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Best Zildjian Cymbals 2024

One of the top cymbal manufacturers is Zildjian. Even many people who don’t play the drums have at least occasionally heard of them. For many years, they have produced high-quality cymbals, and hundreds of professional drummers have used all of their offerings. Whether or not you’ve used many of their cymbals, there’s no denying that they provide a number of high-caliber options that any professional drummer would pick. Most likely, you’ll run into a few Zildjians if you’re hunting for some new cymbals. To assist you in deciding which Zildjian cymbals to purchase for yourself, here is a list of some of the best ones.

It’s simple to understand why Zildjian may be THE brand most associated with drumming than anybody else. Avedis, an Armenian alchemist, was developing a method for producing gold in 1618. He did, however, absolutely strike it in a different way. He discovered a substance that later served as the foundation for one of the best cymbal materials ever created. The Zildjian manufacturers continue to use this top-secret alloy, which can be found in every single cymbal that leaves those facilities.

The name Zildjian, which is Turkish for “cymbal craftsman,” was given to Avedis by the Sultan of Turkey in 1623. This was the year that the business was formally established and started to expand the production of their cymbal design. These cymbals were initially made for the Sultan’s Janissary warriors and palace bands, but over the years, they have also been utilised for groundbreaking moments in a variety of musical genres, including classical, jazz, big band, rock, pop, hip-hop, and more.

Zildjian K Sweet Cymbal Pack (KS5791)

Zildjian K Sweet Cymbal Set - 15/17/19/21 inch
  • 4-piece Cymbal Pack with 15" Hi-hat Pair
  • 17" Crash
  • 19" Crash

We might agree that the K Family is the best line of cymbals Zildjian makes, thus I have to start this list with them. Zildjian refers to the K family cymbals as Dark and Rich cymbals because they are lower in pitch and simpler to excite.

The K Family of cymbals produce an engulfing sound with each stroke. Each of these cymbals has remarkable clarity and brilliant projection. The ride pings and shimmers, the hi-hats are sensitive and precise, and the crashes’ dark tones resist becoming muddy. This is why many internationally renowned drummers support K cymbals due to their excellence.

Numerous drummers all around the world have long preferred Zildjian K series drums. These instruments, which were created using the Zildjian Secret Family Alloy, have a similar organic and natural sound that is dark in tone and extremely rich in harmonics. K Zildjian cymbals, which were created by Zildjian back in the 19th century in Turkey, share the same classic dark and warm sound as the original K cymbals. After considering everything, it can be said that drummers that perform Jazz, Rock, and Country music will love these cymbals. These are the Best Zildjian Cymbals in 2023.

Zildjian K Custom Dark Cymbal Pack

Zildjian K Custom Dark 4-Piece Cymbal Pack
  • 4-piece Zildjian K Custom Dark Cymbal Pack with 14" Hi-hat Pair
  • 16" Crash
  • 18" Crash

A distinctive line within the K Family is K Custom. K Custom has three subseries that together offer a huge selection of exceptional cymbals. Despite having a similar dark, deep, and dry sound, each of them has a unique look.

Despite the fact that they are all made of the same alloy—a secret family alloy—different finishing and hammering processes give each one of them a distinctive appearance. K Custom became one of Zildjian’s most well-known lines as a result of the company’s incorporation of K hammering with other contemporary hammering techniques. They are ideal for many musical genres. These are the Best Zildjian Cymbal Packs in 2023.

Zildjian K Custom, 5, 25 inches Cymbal Set, Natural, KC Dry Pack

Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Cymbal Set
  • 4-piece Cymbal Set with 14" Hi-hats (Pair)
  • 16" 18" Crashes
  • 21" Ride

In Zildjian’s selection of cymbals, the K Custom Special Dry set is a remarkably distinctive option. These cymbals provide the earthy, dry tones that many contemporary drummers are currently drawn to.

The hi-hats have a brief sustain and a harsh tone. They are excellent for playing open hi-hat patterns since the sound dissipates so quickly. Because of this, you may strike them hard without making a loud noise. The two crash cymbals are particularly thin, have a short fade, and sound dry and earthy. Their attack is quick, and instead of shooting through a mix, they frequently merge into it.

The ride cymbal, at 21 inches, is superb. It has a sound that is throaty and raw and is eerily reminiscent of old-school raw rides. Although it has the same dark tone as the other cymbals, the bell sound is loud. This cymbal set is reasonably adaptable and works well in most situations. They sound fantastic in R&B, pop, rock, and metal settings in addition to jazz and indie environments.

Zildjian K 18-Inch Constantinople Crash Cymbal

Zildjian K 18-Inch Constantinople Crash Cymbal
  • Dark, warm, lush; gorgeous. Recreating the classic "old K" sound with the...
  • Copper Tin ratio of 80/20

The 22″ Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Thin ride is one of the best cymbals Zildjian has to offer if you want the best.

There aren’t many ride cymbals that sound better than this one, but it costs almost as much as an entire cymbal bundle. It creates tones that are extraordinarily smooth, dark, and warm. These factors, together with precise stick articulation, account for the popularity of this ride cymbal among jazz drummers.

You can crash on it to produce a big tone that tends to hang wonderfully over all of your other cymbals since the wash is great as well. Even though jazz drummers utilise it most often, you can usually employ this ride in any situation.

Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Pack

In the world of drumming, Zildjian A Custom cymbals are extremely well-liked. They generate gleaming tones that are ideal for rock and hard music environments. When rock and punk were popular worldwide in the early 2000s, you would have seen these cymbals on most drum sets. Many drummers’ setups still make use of them frequently today.

All of the A Custom cymbals have loud, aggressive tones. In contrast to less expensive bright cymbals, the sounds also have a full-bodied warmth, giving the cymbals a far higher-quality sound.

The crashes are excellent choices to crash on during lengthy choruses because they swiftly move out of the way. The hi-hats are strong, and the ride has a strong presence. Possibly the most powerful sound the cymbal set has to produce is the bell of the ride. If you like cutting, brilliant cymbals, this Zildjian set is what you should buy. Thank goodness, it’s a little less expensive than the last one.