Receivers, also known as AV receivers or audio-video receivers, are a renowned line of audio equipment manufactured by the Japanese electronics company, Yamaha Corporation.

Best Onkyo Receivers 2024

Onkyo, a name synonymous with sonic excellence, has been crafting audio experiences that resonate with the soul of the listener. Their receivers are not just

Best 9.1 Home Theater Systems 2024

A ten-channel surround sound system with nine speakers and a subwoofer is the 9.1. home theater surround system. The 9.1 surround sound system features two

Home Theater Systems


Best 8K Receivers 2024

Enter the era of 8K receivers, the heart of a modern home theater system, designed to bring cinematic quality into the living room. With the

Best Anthem Receivers 2024

For the past few years, Anthem MRX home theater receivers have been a popular choice. The goal of Anthem products is to create the greatest


Best AirPlay 2 Soundbars 2024

The finest AirPlay speakers let you broadcast music, podcasts, and audiobooks instantly from your iPhone or iPad to a speaker in your house. The main

Best Passive Soundbars 2024

A soundbar (with or without a subwoofer) is a small, horizontally oriented electroacoustic device that improves and enhances the stereo sound capabilities of many ways.


Best Region Free Blu-Ray Players 2024

Blu-ray discs have region codes that restrict playback to players from certain geographic regions. This can be frustrating if you want to play discs from

Best Digital Audio Players 2024

Do you enjoy listening to music while on the go? Naturally, you’ll need a music player that can keep up with you. This powerful equipment