Best Kitchen Radios 2021

Como Audio: Solo – Wireless Music System with Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi, FM, and Bluetooth

Como Audio: Solo - Wireless Music System with Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi, FM, and...
  • Multi-room music systems with one-touch streaming and Hi-Fi sound
  • Countless music sources including FM radio, internet radio, Bluetooth streaming, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No phone or device needed for most functions

The Como Audio: Solo is a smart speaker that can be used as a radio. The design of this device is retro and gives off an extremely classic vibe. This device has fantastic sound quality and it also comes with a very high build quality.

It is one of the best radios for your kitchen because it can be stored anywhere and can be controlled with the handheld remote or mobile app, making it even more convenient. It has independent preset playback and is not limited to one source at a time. You can access radio from around the world or browse internet music streaming services using this device, and you can also stream your personal music library to this device. The engineering that went into building this device is superb as it reflects through the device itself, the wooden casing, the woofer, the digital signal processor, everything in this device is of very high quality.

Very simple but elegant manufacturing result. The beautiful handmade panel of real wood and aluminum makes it match most home decorations. And very difficult to break due to the thick wood that composes it. It has the ability to save favorite songs as gifts. Its stylish portable remote control can be used to tune in to different stations anywhere in the house. You can have other radios and link them to play the same music. Very easy to use with a distinctive design.

As Audio: Solo also has a color screen that shows what song is currently playing with the artist’s name; it also shows the current time. You can read your personal collection through NFC or read it through a Bluetooth connection, or you can use a USB memory that contains all your personal favorites.

iLive Wireless Under Cabinet Bluetooth FM Radio IKB318S

If you’re looking to save as much space as possible in your kitchen, but still want great sound, the iLive Wireless Under Cabinet Radio with Bluetooth is what your kitchen needs. The Bluetooth wireless radio comes with everything you need to easily mount it under your cabinet, so no space is wasted on the radio counter. A negative white backlit LCD screen lets you see clearly and choose from 20 FM station presets. Other features include a timer, digital clock, dimmer control, single alarm, and pairing button.

In addition to FM content, you can also listen to a wide range of other audible material in this best kitchen radio. It may be a CD that you have cherished for years. You can stream music from other smart devices here using its Bluetooth connectivity. Alternatively, you can put all your favorite tracks on a USB stick and play them on the radio.

Easily read all the required information with the LCD screen. Show the current time and set any timers necessary for your recipe to work. Keep all of these functions in the palm of your hand with your remote control. This radio requires an AC / DC power adapter to operate and two AA batteries for backup.

Sylvania SKCR2713 Under Counter CD Player with Radio and Bluetooth

SYLVANIA SKCR2713 Under Counter CD Player with Clock Radio and Bluetooth, Silver
  • Under Cabinet CD, Radio with Bluetooth. Powered by AC Adaptor with Battery Back Up
  • Built in Speakers to Play your favorite music via Bluetooth or any FM station with built in FM Tuner
  • LED Display for easy read-out of the time or your set radio station

Sylvania brings this handy little music player to make every culinary adventure even more fun. All you have to do is install it under cabinets for easy access! The installation of this device is quite simple. Simply use the mounting kit that comes with the product to securely position it under the surface of your kitchen cabinet.

It does not require a lot of ignition. You’ll only need an AC adapter for instant power, and you can save charge for later with its battery backup option. So even if your home suffers a power outage, you can still listen to the latest music, news, and other updates on the radio. Pair it with any smart device using its Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy your favorite songs or even an entire playlist on your smartphone or tablet while doing the dishes. This is how the gamer makes any mundane task enjoyable!

This product is designed to maximize its effectiveness. A built-in antenna improves signal quality. You must reposition the device to get the correct angles with the best reception quality. On the front of the device, you will see a large screen with the time and the current radio station you are tuning in.

It is not difficult to install the device in the right place. You will receive a mounting kit to complete the installation. After a few simple steps, a new radio will be installed nicely and safely under the kitchen cabinet. Anyone can do it on their own, so you don’t have to worry too much. In addition, there is also a remote control for added convenience.

To power this device, you can use an AC adapter included in the package. Apart from that, there is also an emergency backup battery. This will come in handy if there is a power outage and you cannot charge the device.