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Best Microphone Preamps 2024

Finding the best Microphone Preamp is vital for a clean and professional sound, whether you’re a musician or a sound engineer, behind the mixing desk or in the booth or home recording. You can have the most modern microphone in the world, but without preamps to project the output or frequency regulation technology, you’ll only be able to perceive a fraction of its potential.

The microphone preamp is a device that prepares the signal for further processing. Microphone signals can be too faint to be sent to mixing consoles at times. multi-track recorders and other high-quality recording equipment are available.

Preamps for microphones are not “100% transparent.” They will alter the tonal core of microphones and are an important component of the recording process. If you increase the gain on a cheap microphone preamp, you might get a lot more hiss. While you’ll scarcely hear any hiss with a good preamp. Aside from that, its own tonal features may contribute to the recording’s quality. enhancing the sound

dbx 286s Microphone Preamp & Channel Strip Processor

dbx 286s Microphone Preamp & Channel Strip...
  • Studio quality mic preamp/channel strip processor
  • Classic dbx compression puts great sound within easy reach
  • Frequency tuneable de-esser reduces sibilance and high frequency distortion

Are you looking for a quick solution to achieve a fantastic vocal sound? Take a look at the channel strip for the dbx 286s. The 286s channel strip provides four strong voice processing tools at your disposal, making it equally at home in the studio as it is in your live setup. The 286s is first and foremost a superb microphone preamplifier, with +48V phantom power, an 80Hz highpass filter, and a large gain range.

The compression component of the 286s uses dbx’s renowned OverEasy soft knee function to smooth out vocals without taking away their natural expressiveness. The de-esser portion of the 286s is a must-have processor for live voices and a fantastic tool for softening harsh-sounding cymbals.

The enhancer portion of the 286s can also be used to provide low-end resonance and high-end sparkle. Finally, there’s the expander/gate portion, which helps to minimize ambient stage loudness and reduce stray noise. There’s also an external “loop out” insert path on the 286s, allowing you to plug in an EQ or other processing. As a result, the dbx 286s are a fantastic fit for any rig!

The audio equipment and recording industry’s godfathers are DBX. They have been responsible for pushing the frontiers of this field for years, having been founded in 1971. They have released countless preamps and have been responsible for pushing the boundaries of this industry for years. Many of their products were pioneering in the early days of some of the associated technologies, and their name has become synonymous with high-quality mic preamping.

They began by solely making single-signal audio equipment, but its product line has grown significantly over time as a result of different mergers and acquisitions. They were best renowned in the 1970s for producing some of the best Compressors when the technology was still in its infancy, but they now have an outstanding and enviable back catalog.

It’s easy to see why the 286s is one of their flagship preamps. It is a crucial piece of equipment for vocalists and voiceover artists because it adds unequaled quality and clarity to vocals. It’s made up of four different studio-quality vocal processors that can be used separately or in any combination. The functionality is excellent, allowing you to fine-tune your output and eliminate distracting noise. It also has a very good high pass filter, as well as amazing Gain control and 48v Phantom Power.

The 286s is no exception to DBX’s reputation for high-performance compressors. This power, combined with its broad functionality, gives it an unrivaled ability to improve the purity of your output and allow for high precision manipulation, all while providing projection and drive that are difficult to obtain with other microphone preamplification preamps. This is the Best Microphone Preamp in 2023.

Grace Design m101 Single channel microphone preamplifier

Grace Design m101 Single channel microphone...
  • 12 position gold plated rotary gain switch
  • The m101 is ready to give any mic preamplifier a run for its money

The Grace Design m101 mic pre is a reworked version of the wildly popular Model 101 mic pre. For maximum signal clarity, the m101’s signal channel includes 0.5 percent precision metal film resistors. Onboard is a 12-position gold-plated rotary gain switch, as well as a higher-performance output line driver and HPF amplifier. Ribbon mode, with enough of boost and a relay bypass de-activating phantom power to safeguard your ribbon mics, is also new on the m101. With the m101, the power source is now integrated in, removing the need for a wall wart.

Grace Design is a remarkable business that has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Michael Grace began working alone in 1990, manufacturing custom-designed, bespoke audio equipment for a limited and specialized clientele. When Michael’s brother Eben joined him in 1994, Grace Design was formally launched, and they quickly became known for producing high-quality, high-performance preamps that outperformed the mainstream.

Grace Design has developed at a steady but unstoppable rate in the years thereafter. They are currently a well-established and well-respected firm with a varied and remarkable product line that can be found in various concert halls and recording studios.

Grace Design is recognized for producing high-quality, ultra-reliable preamps, and the M101 is no exception. It features a steel shell and an aluminum faceplate, and it has all the trademarks of a product created with love, knowledge, and experience. The M101’s level of functionality is one of its most visible and amazing qualities. It has an instrument input, a 48v phantom power switch, gain, trim, and ribbon controls, as well as filtering and a standard power switch.

This preamp is excellent in terms of sound quality. With a total gain boost of 75db, it packs a punch while maintaining exquisite output quality. When reading the various reviews for this device, one of the most constant themes is the utter lack of any unwanted sound or hiss, even at the maximum settings.

Listen to the playback while recording with the M101. This concludes the required testimony for this product. Individual instruments, parts, and sounds do not stack as well as they do with lower-quality preamplifiers. Each piece will shine through with the required oomph, but without any clipping or unwanted output. This is the best mic preamp in 2023.

Universal Audio SOLO/610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre & DI Box

Universal Audio SOLO/610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic...
  • Classic Putnam 610 console mic preamplifier and DI
  • Legendary all-tube sound, at a project studio price
  • Gain, Level, and Impedance selection for maximum tonal variety

The SOLO/610 by Universal Audio is based on the legendary Putnam 610 preamps, which are known for their stunning vacuum tube preamps used in recording studio. It offers low-cut, phantom power, tube and D.I. input impedance adjustments, and phase reversing, just like the rest of the range.

This is a tube-based, single-channel preamplifier featuring phase reversal. It has a ground lift that disconnects the ground loop and eliminates any hum and buzz picked up by neighboring electronics, something the others don’t have. Although the low-cut switch will take care of the most of this, depending on what you’re recording, you may not want to use it, thus this extra option is really useful.

In a single channel configuration, the Solo/610 reproduces the iconic sound of Bill Putnam Srconsole. .’s Of course, Bill is regarded as a recording legend. Apart from that, he was a brilliant recording engineer in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, working with Frank Sinatra and others. Studio and recording gear were also designed by him.

Universal Audio, which his son co-founded, currently focuses on reproducing analog sounds from vintage gear. Universal Audio’s Solo/610 is exceptionally durable and solidly built; it’s clear from the design and construction that they weren’t thinking studio when they created it. Its design allows it to be used in the studio, at home, on the road, or anyplace else you like, and its sturdy steel construction indicates that it won’t mind.

It has all of the traditional characteristics. 48V phantom power, direct instrument input, high pass filter, and polarity reverse are just a few of the features available. There are also Mic and DI inputs, as well as a dual impedance selection that is flexible. Many people like and love tube circuits because of their distinctive sound. Furthermore, the Solo/610 allows you to record using a famous circuit. Two analog inputs, an XLR microphone input, and a 14″ Hi-Z output are included. An XLR and a 14″ output are also included. Even the front dials and switches scream old and transport you to another era visually.

PreSonus DigiMax D8 Eight-Channel Preamp with 48 kHz ADAT Output

PreSonus DigiMax D8 Eight-Channel Preamp with 48...
  • Eight Class-A mic preamps w/ balanced analog output
  • 24-bit / 48K resolution
  • Ultra-wide dynamic range

Most people believe that a decent preamp is essential for getting a good overall sound, especially when it comes to voices. As a result, a professional studio will require a high-quality preamp with as much functionality as possible. With the Digimax D8, Presonus has blended the finest of analog and digital technologies to create an ADAT-compatible preamp.

While we all appreciate and respect our DAWs. And most people would not return to the days of outdated hardware, even if some of us miss them. In today’s technology, you frequently get into a situation where you just don’t have enough inputs. Many studio interfaces on the market have a limited number of inputs, which can be a serious issue in some cases, particularly when recording drums.

The D8 is a 24-bit/48kHz interface with eight Class A XMAX microphone preamps and eight analog outputs for sending your signal out to the rest of the world. The outputs are ADAT lightpipe compatible, allowing you to add an additional eight preamps to an ADAT mixer or system. Alesis created ADAT, a type of data transport that sends eight channels of data. Of course, this offers you a lot more channels to work with because the D8 works as a transfer unit for those extra ADAT channels.

The microphone preamps all have the same gain-trim control, a 20db pad button, and phantom power of 48V. For added convenience, two more instrument inputs are included on the front panel. The Phantom switches, on the other hand, are on the rear, making them difficult to use if rack mounted. On the back, there are eight TRS jack outputs and eight XLR mic inputs. Every channel has direct outputs as well as LED monitoring. The controls are well-designed for ease of understanding and usage, although the back inputs, as previously said, may pose issues. A good piece of equipment that meets industry standards.

Neve 1073DPX Dual Microphone Preamplifier / EQ

The 1073DPX is a Neve product. The 1073 may be the greatest of the best, and it is without a doubt the option with the most appealing and distinctive hue. If you search online, you’ll notice a lot of 1073 numbers with letters appended to them. This refers to the 500 Series, the EQ alone, and so forth. The traditional console version, however, was simply the 1073, which included a preamplifier and an equalization. That’s what you’re seeing here, with two channels twisted sideways.

You’ll need two channels if you pick this up so you may capture stereo sources as well. Since 1970, you’ve probably heard this monster on most of the most famous records. You’ve got your direct injection input, back inserts, headphone monitoring, onboard level meters, and anything else you might want.

There are three bands on the equalizer, as well as a specialized high-pass filter. Basically, instead of doing everything in the box with plugins, you can utilize this line level live or in the studio to dial in the precise mix and commit it to the take. Hardware mixing sounds wonderful, and I try to incorporate a little bit of everything I know I want ahead of time (but not too much in case I want to back off, which will no longer be an option). This is the preamplifier’s holy grail. This is one of the best mic preamps in 2023.

Solid State Logic Alpha VHD (4-Ch Preamp)

Solid State Logic Alpha VHD-Pre Rackmount...
  • Mic, Instrument & Line Inputs
  • Output Gain Control
  • Up to 75 dB of Gain

Solid State Logic is a tiny company based in Oxford, England that focuses on quality above quantity. Their units are always among the best and feature some of the most cutting-edge technology available. Some of the biggest names in music, such as Blink 182 and Depeche Mode, have used Solid State gear for their live sound engineering over the years, demonstrating this. Their announcements have also received a lot of attention on television and in the news.

The Alpha VHD incorporates some of the most notable aspects from their illustrious past, such as their flagship Duality console, and is based on it. In 1U, it includes Solid State Logic’s VHD Pre Circuits, which are well-known in the industry. The variable harmonic driving circuit can also be used to generate rich harmonic distortion. This unit is jam-packed with remarkable and one-of-a-kind features.

Your audio quality will be pristine and perfect thanks to the preamp. The Alpha VHD can achieve gain levels of +75db while maintaining this clarity of output, which is impressive. Although the top end of this preamp’s scale is not required to release the quality of this unit, it is recommended. A smooth, analog warmth will wash over your sound on the low gain end, bringing out each individual layer properly.

The 48v phantom power capability, mic and line xlr input/outputs, hi-Z switches, 20db pad switches, and a slew of other features round out the package. This is the preamp for those looking for the best of the best. An incredibly powerful and professional unit that is synonymous with quality. This is, without a doubt, a first-rate product. One for the serious professionals looking for the best. If you want to set yourself apart from other sound engineers and take your skills to the next level, the Alpha VHD can help you achieve just that.

ART TubeOpto 8 Tube Microphone Preamp

ART TubeOpto 8 Tube Microphone Preamp 8 Channel...
  • Eight Fully Featured Class-A Tube Mic Preamps.
    Eight Channels of...

The TubeOpto is a strong and adaptable high-quality preamp. It has a total of 8 channels, making it ideal for racking in the middle of your setup. Many sound engineers, both professionals and amateurs, want to add a superb tube sound to their output. However, a decent quality tube preamp can be a pretty expensive piece of equipment, thus this normally comes with a hefty price tag. ART’s TubeOpto, on the other hand, has fully debunked this old idea.

Eight 24-bit ADAT digital audio channels are complemented by eight class-A tube mic preamps. Gain and level controls, as well as low-frequency roll off switches, are available on each channel, ensuring that this unit is not only powerful but also versatile.

With a full metal case and faceplate, it has a powerful and attractive design. Other features include two hi-z instrument line inputs and eight quarter-inch TRS balanced outputs. This is a fantastic product at an extremely cheap price.

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator

Cloud Microphones - Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator...
  • FOR HOME STUDIOS & PROFESSIONAL RECORDING: In the studio, boost the signal...
  • DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: Our home studio equipment is perfect for...

Cloud is an excellent organisation with a long and illustrious history. They are well-known for their dedication to environmentally friendly packaging and production processes. They also believe firmly in American-made products that are designed and manufactured in the United States.

The CloudLifter, also known as the CL-1 Mic Activator, is a truly remarkable tool. What’s so striking about it is that Cloud definitely had a specific objective and end goal in mind when designing the CL-1, and they’ve unquestionably achieved it.

This is a product of dexterity, balance, and professionalism. With the CloudLifter, Cloud wanted to overcome a problem that plagues many preamps. That’s how you can boost sound output with significant quantities of gain and power while reducing unwanted noise and not adding to it.

Cloud has unquestionably solved this issue. The CL-1 uses Phantom Power, is compatible with almost all microphone types, and can boost your output by over 25dB. It’s great for recording into DAW interfaces, cleaning up noisy amps, and bringing out lower-end sources like acoustic noises (see our soundproofing panel review for more information).

Presonus BlueTube DP v2 Microphone Preamp Award-Winning X-Max Design

Presonus BlueTube DP v2 2-Channel Mic/Instrument...
  • Dual path, with both 12AX7 vacuum tube and solid-state gain stages
  • Combo mic/instrument inputs with class A XMAX mic Preamplifiers and 48V...
  • Tube drive tube-saturation control

In comparison to some of the other companies on this list, PreSonus is a relative newcomer. They were founded in 1995 and swiftly rose to become one of the industry’s leaders, specialising in audio equipment as well as live-sound software and technology. Preamps, software, signal processors, mixers, monitors, and speakers are among their most well-known products.

The BlueTube boasts a beautiful and eye-catching blue faceplate, as well as lighted input level metres and a rack-mountable chassis. It features a 12AX7 vacuum tube and solid-state gain stages, making it dual-path. This is a terrific alternative for people searching for something more versatile, a true ‘all-rounder,’ thanks to the combination mic and instrument inputs.

It also contains a polarity-reverse switch, an 80hz high-pass filter, a negative 20db pad, and an integrated tube drive saturation control. This isn’t a top-of-the-line, specialist, or ground-breaking preamp. What it is, however, is a superb, no-frills unit that combines versatility and a reasonable amount of functionality normally found in numerous preamps into a single unit.