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Best Trap VST Plugins 2024

The trap genre is extremely dynamic and calls for particular plugins to fit the modern sound. The most well-known musical genres in the current musical era that we live in include hip-hop and rap. Trap music has developed a stellar reputation thanks to its innovative sound design and clever use of DAWs and plugins, whether it’s Fetty Wap’s “trap queen” or Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour lLIF3.”

Trap music, which originated in the southern United States and incorporates EDM sounds, has been unstoppably making its way into mainstream media popularity in recent years.

Future Audio Workshop SubLab

With its cutting-edge technology, Future Audio Workshop SubLab, a well-known plugin for trap bass and 808s, enables you to control low frequencies like no other.

Design your sub-basses, add high and low-frequency sounds, and more with the new X-SubTM Engine technology. Through the visualizer, you may visually alter the sound as well. You get three key windows from the plugin: the Synth, Sampler, and X-SubTM parts. Use the resources offered by this plugin to create trap rhythms with the best-sounding bass and 808s.

Although this plugin offers 250 pre-made kicks, Sub Basses, and presets in its extensive library, it also offers the Drag&Drop capability. Samples can be inputted, edited with sound design tools, chopped or looped, and much more. The sampler automatically determines and sets the samples’ root notes, which you may then modify to your liking.

The recently developed X-SubTM Engine allows you to separate the main bass from its sub, resulting in high-quality bass and 808s. The audio is thickened, and you have control over things like harmonics and high/low frequencies for your bass. You have direct control over your Sub-Bass thanks to this feature. SubLab makes your bass suitable for all listening devices and to your taste using the most recent audio technology. Only SubLab users are allowed to use this tool.

To choose the sound of the samples, the plugin has sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square wave audio options. To create contemporary trap bass, you can choose from a variety of sub sounds with gentle to sharp settings. The entire plugin is organized into three sections: Synth, Sampler, and X-SubTM, each with unique options. You can easily pitch-shift, change octaves, and filter sounds.

In the trap music genre, the bass and sub-bass are crucial, and Future Audio Workshop’s SubLab is a useful tool for manipulating the bass. This plugin gives the user direct control over sound design, compression, distortion, filtering, and much more. It also makes it easy to sample kicks and basses for trap production. SubLab can be used to produce music in the hard-hitting 808 manner that the trap genre demands. This is the Best Trap VST Plugins in 2023.

Ujam Beatmaker Glory

The virtual beat-maker for all forms of trap and contemporary hip-hop is GLORY. Where frenzied hi-hats and hefty, tuned 808 kick drums meet at the top of the billboard charts. GLORY helps you make rhythms that roll and bounce. With its numerous functions and settings, the relatively new plugin GLORY has established itself as a staple in trap music. The plugin provides you with enough buttons and controls for all of your hi-hats, 808s, kicks, and other sound effects.

With 23 pre-made drum patterns and 20 different beat styles, this plugin gives you access to almost 460 drum patterns. Additionally, it includes ten drum kits with 16 instruments that you may switch out and mix as needed. You can utilize your DAW to create new drum beats in addition to using these pre-made patterns. You will have countless options to make original beats and authentic trap tracks thanks to this function. You have access to 12 mix settings with Ujam, ranging from mild to strong impacts. These effects feature distinctive sounds, and the Amount and Beat Intensity sliders let you control how strong the effect is. Using the four knobs in the Master area, you may also alter the sound (Sweep, Saturate, Maximise, Ambience).

The beat-heavy genre of trap music features complex high-hat and bass patterns with several sounds playing simultaneously. And UJAM BEATMAKER GLORY provides you with all the necessary equipment to make these intricate beats. 10 drum kits with 460 pre-made patterns, 60 presets, 20 styles, MIDI controls, and a focus on bass tuning. Additionally, there are options for custom sound mixing with good-sounding beats. Glory is easy to use, fantastic for creating trap beats, rapid with its operations, and has ample room for many hi-hats, 808s, punchy kicks, and other sounds. This is the Best Plugin for Trap Beats in 2023.

Initial Audio 808 Studio 2 Bass

With a built-in sequencer and features to let you shape the high-quality 808s and bass instruments, 808 Studio 2 Bass is a versatile Synth Bass plugin. A synth bass plugin, 808 Studio has an effects rack full of sound-designing instruments like EQs, compressors, and distortion. You can use the plugin to trigger pre-made melodies on demand and to design your own tunes in a sequencer that is very similar to a DAW. To produce unique sounds for your trap music, you may choose from the roughly 80 presets included in 808 Studio 2 as well as a large number of additional samples from the library or your DAW.

You may access the plugin’s many knobs and buttons in this section for intricate production and mixing. Each effect features buttons for activating or deactivating audio effects, and the rack is movable. It features options for an EQ, sampler, distortion, compressor, and master. It contains a separate side chain section for your bass along with filters and chorus effects.

When used in conjunction with presets, the sequencer’s trigger settings make it possible to play a whole sequence with a single push. 808 Studio 2 Bass facilitates fluid music composition and allows you to sketch on your DAW or play it on your MIDI. The drive knob and gain for balancing the sound provide impact while allowing you to modify the sub-bass’ octaves from high to low. The audio file’s waveform is affected by both oscillators in a variety of interesting and useful ways. In the Osc 1 and 2 effects, you may choose the waveforms using the tiny visualizer, and each oscillator has its own octave and gain parameters.

The user interface of the 808 studio 2 Bass synth is complicated yet once understood, it is simple to operate. Trap music is inextricably linked to bass and 808s, and the tools in 808 Studio allow you to shape, compress, filter, oscillate, and do a lot more.

iZotope VocalSynth 2

Utilize a visually engaging plugin to humanize your digital music with the aid of vocal synth 2 by iZotope. The voice synth 2 has three major user modes that you can choose from: Auto, Midi, and Side-chain. Each mode has its advantages.

With the help of high frequencies and a breath knob, the Biovox function can simulate a whisper. In order to clear up the audio and change pitch, a nasal knob works in conjunction with a tone and clarity knob. With the aid of vowel control, the Biovox gives you the ability to make your recordings more interesting. This plugin was created using scientific modeling of human voices, giving it a slightly sci-fi sounding edge. Your audio can be filtered, panned, and processed further with a variety of effects. With the visualizer included with this plugin, you may click and drag to visually shape the sound. The plugin’s main effects, Biovox, vocoder, Compuvox, Talkbox, and Polyvox, are denoted by the letters “B, V, C, T, P” on the controls.

The iZotope Vocal Synth 2 is a fantastic tool for creating vocal sounds for the trap genre. High-end technology is used to produce features like Biovox, which gives your audio human-sounding additions. The basic functionality that allows you to alter vowels also makes this plugin one of the more inventive ones.

XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color

The RC-20 is a quick and effective way to get the warm, analog-sounding beat or mix you want. The RC-20 is a cutting-edge plugin made to provide you vintage and tape machine sound effects. This plugin gives your contemporary synthesized audio color, depth, and warmth.

This plugin offers a variety of filters and sound design tools together with an arsenal of effects in its user interface. The interface of this plugin makes it engaging and enjoyable to use because each effect has a small visualizer. There are six modules and filters, including distortion for color and saturation and noise for vinyl and white noise. Other types of color and distortion effects, such digital for contemporary bit-crushing and degradation, are also available. Last but not least, there is also space that aids in delay, pre-delay, reverb, magnetic for wear and tear, and effects like flutter, distortion, and vibrato.

There is an input gain knob for volume control in the master section. A frequency tone knob, high cut and low cut settings, and an equalization are all included in the plugin. Additionally, it offers a width option that enables you to adjust the stereo output’s width to your preferences. The output gain knob lastly regulates the volume of audio that is sent out.

For trap producers seeking a retro sound design aesthetic, the RC-20 retro color by XLN is a great plugin. This plugin lets you play music, adjust filters, and manipulate the sounds using a variety of effects like distortion, wobble, vinyl, and more. For light sound effects, you can also utilize this plugin during the mastering stage of a track. For powerful sound design, incorporate it into the mix. This plugin is a flexible tool that works well with Trap and many other genres.