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Best Mellotron VST Plugins 2024

When the first Mellotron made its appearance in 1963, it was a revolutionary new device. In the days before digital synthesizers, the range of sounds you could produce with a keyboard was constrained, but the Mellotron offered astonishing new technology. When you press a key, a playhead on an analog tape is pushed across it by an internal mechanism, which plays back a sound sample that was recorded on the tape. Flute, violin, cello, horn, choir, and other instruments were sampled. Before the tape had to automatically rewind, each key could emit a note that lasted seven or eight seconds.

Technically speaking, the Mellotron used sample-based synthesis to create its sound, making it the forerunner of digital sampling. Its goal was to mimic the sounds of many instruments, which it successfully did. However, because it is a tape-based instrument, there are very minor changes in pitch and volume (also known as wow and flutter) every time a key is pressed. This provides the Mellotron with a wholly distinctive tone and has come to represent the Mellotron sound.

The Moody Blues and The Beatles were among the rock groups who used the Mellotron in the mid- to late 1960s; “Strawberry Fields Forever” prominently includes the Mellotron. Mellotron soon made its way into the instruments of King Crimson and Genesis, and the keyboard sound became a mainstay of progressive rock. After four incarnations, production of the instrument was halted in 1986; nevertheless, when renowned ’90s musicians Radiohead and Oasis used the instrument, its popularity skyrocketed. Enough so that Streetly Electronics, the original maker, unveiled the redesigned M4000 in 2007. The M4000D, a digital rendition of the storied instrument, is still in use today.

Arturia Mellotron V

Most musicians can recall their first hearing of it. And now, Arturia’s Mellotron V painstakingly recreates one of the earliest sample instruments, which infused some of the greatest music ever recorded with its tape-playback magic; gracing hit records by The Beatles, King Crimson, The Moody Blues, Yes, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Genesis, and many others. The Mellotron, which added its own unique aural character, rocked the globe in the middle of the 1960s by triggering tape loops of real symphonic instruments with each note of the keyboard. Mellotron V makes use of Arturia’s state-of-the-art sampling and modeling technologies to perfectly capture the sounds, vibe, and behavior of this legendary instrument.

The Mellotron changed what it meant to be a keyboard player by putting an orchestra at your fingertips. Our carefully modeled recreation will give your music a modern vintage feel with updates that were unimaginable in the 1960s. If you’ve heard of Arturia before, you’re already aware of their very unique approach to virtual instruments. They employ a method known as physical modeling, which offers a great deal more flexibility than traditional sampling would. And you may take advantage of all the advantages of that technology with Arturia Mellotron V. This virtual instrument provides quite a bit more on top of the original Mellotron in terms of sound and feel.

Many songs, including “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “The Court of the Crimson King,” made the Mellotron famous. All of them are available with Mellotron V, together with onboard effects and complete modeling control over all settings. The Mellotron V’s ability to import custom samples may be its coolest feature. A generation’s music was influenced by the original Mellotron. With the help of Arturia Mellotron V, it can now mold yours. Consider the opportunities.

With Arturia Mellotron V, you may access sounds from the Mellotron MK1 through the M400, the final model produced by the original manufacturer before they stopped making it in the 1980s. Additionally, you have startlingly accurate control over every aspect of sound, including flutter and hiss. With the addition of effects from the guitar pedalboard and two amp emulations, Arturia Mellotron V has all of the original controls. The capability to load your own samples is by far this virtual instrument’s best feature.

Arturia Mellotron V not only provides you with a highly accurate and convincing imitation of a number of Mellotron models, but it can also be used as a sampler. You’ve got a deal if you couple it with a price that is incredibly fair. You should be aware that a keyboardist from the BBC Orchestra utilized an Arturia Mellotron V during the performance to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles record Abbey Road in Abbey Road Studios. This is the Best Mellotron VST Plugin in 2022.

Wavesfactory Newmello Collection

A virtual recreation of the Mellotron M400 by Wavesfactory is available in the full version of Native Instruments KONTAKT. The Mellotron M400 was not actually sampled, which is a fascinating fact. Instead, they used a vintage tape deck to record samples of 75 different instruments. This method substantially increased the original instrument’s potential while preserving the M400’s distinctive vintage vibes. It has a straightforward GUI and offers 75 patches that can be routed through two different tape decks, attack and release controls, and a straightforward tilt EQ.

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, King Crimson, and many more have all used it. With new methods for sound composition and scripting in Kontakt, Newmello offers the same sound and behavior as the original unit. Volumes I, II, and III of the Newmello Collection are included. With 75 instrument patches, it transports you back to the Mellotron M400 sound that defined an age. Wavesfactory did not sample the original unit, although Newmello is influenced by it. Instead, they used 75 bespoke instruments to sample the original unit’s sound and operation into a low-fidelity cassette tape. It has a very retro feel to it that brings to mind the 1960s and 1970s.

The Wavesfactory Newmello Collection is a straightforward and understated sample library for Native Instruments KONTAKT. It is relatively inexpensive and doesn’t take up much hard drive space. The producer who thinks it would be useful to have a virtual mellotron in a toolkit but does not anticipate using it frequently should choose this virtual instrument. This is the Best Mellotron Plugin in 2022.

AIR Music Technology Mellotron

A reproduction of the renowned tape sample keyboard machine used on numerous classic Rock songs, the Mellotron is a new plugin instrument. Many people believe it to be the first sampler since it is so iconic. You may be sure that this instrument won’t let you down because AIR Music has more than 20 years of experience creating high-quality emulations.

With a variety of parameters, settings, and controls, the new Mellotron Plugin Instrument is made for creative music production and can create a wide variety of keyboard instrument sounds. Beginning with the pre-built sound categories, explore the many sound shaping elements, especially the new Flavour part.

The OG’s Flute, Choir, and Strings tape samples are featured in 6 Tape Sets of the AIR Mellotron, giving it a genuinely authentic sound. The original tapes are also available in “Dirty” and “Cleaned” versions. Formant, Age, and Sample Start are further sound-shaping variables. To get you started, there are 30 factory presets and a number of built-in effects, including the new AIR Flavour (instant lo-fi goodness). World-class audio effects processing is included into AIR Mellotron to improve your sounds as you swiftly produce them. Compressor, Four-Band EQ, Spring Reverb, Delay, and the new Flavour are all available, and each has a specific section for making adjustments. This is the Best Mellotron VST Plugins in 2022.