Best AKG Microphones 2022

AKG microphones are among of the most well-known in the business. AKG provides a wide range of mics for any price and application. They are well renowned for their high-end offerings. AKG began as a manufacturer of movie theater equipment in Vienna, Austria, in 1947. Sound systems, projectors, and light meters were among the items on the list. As the corporation grew and began to patent technology, it inevitably moved into the recording industry.

The D12 was the world’s first dynamic cardioid microphone, released by AKG in 1953. The mic became an instant classic in studios and radio stations all around the world, bringing them international renown. AKG is still one of the most well-known microphone and headphone manufacturers in the world. The C414, C12, C451, and D12/112 are some of their legendary mics; also, their K240 headphones remain one of the best cheap pairs on the market.

AKG C214 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Pop Filter

AKG C214 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Pop Filter & 20' XLR Cable
  • Cardioid Pattern
  • 1-Inch Capsule
  • Switchable 20 dB Pad & Low-Cut Filter

The AKG C214 is one of AKG’s best condenser microphones, with an excellent price-to-quality ratio. While not the cheapest mic on the market, it does the job. The polar pattern of this XLR microphone is unidirectional. This implies that it will only pick up sound from the front of the capsule, while muting noise from the sides and back.

The wide range frequency response rate gives you a lot of information about what you’re recording. It’s based on the AKG C414, a considerably higher-end device commonly found in professional studios.

If you wish to record vocals, the AKG C214 is a fantastic option. It can handle an SPL of up to 156dB, which makes it ideal for instruments. It’s one of the best AKG microphones and incredibly adaptable.

AKG Pro Audio P220 Vocal Condenser Microphone

AKG Pro Audio P220 Vocal Condenser Microphone, Black
  • Audio Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Package Dimensions: 24.6 H x 13.2 L x 23.0 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 1.859 kilograms

AKG P220 large diaphragm is one of our favorites since it’s the ideal starter studio microphone for recording vocals and instruments.

The AKG P220’s big diaphragm has a low mass, resulting in a warm and clean sound for your vocals, guitar, or bass. For such a low-cost microphone, the audio quality is excellent, and the switchable bass-cut filter and attenuation pad make it even better for loud audio sources. Sound pressure levels up to 155dB SPL can be handled with the AKG P220.

The wide frequency response produces a rich, clear recording that captures every nuance of your sound source. I recently seen a video of someone utilizing this as an ASMR microphone since it has so much detail. This unidirectional condenser microphone will only pick up audio from the front of the capsule due to the cardioid polar pattern.

AKG C12VR Reference multipattern tube condenser microphone

AKG C12VR Reference multipattern tube condenser microphone
  • The legendary AKG sound used on dozens of number-1-hits an enhanced version of the highly sought-after AKG C12 built 1953-1960.
  • Edge-terminated CK12 Capsule and original 6072a Vacuum tube provide a sound that is simply beyond words.
  • Selected state-of-the-art components ensure low noise and reliable operation

The AKG C12 VR is very incredible. Given the price, that’s not unreasonable, but the sound quality of this mic is unrivaled, and it’s no surprise it’s one of the most well-known tube microphones on the market. With the edge terminated CK12 capsule and the original 6072A vacuum tube, we get the finest quality sound a microphone can generate. The interior electronic components are top-of-the-line, resulting in extremely low noise and dependable operation.

Tube microphones, like ribbon microphones, are less prevalent yet provide a significant improvement in quality at a reasonable price. I’ve had the pleasure of recording with the AKG C12 VR and have found it to be really versatile. It’s great for singing and guitar, and it can handle powerful sound sources like drums thanks to the bass cut filter and preattenuation pad. Yes, it’s pricey, but if you want the finest of the best with complete adaptability, AKG microphones are the way to go.

AKG P170 Professional Instrumental

AKG PERCEPTION 170 Professional Instrumental , 7.40 x 3.50 x 11.30 inches, Sliver Blue - 3101H00410
  • Rugged all-metal body and robust design withstands tough day-to-day use
  • Switchable attenuation pad for high SPL applications up to 155 dB SPL
  • Heavy-duty, roadworthy, all-metal construction

The AKG P170 is known for its unique “pencil” shape, which was designed exclusively for instruments. This high-performance microphone with a small diaphragm is ideal for overheads, percussion, acoustic guitar, and other instruments. Because of its quick transient response, the 12-inch lightweight diaphragm provides remarkable clarity. Transient response is responsible for recording quick soundwaves, which is necessary to keep up with the fast vibrations produced by your guitar strings or drum cymbals.

The AKG P170 is an excellent instrument microphone that is underappreciated. I’ve used a few over the years and found them to be excellent in both studio and live situations.

AKG D7 Reference Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Varimotion Diagphragm

AKG Pro Audio D7 Reference Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Varimotion Diagphragm for Clean and Crisp...
  • Dual-thickness Varimotion diaphragm provides a subtle and open sound in all frequency ranges
  • Highest feedback suppression laminate diaphragm material damps critical resonance peaks
  • Integrated hum compensation coil for the cleanest sound

With a varimotion diaphragm for clean, crisp sound and great performance, the AKG D7 Dynamic could be their best microphone for singing. We’re talking about a higher-end stage mic that doesn’t get nearly enough credit. Many vocal mics focus on the mid-range, but the AKG D7’s dual thickness varimotion diaphragm provides an open sound throughout all frequency ranges, giving our audio a more complete and deep tone. It has the ability to produce warm lows and crisp highs in the cleanest possible manner.

A suppression laminate diaphragm material dampens the key resonance peaks, preventing our frequencies from having a large amplitude. A mechano-pneumatic suspension also removes unwelcome handling noises. The precision metal dust filter can also assist in the protection of the capsule against sound-altering pollution.