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Best Plugin Bundles for Music Production 2024

Plug-ins are a crucial component of our creativity as music producers. Finding the appropriate plugins, or simply the proper kind of plugins, may be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Consider this: There are several different types of compressors, exciters, and equalizers, all of which you have probably read about in our publications. What the heck are they all there for? Well, some are better suited to a specific use case, and others are better suited to various uses.

A developer’s collection of plugins is known as a plugin bundle. The majority of these are made to work together for a particular use case. For instance, a bundle for audio repair or genre-specific sound designing might be available. Similar to how bundles offer a group discount to further reduce the cost of the plugins. Additionally, a few developers provide an ecosystem of plugins that facilitate mixing and mastering. To save money and take advantage of the special features, you may purchase a bundle of these plugins. A bundle might also appeal to you more aesthetically. After all, a customized channel strip of your preferred plugins is unbeatable.

iZotope Everything Bundle

Every current iZotope product for music, post-production, and creative production is included in the Everything Bundle. Get everything you require to begin and finish any audio project. What better approach to accomplish iZotope’s purpose of enabling creativity for everyone through intelligent, captivating audio technology than to provide all of our products at a fraction of their combined cost?

With Neutron 4, from iZotope, you can create a professional mix more quickly and intelligently. Sculpt sounds natural once you’re in the zone. In the present, blend. From assigning reverb to adding the final mastering touch, this comprehensive subscription of more than 30 plugins employs AI-powered processing to offer you a customized starting point for each stage of the mix. Inter-plugin communication describes how all of these tools converse with one another, listening for masking between your tracks and vocals, offering level balancing suggestions, and even enabling you to mix your songs in a visual environment.

This is one of the best plugin bundles currently available in 2023 because it makes it incredibly simple to implement smart and quick mix and mastering decisions. Brand-new features in Ozone Pro’s Master Assistant and Nectar Pro’s Vocal Assistant, as well as practical tools like Tonal Balance Control and VocalSynth, are also included.

Soundtoys 5

A professional music producer can find all the bells and whistles they need in the Soundtoys 5 plugin set. It blends the advantages of earlier processors with the contemporary efficiency it offers. One of its most outstanding characteristics is its potent non-linear processing, which makes it simple to include analog vibes into your tunes. Additionally, the bundle incorporates an Effect Rack that lets you use several Soundtoys effects. Your ability to store processing chains is facilitated by this.

One comprehensive collection of audio effects from Soundtoys is included in this bundle. Many of the effects available here have unique Tweak panels that reveal more complex features and editing tools, such as a variety of saturation techniques, precision control over an effect’s groove, or a choice of various delay algorithms.

Decapitator, Devil-Loc, EchoBoy, PrimalTap, PanMan, and FilterFreak are notable effects that are all included in this very user-friendly suite of sonic tools that are made to meet a variety of demands.

Use Devil-Loc, Radiator, and Decapitator to saturate, compress, and distort. With EchoBoy and PrimalTap, you may virtually explore the history of echo and delay technology. Make your vocals different with Little AlterBoy. With the Crystallizer and MicroShift, you may replicate vintage studio pitch, chorus, and widening effects. The beat-synchronized rhythmic effects of PanMan, Tremolator, FilterFreak, and PhaseMistress will help you take modulation to new heights. These distinct components are all tried-and-true, potent tools that professional mix engineers, musicians, and sound designers throughout the world rely on. This is among the Best Plugin Bundles for Music Production in 2023.

FabFilter Total Bundle

All FabFilter plug-ins are included in the FabFilter Total Bundle. The best EQ, Compressor, Limiter, De-Esser, Gate/Expander, Multi-Band Distortion, Stereo Delay, Filter, and Synthesizer are included in this bundle. Everything an engineer could possibly want is included in this collection, including EQ, Compressor, Limiter, De-Esser, Gate/Expander, Multi-Band Distortion, Stereo Delay, Filter, and Synthesizer plugins.

Pro-MB really stands out as a multiband compressor that differs in that it allows users to instantly alter the dynamics of particular frequency bands. On the other hand, the Pro-Q 3 equalizer offers premium linear phase operation in addition to its zero latency and distinctive Natural Phase modes, Mid/Side processing, variable stereo placement of EQ bands, an intelligent solo feature, optional Auto Gain, and an integrated, fully customisable spectrum analyzer.

Arturia V Collection 9

A premium collection of professional software instruments, V Collection 9 is updated for today’s production process and includes everything from cutting-edge hybrid synth engines to recreations of the most evocative instruments ever created. This carefully chosen 32-instrument collection offers fast access to both professional sounds and rich creative flexibility, ranging from realistically modelled pianos to cutting-edge synth engines, vintage keyboard emulations to evocative hybrid strings.

Only the very best software instruments from the past, present, and future, driven by proprietary modeling technology and decades of engineering know-how, giving unmatched sound quality and functionality that is simply necessary for today’s music producers.

UJAM Beatmaker 2 Bundle

The center and heartbeat of a song are the drums, beats, and percussion, which allow the music to reach into our primordial selves and act as a foundation for the melodies and lyrics. Throughout all musical genres, from disco and pop to EDM and hip-hop, electronic drum machines have played a significant role in creating this heartbeat for more than 50 years.

The most well-known feature of Ujam is its user-friendly plugins, which make making music a breeze. If you’ve been paying attention to the developers, you’ve probably seen how highly they value usability. The Beatmaker Bundle is no different. The complete collection of plugins is compact, quick, and jam-packed with radio-ready sounds. These features make the bundle a great option for newcomers, intermediates, and seasoned producers on a time crunch.

You will save a ton of time with this bundle if you frequently make beats for your customers. Furthermore, UJAM Beakmaker makes it simple to obtain top-notch sounds and grooves even if you are a beginner and are unsure of where to begin with sample packs. As I’ve already mentioned, the items’ sounds are perfect for a variety of electronic music genres, including EDM, House, Trap, Pop, and Hip Hop. I must, however, point out that Void might seem overly abrasive and raw in comparison to the most recent Drum & Bass tendencies. Ultimately, it’s worthwhile to try it out and make sure for yourself before you buy.