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Best Marantz Receivers 2024

Saul Marantz decided to build audio equipment that would gratify audiophiles from all over the world with rich and clear sound in 1953, and the Marantz brand was born withe the first stereo system they built. The company’s first office was set up in his basement, which is noteworthy given how well-known this home theater receivers brand is today. The market for gear aimed at any music lover who has high sound quality expectations is growing quickly, but the amount of purchasers looking for the marantz receiver reviews demonstrates the brand’s unmistakable excellence and cult following. The company’s biggest feature is that it seeks to meet the needs of all types of customers. In other words, there are feature-rich receivers with exorbitant prices, more budget-friendly versions, those modern receivers developed for exceptional stereo experience, and purpose-built receivers for producing cinema-inspired surroundings.

Marantz AV receivers are popular because of their excellent sound quality, which is consistent regardless of the music genre. Other manufactures try hard to achieve this all-encompassing sound impression, but only a handful succeed. Another key consideration is durability and room sound calibration system, as these receivers are built to last for many years. Last but not least, there is a fantastic set of integrated features to enhance your experience.

Marantz SR8015 11.2 Channel AV Receiver with HEOS Music Streaming

The Marantz SR8015 stands as a testament to Marantz’s commitment to high-fidelity audio and cutting-edge technology. This flagship 11.2 channel 8K Ultra HD AV receiver is designed to deliver an unparalleled home cinema experience, with a power output of 140 watts per channel (8 Ohm, 20Hz-20kHz, THD: 0.05%, 2ch driven), ensuring that you experience your entertainment in remarkable detail.

The SR8015 is equipped with 8 HDMI inputs and 3 outputs, including one dedicated 8K input to support 8K/60Hz or 4K/120Hz pass-through, catering to the latest entertainment technology and providing exceptional video clarity. The receiver also features advanced gaming specifications such as 4K/120Hz pass-through, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and Quick Frame Transport (QFT), enhancing the gaming experience with reduced lag and tearing.

For audiophiles, the SR8015 does not disappoint. It showcases Marantz’s proprietary HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) circuit boards, which offer superior low-noise wideband performance and an ultra-fast slew rate for maximum dynamic range. The receiver supports high-resolution audio formats, including DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz tracks, allowing you to enjoy music in its purest form.

The SR8015 is also a feature-packed AV amplifier, supporting immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, Auro-3D, and IMAX Enhanced. With HEOS multiroom technology, you can enjoy your music throughout the house, and the Audyssey room correction system ensures that the sound is perfectly tailored to your listening environment. In terms of design, the SR8015 reflects Marantz’s attention to detail, with a centrally mounted toroidal transformer, copper plating, and a symmetrical monolithic design. The build quality is robust, with a weight that suggests a solid construction and ample use of copper for enhanced performance.

Overall, the Marantz SR8015 is a high-performance receiver that combines Marantz’s rich audio legacy with modern features, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a premium home theater experience. This is the Best Marantz Receivers in 2024.

Marantz AV8805 – 13.2 Channel AV Audio Component Pre-Amp for Premium Home Theater

Marantz AV8805 - 13.2 Channel AV Audio Component...
  • Designed for the home cinema enthusiast with an unprecedented 13.2 channel...
  • Add the Marantz mm7055 or mm8077 power amp to enjoy the ultimate home...
  • Stream unlimited music from Pandora, Spotify, tidal, deezer and enjoy full...

The Marantz AV8805 is a high-end audio processor and pre-amplifier that caters to advanced home theater enthusiasts. It supports up to 13.2 channels of immersive sound, including Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround, DTS:X, DTS Neural:X, and DTS Virtual:X, as well as IMAX Enhanced and Auro-3D. The AV8805 is equipped with HDMI 2.0b, offering 4K/60p video pass-through, Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG, with a future paid hardware update planned for HDMI 2.1 to enable 8K video support.

This top-of-the-line processor from Marantz is designed to deliver the latest object-based surround formats and includes upmixers like Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X for an immersive multi-dimensional surround experience. It also features DTS Virtual:X, which can create a virtual surround experience with as few as two speakers. The AV8805 supports both ARC and eARC, allowing for the transmission of uncompressed audio formats from streaming apps on compatible 4K televisions or vintage gear.

The AV8805A model is celebrated for its high-resolution preamplifier, which uses 15 single Marantz HDAM boards for reference-setting audio performance. It is extensively tuned by sound acousticians to deliver a versatile, flexible, and musical home cinema experience. The AV8805A includes 8 HDMI inputs and 3 outputs, with one dedicated 8K input supporting 8K/60Hz or 4K/120Hz pass-through. It also supports Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10+, and HDCP 2.3 on all HDMI inputs.

The AV8805 offers a variety of analog audio and video inputs, including two component video, five composite video inputs, one 7.1 multi-channel input, seven sets of stereo analog RCA inputs, and one stereo XLR input. It also has four digital audio inputs (2 coaxial and 2 optical) and built-in support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networking.

The AV8805 supports 4K Ultra HD 60Hz video, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, HDR, and BT.2020 pass-through on every input, and it is compatible with HEOS multi-room listening and full wireless connectivity. Despite its high-end features, some users have discussed the AV8805’s performance relative to its price, with varying opinions on its value. However, the AV8805 is generally praised for its sound quality and versatility. This is the Best Marantz Receiver in 2024.

Marantz SR7015 9.2-Channel 8K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Amazon Alexa and HEOS

Marantz AVR SR7015-9.2 Channel Amplifier, 8K HDMI...
  • PREMIUM CONTENT DIGITALLY REMASTERED – Feel the difference in picture...

The Marantz SR7015 is a 9.2 channel AV receiver that delivers a powerful 125W per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, THD: 0.05%, 2 ch. driven), providing remarkable detail in your entertainment. The SR7015 includes eight HDMI inputs and three outputs for all your favorite sources. One dedicated 8K HDMI input supports 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz pass-through capability, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10, 21:9 video, 3D, and BT.2020 pass-through. It also supports HDCP 2.3, the latest in copy protection standards, on all HDMI inputs.

The premium marantz av receiver is equipped with 32-bit AKM AK4458 digital-to-analog converters, offering excellent real-world sound and an impressive dynamic range. It supports a variety of audio formats, including ALAC, FLAC, and WAV lossless files up to 24-bit/192-kHz; DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz tracks. The SR7015 is also compatible with various voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri, allowing for seamless voice control. It supports HEOS Multi-Room and network streaming, and can play songs from Spotify, Pandora, TIDAL, and more via AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and the HEOS app.

The SR7015 also offers advanced features for gaming, with support for 4K/120Hz pass-through, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and Quick Frame Transport (QFT), which reduces latency for smoother, no-lag gaming and real-time interactive virtual reality. The receiver is designed with multiple zones, allowing for playback of video and audio in ZONE2 and ZONE3. It also supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, IMAX Enhanced, and Auro-3D for elevated surround sound formats.

The SR7015 has received positive reviews for its top audio performance, HDMI 2.1 support, extensive list of features, and excellent build quality. However, it’s worth noting that the Auro-3D 10.1 takes up the 2nd subwoofer port, and there have been reported issues with 4K@120Hz.

Marantz SR6015 9.2 Channel 8K AV Receiver with 3D Audio, HEOS Built-in and Voice Control

Marantz SR6015 9.2 Channel (110 Watt x 9) 8K Ultra...
  • Performance, power and connectivity to suit your audio preferences: 9.2...
  • 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz pass-through support for every entertainment need:...
  • Support for the most advanced object-based audio formats: Dolby Atmos,...

The Marantz SR6015 is the best sounding marantz receiver. Such a receiver creates sound that is smooth, loud, and pure, and it can be installed and used in huge spaces. Despite the fact that the standard channel unit has 9 channels, the receiver has enough power to expand to an 11-channel unit in the future. In addition, 8K content is supported by the HMDI ports. Compatibility with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX are among the other intriguing and noteworthy features. All of these capabilities work together to deliver superb audio and video quality to users.

Users may easily connect more than enough audio and video sources thanks to the 7 HDMI inputs and 3 outputs. You won’t have to worry about any interference between dialogs and background sound when viewing your favorite shows or movies on TV. This demonstrates the audio quality’s clarity, smoothness, and greatness. The SR6015 may be the best Marantz receiver model on the market when it comes to price to quality. Overall, it includes all of the necessary features for dependable operation. It can cover a big area or space, and music and movie fans can easily change the volume to suit their preferences.

In terms of price-to-quality, the SR6015 is the best Marantz receiver among stereo receivers. It comes with all of the necessary functions as well as a slew of fascinating extras for music fans and movie buffs. It has enough power to reach big areas and allows you to alter the volume to suit your needs.

Marantz NR1200

Marantz NR1200 AV Receiver (2019 Model), 2-Channel...
  • A MODERN, SLIM STEREO RECEIVER – Indulge in high-resolution sonic...
  • POWER TO SUIT YOUR AUDIO PREFERENCES – The high-current discrete power...

The Marantz NR1200 is a slimline 2.1 channel AV receiver that delivers high-quality sound and a range of features. It is designed with a separate 75W per channel left/right power amp circuit and power transformer, providing superior audio quality and higher power to your choice of loudspeakers. The receiver supports 4K and has 5 HDMI inputs, making it a versatile choice for home theater systems.

The NR1200 is engineered with dedicated Hi-Fi parts for two-channel Hi-Fi performance, including custom-designed power capacitors, sound parts exquisitely tuned by sound masters, and a dual DAC circuit design. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect any pair of Bluetooth headphones to the receiver and enjoy music or movie sound with or without speakers turned on.

The receiver is designed to deliver high-resolution sonic perfection, and it has been extensively tuned by Marantz sound masters to deliver an exquisite sonic signature. It has a power output of 75 watts per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz – 20kHz, 0.08% THD), allowing you to enjoy your high-resolution musical collection with refined Marantz sound. The NR1200 also supports streaming music from your favorite streaming services and offers voice control from leading agents. It is modern and elegantly designed, making it a suitable choice for Hi-Fi and television connection.

Marantz PM8006 Integrated Amplifier with New Electric Volume Control and Phono-EQ for Vinyl Playback

Marantz PM8006 Integrated Amplifier with New...
  • BRILLIANT MUSIC QUALITY & FLEXIBLE OPERATIONS – 6 audio inputs, 70 watts...
  • LOWER AUDIO DISTORTION & IMPROVED CLARITY – Enjoy the best playback from...
  • ENDLESS CONNECTION POSSIBILITIES – Includes a pre-amp output so you can...

Marantz’s PM8006 integrated amplifier is a top-of-the-line model. It is made with long-lasting and high-quality materials to ensure a long life and use. It uses cutting-edge technology to create high-quality, detailed, and dynamic sound. This provides 2-stage amplification, minimizes sound distortion, and simplifies the signal route thanks to the unique Musical Phono EQ stage technology. It also has an upgraded electric volume circuit. All of these elements work together to give you the greatest playback experience possible. The technology and interesting features used in the creation of the Marantz RM8006 work together to provide exceptional sound quality.

If you’re looking for a powerful amplifier with a striking appearance and sound, look no further. Here’s something to think about. Whatever type of music or genres of music you prefer. This amplifier has enough power to fill a large room comfortably and without difficulty. It provides a clear sound with a deep and well-rounded bass that is agreeable to the ear.

Marantz NR1711 8K Slim 7.2 Channel Ultra HD AV Receiver

Marantz NR1711 8K Slim 7.2 Channel Ultra HD AV...

The Marantz NR1711 is a 7.2 channel 8K Ultra HD AV receiver that delivers high-fidelity audio from a compact chassis. It is designed with a slim profile that is half the height of a traditional AV receiver, making it a suitable choice for those who want a slim format without compromising on sound quality. The NR1711 is capable of powering 50W per channel (8-ohm, 20Hz – 20kHz, 0.08% THD, 2ch. drive), providing a robust and immersive audio experience for your favorite movies. It supports multi-dimensional audio formats including Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual:X.

The receiver includes six HDMI inputs and one output, supporting Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, 21:9 video, BT.2020 pass-through, and the current HDCP 2.3 copy-protection standard. One of these HDMI inputs is dedicated to 8K, delivering the latest HDMI specifications for an enhanced home entertainment experience. The NR1711 also offers a variety of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple AirPlay 2, and is compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice control. It also supports multi-room audio, allowing you to play music in different rooms simultaneously.

Users have praised the NR1711 for its sound quality, ease of use, and slim design. However, some users have reported issues with HDMI connectivity. Despite this, the NR1711 is generally well-regarded for its performance and feature set, making it a strong choice for those seeking a compact, high-quality AV receiver.

Marantz AV Receiver SR7013 – 9.2 Channel with eARC | Auro 3D, IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Surround Sound

Marantz AV Receiver SR7013-9.2 Channel with eARC |...
  • CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE VOICE CONTROL AGENT - Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant,...

Due to its high quality, the Marantz AVR SR7013 is the best Marantz receiver. Apple AirPlay 2, IMAX Enhanced certification (through update), and a HEOS module are all included in the 9.2-channel AV receiver. Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa are both supported. You have the option of getting it in silver-gold or black. Black may be preferable for a specialized home theater because it is less noticeable, whereas silver gold looks fantastic in a trendy living room. If you add a second two-channel output stage, the SR7013 audio technology can feed an even larger speaker configuration thanks to the 11.2 preamplifier section.

There are eight HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs available in this best marantz av receiver. Supported formats include HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLGare. In addition, the SR7013 boasts a strong video processor. Incoming video signals in the formats of 480/576i (p), 720p, and 1080i (p) are extrapolated up to 4K. This model also has audio enhancements such as Dolby Surround, DTS Neural: X, and Auro-Matic. Conventional content can be upscaled in this way so that the height channels for 3D audio can be used as well.

Marantz M-CR612 Network CD Receiver

Marantz M-CR612 Network CD Receiver | Wi-Fi,...
  • ALL NEW VOICE-SUPPORT FUNCTIONALITY – Just say the commands out loud to...
  • BLUETOOTH, Wi-Fi & AIRPLAY 2 ENABLED STREAMING – Listen to your favorite...

The Marantz M-CR612, also known as the Marantz Melody X, is a compact network CD receiver designed to deliver high-quality sound from a variety of sources. It supports a wide range of streaming platforms through AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, and HEOS connectivity. Additionally, it plays CDs, WMA/MP3 (CD-R/RW), and features an AM/FM tuner.

The M-CR612 is equipped with four channels of high-efficiency, low-distortion digital audio amplification. It can be configured to drive two pairs of loudspeakers with independent volume control or a single pair of speakers with double the output power. It is also fully compatible with low impedance speakers, including 4-Ohm models. The device is designed for easy setup and use. It can connect to a home network via a wired LAN or wireless LAN. For wireless connection, it can use the Wi-Fi settings from an iOS device or connect to a WPS-compatible router.

The M-CR612 also features two digital optical inputs for connecting to televisions and other devices. It supports high-resolution playback for any device and has built-in high-band Bluetooth support with enhanced stability. It is also compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri for easy control.

The M-CR612 is praised for its sound quality and user-friendly performance. It is considered a good choice for critical listening sessions. It is also noted for its compact design, which fits easily into any Hi-Fi or television stand, and is available in two colors: silver gold and traditional black. The device has a power output of 60W x 2ch (6 ohms), or 4 x 30W for speaker A/B with individual volume setting. It has a power consumption of 55W and a standby power consumption of 0.3W.

Buying Guide for Marantz Receivers

Sound Quality

Marantz is renowned for its exceptional sound quality, which remains consistent across various music genres. The brand’s receivers are known for their immersive spaciousness, warm and rich tone, extraordinary detail, and lifelike dynamics.

Features and Specifications

Marantz receivers come with a variety of features and specifications. For instance, the Marantz SR7015 is a 9.2 channel AV receiver with a power output of 125W/8 Ohm, 165W/6 Ohm, and includes 8 HDMI inputs and 3 outputs. It supports 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz pass-through, making it suitable for the latest entertainment technology.

The Marantz SR8015 is a 13.2 channel 8K AV receiver that delivers 140 watts of power per channel and includes 8 HDMI inputs and 3 outputs.

Multi-Zone Option

Some Marantz receivers offer a multi-zone option, which is popular among large families or for those who want to have different audio playing in different rooms simultaneously.

Design and Build Quality

Marantz receivers are known for their signature design and superb build quality. The Marantz Cinema 50, for example, features the iconic Marantz porthole, symmetrical design, and front panel controls elegantly hidden for a sleek, modern look.


Marantz receivers can range in price depending on their features and specifications. While some models may be more budget-friendly, others are feature-packed and come with a higher price tag.

Vintage Value

Vintage Marantz products are highly sought after and can command high prices on the used market. If you come across an old Marantz product at a yard or estate sale, it could be a valuable find.

Support and Warranty

Marantz offers support and warranty for their products, ensuring that you can get help if you encounter any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Marantz receivers worth it?

Receivers made by Marantz are renowned for their excellent sound quality and extensive feature set. Do they merit the increased price, then? Simply said, absolutely. The greatest Marantz receivers are incredibly cost-effective. Hence, for any genuine audio aficionado, they offer a good purchase.

Why are Marantz receivers so expensive?

What makes premium Marantz AV receivers so pricey, specifically? It blends functions, elements, technology, construction, and audio quality. Many features, like as support for various codecs, cutting-edge audio processing, and advanced connectivity choices, are provided by top Marantz receivers. They have a sturdy build that can withstand years of use, and they are also made to last.

Do Marantz receivers sound good?

Regarding sound quality, Marantz AVRs have long established themselves as one of the best. Marantz receivers produce rich, clear sound that brings music to life because of their meticulous engineering and high-quality parts. They thereby offer an engaging experience whether you’re viewing a movie or listening to your favorite music.

Is a vintage marantz receiver worth it?

Yes. The advantages of having a vintage Marantz receiver are numerous. They’re well-made and will last for years. Modern music systems are far more expensive than a vintage Marantz. However, they do not provide the same high-quality sound.

Furthermore, due to the cult following for vintage Marantz receivers, you will never be short on technical support or service. Using a vintage receiver also demonstrates your concern for the environment, as you will not add to the millions of tons of electrical waste already in landfills.

What do the numbers on a marantz receiver model indicate?

The numbers represent the receiver’s features and power. More features and power are indicated by larger model numbers. When buying a vintage one, though, make sure the outer and interior parts are clean. An older model that has been cleaned and serviced is far superior to a newer model that has not been properly maintained. The 22XX series denotes 2-channel historical models, whereas the 20XX series denotes units that are less powerful and compact. The 23XX series, which are larger and more powerful, are on the other extreme of the scale.

When buying a vintage marantz receiver, what should I consider?

Examine all of the components to ensure that they are working properly. Examine the exterior for any evidence of damage, such as dents and dings. Because Marantz fans have internet communities, ask around about the seller’s reputation. If at all feasible, request that the seller show you a video of it. Check for a refund or money-back policy before purchasing a vintage Marantz amplifier. Join a Facebook community for Marantz fans so you can stay up to date and get help when you need it.