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Best 808 VST Plugins in 2024

The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer was produced between 1980 and 1983 and features sounds for the kick/bass drum, snare, toms, conga, rimshot, claves, clap, maracas, cymbal, and hi-hat just like an acoustic drum kit. The TR-808, which Roland released in the 1980s, is credited as being the catalyst for the creation of numerous new electronic music genres. Many manufacturers have created their own interpretations or replications of the distinctive 808 sounds, despite the fact that these are now exceedingly uncommon and difficult to find.

The 808 sound has evolved over three decades to become a crucial component of the hip-hop, trap, and other electronic music genres. Few musical elements in contemporary music have had the same impact as the 808. Finding the ideal 808 has been challenging with the advent of the internet due to the proliferation of plugin and sample producers.

Future Audio Workshop SubLab

SubLab is a brand-new category of synthesizer created for the trap, future bass, and hip-hop genres. Make punchy sub-bass in the 808 style that sounds good on any speaker, every time. Get all the resources you want in one plug-in to sample, layer, widen, and distort any kick into a really potent sub. Our psychoacoustic sub-bass oscillator, X-Sub, is part of SubLab’s revolutionary yet straightforward mix methodology. With the help of this recently developed oscillator, any speaker system may get reliable, accurate, and deep subs.

SubLab is something of a hybrid, in our opinion. It is made up of several levels, including an analog synth and an X-sub layer that you can easily route to your kick drum. The user interface is very stunning and simple to use. Additionally, the integrated spectrograms provide feedback regarding the waveforms in real-time. You can combine the three levels of the plugin in the crystal-clear mixing area to produce the ideal sub-tone for your requirements.

250 kick samples that were painstakingly recorded from vintage analog drum machines and contemporary modular systems are included in SubLab’s 6 distinctive Bass Packs. Additionally, for a quicker workflow, you may drag and drop your own samples into the sampler, and SubLab will automatically determine the pitch of your sample. As you go, create your own bass packs and sample library.

While the plugin is incredibly helpful for beginning producers, it also has a more sophisticated quality that lets sound designers work with several layers and delicately build powerful sub sounds without completely destroying the low-end in their mixes. It is extremely simple to add a little more gritty to your sound with the integrated saturation and compression modules.

There are several ways to get started thanks to the variety of settings available. Additionally, starting with the foundation and creating entirely new tones based on what you hear in your head is just as simple. This is the Best 808 VST Plugin in 2022.

D16 Group Nepheton

17 totally synthetic components make up Nepheton, which together imitate the original 808 drum machine. Perfect replication of the original’s sounds and subtle details. The modules from Nepheton come with extra settings for adjusting the envelope and deep tone.

The Nepheton employs a special kind of hybrid sequencing. We are confident that no matter whether you are a fan of new producers or vintage drum machines, you will like the way they chose to organize everything. The Nepheton emulation’s randomize feature, which gives you a simple way to dial in unique rhythms and 808 patterns, is one of the things we truly love about it. When you begin to tire of repeatedly employing the same old patterns, this can be really helpful.

Digital recreations of well-known, vintage synths and drum machines are what made D16 Group renowned. The 808 drum machine is recreated in the Nepheton. As a result of the unit’s flawless sound capture, you may import the authentic 808 sounds right into your DAW. This is the Best 808 Plugin in 2022

Niche Audio Planet 808

There are many 808 sample packs available, ranging from simple packs to highly sampled 808’s made up of thousands of samples and covering every conceivable aspect of the 808’s percussion sounds. However, none of them have been thoroughly processed using the most cutting-edge top flight processors in the context of full-production kit design like Niche Audio Planet 808. Thousands of static 808 samples are great, but if you want contemporary, snappy drums for your production these days, you generally need to heavily process an 808. You can get this from Planet 808 in the form of motivating, real, and vibe-driven 808 kits for any type of electronic music. We developed this pack for artists and producers who are aware that the identity and feel of your track are determined by the total of the parts produced from the same source.

This outstanding 808 expansion pack has been sampled, edited, and processed right at the Niche Audio facility. Additional sample patches are available for different soft samplers, and Maschine 2 and Ableton Live have received extensive processing for this set. We sampled each of the drum sounds from our original Roland TR808 many times in varied tuning and decay states. Then, in order to give each 808 kit its own distinct flavor, we set about creating custom 808 kits while manipulating each and every sample contextually. As a result, a variety of genres, including Deep House, Techno, Club, Bass House, Minimal, Tech House, Tribal, RNB, and Hip Hop, can benefit from this bundle of high-quality, punchy, and contemporary 808 style kits. Some producers only need a high-quality 808 drum machine sample, thus we have included three unprocessed clean 808 sampled kits as a benchmark.

DopeSONIX Beat Machine 2

Beat Machine 2.0 is a fully new VST/AU plugin for MAC or PC that is a Hip-Hop drum machine. This has been created especially for producers that need the wide variety of Hip Hop percussion sounds that have been well-known over the past 30 years. To enhance your beatmaking workflow, all 600 kits have previously been pre-mixed and EQ’d. Beat Machine 2 has done all the legwork for you, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the ideal Kick, Snare, and Hi-Hat combination. … Purchase, download, and advance your tracks.

Onboard, there are 600 distinct kits that have already been EQ’d and mixed so they can be used in your productions right away. The days of searching for the correct kit components for hours on end are long gone.

The DopeSONIX Beat Machine 2 has an interesting feature where these kits are organized by era. You may hear the beaten-up, chopped kit elements from 90s hip-hop in the first 100 settings. The second 100 presets are from the 2000s and include the new Boombap sounds of artists like Havoc and Alchemist as well as Lil Jon’s 808-driven genres, Timbaland’s crisp tones, and Dr. Dre’s new wave West Coast sounds. Finally, you have hood trap producers like DJ Mustard and Lex Luger’s 808 and 909-inspired sounds. A flexible and low CPU plugin houses 600 high-quality drum kits, 1200+ samples, 300 stereo kits, 300 multi-out kits, and 50 drum patterns.

Initial Audio 808 Studio 2

808 Studio 2 was created to produce 808 sub-bass of the highest caliber. Perfect for genres that call for a hard-hitting bass synth, like hip hop and trap.

Initial Audio took one step further with 808 Studio 2 by including cutting-edge features like drag and drop modulation for advanced synthesis and an advanced sequencer that permits overlapping notes to provide the well-known pitch glide effect used in trap music. Your next beat might be inspired by 808 Studio 2 if you only press one key.

Additionally, 808 Studio 2 now allows users to drag and drop samples onto the sampler or choose from the various Kick and 808 samples present. Numerous high-end and sophisticated effects are built-in, including a 3-band equalizer, an analog-modelled filter, and an epic-sounding chorus that can only be used on the high end, keeping the midrange pure.

Eighty presets are provided with 808 Studio 2 to get you going. Any sound can be easily altered to your preferences, and the result will sound nice with minimal effort. The ideal bass synth for the job is 808 studio, which can produce everything from pure sub-bass to filthy basses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an 808 VST plugin?

An 808 VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugin is a software-based audio synthesizer that emulates the distinctive sounds of the legendary TR-808 drum machine. These plugins can be used with digital audio workstations (DAWs) to produce music, allowing artists to incorporate the iconic 808 sounds into their tracks.

Tips for Making the Most of Your 808 VST Plugins

Making the most of your 808 VST plugins involves understanding how to manipulate the various parameters to achieve your desired sound. Here are some tips for getting the most out of these tools:

Understand the basics: Before diving into the more advanced features, ensure you understand the basics, such as tuning, decay, and tone control. These fundamental controls form the basis of your 808 sound.

Experiment with distortion: Applying distortion to your 808 can create a more aggressive and textured sound. This can help your 808 cut through the mix, particularly in busier arrangements.

Layer your sounds: Layering different 808 sounds can provide a more complex and interesting sonic palette. This approach can help music producers create unique sounds that distinguish your productions from others bass sounds.

In conclusion, 808 VST plugins are powerful tools for music production, providing a rich palette of sounds that can be dialed in to suit a variety of genres and styles. Their versatility and distinctive sonic character make them a must-have for any music producer. So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding beatmaker, it’s worth exploring what these plugins have to offer.

Are 808 VST plugins only used for making hip-hop music?

While the 808 drum sound has its roots in hip-hop, the use of 808 VST plugins has spread to a wide variety of music genres, from pop to dance music and beyond. The versatility and distinctive sound of the 808 make it a powerful tool for any music producer, regardless of genre.

How can I achieve the best sound with 808 VST plugins?

Achieving the best sound with 808 VST plugins involves understanding how to manipulate the various parameters to achieve your desired sound. This includes understanding the basics like tuning, decay, and tone control, experimenting with distortion for a more aggressive sound, and layering different 808 sounds for a more complex and interesting sonic palette.

How to Choose the Right 808 VST Plugin

Consider Your Production Needs

When selecting an 808 VST plugin, consider what you need in your music production. Do you need a plugin that provides a wide range of sounds, or are you looking for something that specializes in a specific type of 808 sound? Understanding your needs can help narrow down your options and ensure that you choose a plugin that suits your production style.

Assess the Features

808 VST plugins come with various features, such as envelope shaping, tone control, and distortion effects. Assess these features and consider how they align with your production needs. Some plugins may offer advanced features like subharmonic generation or sampling capabilities, which can provide additional creative possibilities.

Check Compatibility and System Requirements

Ensure that the 808 VST plugin you choose is compatible with your DAW and meets your system’s requirements. Most plugin manufacturers provide this information on their website or in the plugin’s documentation.

In conclusion, 808 VST plugins are integral tools in modern music production, providing the iconic 808 sound that has shaped numerous music genres. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or a beginner, understanding these plugins’ functionality and effectively using them can significantly enhance your music production.