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Best Bitcrusher Plugins 2024

Bitcrushers employ distortion to simulate the distinct flavor of earlier digital technology. It divides the sample into bits via quantization, allowing you to change the digital audio resolution by rejecting some of the data. It’s necessary for achieving certain crunchy effects. Bitcrushers are used by music producers to impart a nostalgic touch to their tunes. You could use it as an intro by automating it, or you could make one instrument stand out with a gritty sound while the others stay clean. Bitcrushers, on the other hand, differ depending on the algorithm they employ. As a result, when choosing a bitcrusher plugin, keep your needs and genre in mind.

D16 Group Decimort 2

The D16 Group Decimort 2 is a highly advanced bitcrusher plugin that is designed to degrade and distort the audio signal in a controlled and musical way, making it a valuable tool for music production and sound design. It is particularly effective in emulating the sound of vintage hardware samplers, adding a unique “grit” and “colour” to the audio.

The Decimort 2 features a modulation section that allows for more advanced sound manipulation than typical bitcrusher plugins. This section includes two optional anti-alias filters and a steep low-pass pre-filter, which can be used to shape the sound in unique ways.

The drive stage of the Decimort 2 is another standout feature. It is designed to emulate the input stage of classic samplers, adding a warm, analog-style distortion to the audio signal. This can be used to add character and texture to a variety of sounds, from drums and synths to vocals. It can be used to create everything from subtle, lo-fi textures to extreme, glitchy noises, making it a versatile tool for sound design. The plugin also comes with an excellent set of factory presets, which can be a great starting point for creating your own unique sounds.

This is the Best Bitcrusher Plugin.

Denise Bite Harder

Bite Harder is a sound distortion plugin that offers a wide range of effects. It can do common driving distortion, bit reduction, resampling, and other functions. The push-pull graph, which uses an EQ-like technique to add distortion to specific frequencies, is my favorite feature.

Furthermore, the Bitcrusher plugin can be completely automated. So, simply by adding modulation to the graph, you may create elaborate and innovative sound designs. Another tip I have is to apply distortion to basslines to make them stand out more in the mix. Take a peek at My Crush by the same creator before we go into Bite Harder. It’s Bite Harder’s free edition, which simply includes the bitcrusher and resampler.

The plugin includes a resampler, bitcrusher, glitch, and drive distortion for messing with sounds. The bitcrusher reduces the bit depth while the resampler alters the sample rate. After crushing, glitch adds ring-modulation to your sound.

The volume of the signal entering the plugin is controlled via the EQ graph at the top of the interface. Increasing a node’s volume increases gain and causes more distortion. However, by doing so, the volume of that frequency increases as well. As a result, the Pull slider can be used to reduce the output volume and find a sweet spot. Finally, the input and output (before and post) high-pass and low-pass filters help tame the signal even more.

Below the EQ graph, there are five tabs, the first of which is Random. It will shuffle the graph to offer you some ideas. Both Repeat and Stutter are toggles and sliders that can be automated. The slider regulates the repeat/stutter rate, while the toggle toggles it on and off. You can also synchronize the effect with your host.

Denise Bite Harder is a highly versatile plugin that allows you to create sounds that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Misusing the plugin will result in complex sonic devastation. In terms of efficiency and ease of use, it’s nearly unbeatable for the price. This is the Best Bitcrusher VST Plugin in 2022.

Klevgrand Degrader

Degrader is a plugin that combines a resampler and a bit crusher. It can be used as a lofi-effect or distortion unit to mimic the sound of vintage digital electronics. It’s a useful plugin for building unique and fascinating drops, sweeps, and other transitions because all parameters are fully automatable.

Klevgrand has created a user-friendly plugin that is ideal for quick and painless sample degradation. This plugin is appropriate for both beginners and advanced users. It’s easy to use, provides visual feedback, and has a lot of features. Jitter, sampling rate, bit-depth, and saturation can all be adjusted with the plugin’s knobs. If your audio has to be loudened, mastering choices are also available.

The Klevgrand Degrader lets you adjust your sample rate from 250 Hz to 96 kHz, ensuring that you may create a genuinely distinctive sound. A lower sample rate will completely eliminate portions of the high-end, whilst a greater sample rate will allow for a small distortion effect. Try out some of the presets available, which do a great job of emulating old vintage sounds. The settings range from subtle tweaks to full-on destruction, which is best suited to heavier genres.

Degrader makes it simple to ruin your sample by providing useful tools like jittering, sample rate reduction, and saturation enhancement. The plugin has a simple UI with just the right amount of functions to keep your music sounding new. You can also listen to some custom presets developed by the developers using their best bitcrusher plugins expertise.

BeatSkillz SampleX V3

The BeatSkillz SampleX V3 is a powerful audio destroyer and distortion tool. Sample rate, bit rate, shift, drive, and width are the four sliders. The width, for example, allows you to enlarge or reduce the sound of a sample in your stereo field. The old ladder filter is also faithfully recreated in SampleXV3. This plugin is ideal for anyone wishing to add hardware sampling into their mix, as it is based on real-life circuitry and has unique sample configuration capabilities.

With the easy resonance and cutoff controls on the right side of the plugin, you can apply extra modifications to your sample when using low and high-pass filters. For each filter, there are two knobs that allow you to fine-tune the resonance from 0 to 1. Use the self-oscillation mode for a more analog sound.

Bitcrushing section’s five settings do an excellent job of giving you complete control over sample alteration. The shift slider creates unusual aliased sounds, while the Drive slider creates a crunchy vintage sound reminiscent of classic rock bands. The signal quality is adjusted using the bits and sample rate sliders.

Machine mode can be used to simulate older samplers. You can choose from six different settings, each with its own distinct sound. The first three modes deliver crisp audio, which is best suited for rhythmic portions, while the latter three provide a fun lo-fi, muted sound. The lo-fi sounding sounds are generally best employed for intros and outros in mellow tracks.

Plugin developers rarely focus on creating an experience that feels like you’re playing your song on real hardware. SampleX V3 perfectly captures that feel with an exceptional UI that resembles vintage technology from the 1980s and 1990s. A cassette tape loader for your samples, on/off switches, and a simple LED display with all the information you need are all included in the plugin.

SampleX V3 is a lovely nostalgia tool that faithfully reproduces the sound and appearance of classic audio sampling devices. The plugin does its best to provide you with high-quality effects, including superb resonance controls, fascinating high and low-pass ladder filters, and comprehensive wet/dry controls.

Excite Audio Motion: Harmonic

Excite Audio Motion: Harmonic is a dynamic and responsive sound-shaping tool that offers a unique approach to distortion, filtering, and bitcrushing. It is designed to transform your audio signal into an animated, visually-led, and creative experience, making it a valuable tool for sound designers.

One of the standout features of the Motion: Harmonic is the Hexagon controller. This bitcrushing section offers six macro sliders that can be assigned to control any of the plugin’s effect parameters. These sliders then react to a ‘magnetic’ cursor whose path can be recorded using mouse movements or pre-programmed, offering a unique way to control movement in sound.

The plugin also includes a sample rate knob that allows you to set the bit depth and sample rate, giving you control over the fidelity of your signal. This feature, combined with the bitcrushing capabilities of the plugin, allows you to add a unique character and grit to your sounds. The jitter effect is another interesting feature of the Motion: Harmonic. This effect can be used to add a sense of movement and rhythm to your sounds, making it a great tool for creating evolving textures and animated sound designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bitcrusher Plugin?

A bitcrusher plugin is a tool used in digital audio production to reduce the bit depth and sample rate of an audio signal. This creates a unique, lo-fi, digital sound that can add character and texture to your tracks.

How Does a Bitcrusher Plugin Work?

Bitcrusher plugins work by reducing the bit depth of the processed audio signal, resulting in signal degradation. This creates a very “digital” sounding distortion that can be used creatively in music production.

Why Use a Bitcrusher Plugin?

Bitcrusher plugins can be used to create interest and variety in your sound. They can draw attention to audio by giving it a unique digital flavor. They are also used to produce 8-bit music, which is popular as video game background music and often used in mainstream pop and trap.

What is the Difference Between a Bitcrusher and a Distortion Plugin?

While both bitcrusher and distortion plugins can be used to degrade and distort an audio signal, they do so in different ways. Distortion plugins typically add harmonics and color to a sound, while bitcrusher plugins reduce the bit depth and sample rate, creating a unique, digital distortion..