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Home Theater

Building the best home theater includes Receivers, Speakers, Soundbars, Players & more.  We’ve got them all covered for your ultimate home theater experience.


Best Receiver for Klipsch Speakers 2023

Some of the most well-known loudspeaker systems admired by audiophiles and non-experts alike are Klipsch reference speakers. Users of these speakers can customize the audio

Best Marantz Receivers 2023

Saul Marantz decided to build equipment that would gratify audiophiles from all over the world with rich and clear sound in 1953, and the Marantz

Best Soundbar for Large Rooms 2023

There is no denying that soundbars offer superior audio quality to your TV, but not every model is appropriate for large spaces. With the numerous

Best USB DAC 2023

Are you unsure what a DAC is or whether you should buy one? If you’re new to the audiophile scene, you’ve certainly heard about digital

Best Pioneer Receivers 2023

Pioneer is a Tokyo-based company formed in 1938 by Nozomu Matsumoto. This company was the first to release DVD recorders in 1997, and the first

Best PC Soundbars 2023

Don’t get me wrong: headphones are fantastic. If you’re a gamer or a professional video editor who spends up to eight hours a day or

Best 8K Receivers 2023

AV receivers are mostly used to boost audio signals. The incoming signal is then divided and sent to the output channels of a home theater

Best Speakers for Outdoor Projector 2023

A fun summertime activity with friends might be setting up a temporary movie theater in your backyard, which might be simpler than you think. Most

Best Nakamichi Soundbars 2023

Nakamichi Corp., Ltd. is a Japanese consumer electronics company that began in Japan and became known for innovative and high-quality audio cassette decks in the

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