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Home Theater

Building the best home theater includes Receivers, Speakers, Soundbars, Players & more.  We’ve got them all covered for your ultimate home theater experience.


Best Receiver for Turntables 2024

The role of the turntable is similar to that of a starring actor. They’re fine on their own, but with a supporting actor, vinyl record

Best 8K Receivers 2024

Enter the era of 8K receivers, the heart of a modern home theater system, designed to bring cinematic quality into the living room. With the

Best Music Streamers 2024

Online streaming has grown pervasive, and for music lovers, it most likely plays a sizable part in everyday listening habits. Even staunch supporters of traditional

Best Soundbar for Large Rooms 2024

There is no denying that soundbars offer superior audio quality to your TV, but not every model is appropriate for large spaces. With the numerous

Best Vizio Soundbars 2024

Vizio is a pioneer in the production of smart Televisions and soundbars, setting itself apart from the competition with an emphasis on products with practical

Best SACD Players 2024

Super Audio Compact Discs (SACDs) offer a high-resolution audio experience that is highly valued by audiophiles. The SACD format is particularly beneficial for classical music

Best TCL Soundbars 2024

Soundbars have the potential to elevate our television viewing experience to that of a movie theater. Soundbars are designed to enhance the sound quality of

Best 9.1 Home Theater Systems 2024

A ten-channel surround sound system with nine speakers and a subwoofer is the 9.1. home theater surround system. The 9.1 surround sound system features two

Home Theater Systems