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Alternative Samples Punisher & Vikings Cinematic Trailer Instruments Review 2024

Looking to give your song a serious dose of cinematic flair? The Alternative Samples’ Trailer Toolkit is the only place to look! For any serious trailer soundtrack creator, the Punisher Trailer Toolkit is a must-have collection of handcrafted sounds. And for those of you Vikings supporters, Alternative Samples has made available the Trailer Toolkit – Vikings Edition, which comes with everything you need to make jaw-dropping Vikings anthems. With these distinctive instruments, soar to the top of the charts.

Look no further than that if you’re looking for top-notch, handcrafted sounds to elevate your trailer music creations. Everything you need to make huge, suspenseful trailers that will keep your listeners on the edge of their seats is included in this premium sound library. It features everything you need to elevate your trailer music, from huge smashes and stingers to risers and whooshes. Additionally, because each sound is individually created, you can be certain that it will give your work a polished and professional appearance. So check out PUNISHER if you’re serious about writing trailer music.

The PUNISHER is a strong and adaptable analog drum kit that will elevate your music. This kit has everything you need to either make bespoke beats from scratch or pound out a collection of pounding preset rhythms. It comprises seven various types of drum kits, ten distinctive bass sounds, twenty boom sounds, and fifteen hard-hitting impacts. The Punisher has a tremendous variety of synth sounds in addition to the drums, including 27 plucked synths, 23 pad sounds, and 29 pulses. The set also includes 10 riser sounds and 15 drone sounds for ambiance and impact. You may be sure that your song will stand out from the competition with the inclusion of 51 unique sounds. Therefore, the Punisher is the only drum kit you need to consider if you want something with a lot of punch.

Everything you need to write those epic Vikings songs is in the Vikings Cinematic Trailer. All noises and vocals are recorded with the sole intention of achieving the ideal “times of old” ambience, which is ideal for everything cinematic, not only trailers. From the deep, booming roars of the male vocalists to the light, airy voices of the female vocalists, the collection offers a wide range of sounds. This library will give your productions the opulent vibe they deserve when used in conjunction with the ominous soundscapes and thunderous drums.

The Trailer Toolkit – Vikings Edition will help you add the ferocity of the Vikings to your upcoming trailer project. Over 100 brand-new sounds are included in this enormous sound library, which is ideal for giving your trailer cues a little additional epic oomph. This toolkit offers everything you need to turn up the heat, including 10 completely new and distinctive boom sounds, 15 Viking chants, 5 Doppler FX sounds, 7 loops, 10 signature sounds, 20 vocal sounds and performances, and 10 Warhorn sounds. To achieve maximum intensity, each sound is meticulously produced and processed.