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Best Speakers for Outdoor Projector 2024

A fun summertime activity with friends might be setting up a temporary movie theater in your backyard, which might be simpler than you think. Most projectors’ built-in speakers aren’t powerful enough to fill even small rooms, much less compete with outside noise. This necessitates the use of external sound, and not just any speaker will do. The finest speakers for outdoor projector users are strong, portable, easy to connect, and weatherproof.

Projectors are a lot of fun because they are cheap, portable, and can liven up even the most dull of films. Although the majority of gadgets have built-in speakers, the sound quality is generally subpar. It’s difficult to comprehend the discussion because the bluetooth speakers audio isn’t loud enough. Well, portable speakers come in handy here. They will be a good investment because they were made with mobility and clear sound in mind. You’ll get Bluetooth support, simple controls, and more than enough loudness with the top projector speakers. So come along with me as we explore what the market has to offer.

Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor All-Weather Speakers with Bass Reflex Enclosure

Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor All-Weather Speakers...
  • Install your Atrium 6 Speakers in any large or open space—by a pool, in...
  • Equipped with 5 1/4" Dynamic Balance driver 1" dome tweeter provides WIDER...
  • These loudspeakers come with a steeply-angled baffle design that fills...

If you’ve been searching for the best speakers for an outdoor projector for a while, you’ve probably already run across the Polk Audio Atrium. You no longer need to ponder about the product’s quality or max volume. These incredible speakers’ greater sound dispersion in addition to their attractive aesthetic for your projector screen.

For outdoor use for movie nights, Polk Atrium speakers were made. These can withstand any temperature extreme, even torrential downpours, regardless of which extreme the thermometer is trending towards. No matter the environment, these deliver a powerful bass (particularly with the additional sub included) and gorgeously crisp mids and highs. Even if they are loud, they are nevertheless simple to tuck away in a corner or place on a wall using a rust-proof bracket, making sure nobody trips over it while watching a movie.

Additionally, the speakers are completely weatherproof. This means you may use them outside in the rain or snow without worrying about any harm coming to them. Rust and UV protection are also included in the package. The mounting system is another important benefit. It requires little effort to move the loudspeakers from a horizontal to a vertical position because of the innovative one-click mechanism. Not to mention, the audio quality is above average. These are the Best Speakers for Outdoor Projector in 2023.

Klipsch AWR-650-SM Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

Klipsch AWR-650-SM Sandstone (Ea.) Outdoor Rock...
  • True two-way design
  • Dual voice coil polymer woofer
  • Dual polymer dome tweeters

These speakers rock—no pun intended—absolutely. These 13-pound passive speakers were created by Klipsch to not only fit into your backyard but also remain there all the time. It’s not just a curiosity either; the faux-stone enclosure blends in with any outdoor environment for backyard movies and has a fiberglass construction that can withstand the summer’s intense UV rays. The 6.5-inch woofer and dual polymer-dome tweeters inside produce a powerful sound that can fill a small backyard like a rock concert. These are the Best Outdoor Projector Speakers in 2023.

Yamaha NS-AW350W All-Weather Indoor/Outdoor 2-Way Speakers

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Yamaha’s pair of outdoor speakers is capable of handling 130 watts of maximum power without sounding distorted or crackling for a backyard movie night. These have a mica-filled woofer and a 1-inch PEI dome tweeter inside, are magnetically protected for placement close to a TV monitor, and are water resistant. The high frequency response range of each speaker is 55 to 40,000 Hz, and the bass has a wonderful full boom to it. Although they can weather some wind and rain, it’s recommended to keep these within during extremely chilly and snowy months.

We should also pay attention to the frequency response, which is larger than that of typical audio equipment and ranges from 55 Hz to 40 kHz. The company’s experts applied the so-called acoustic suspension technology to guarantee a controlled, clean audio output. You consequently receive a bass response that is more precise. Oh, and a bracket for wall mounting is included in the package. The grilles are glued on and are the source of my lone complaint because they frequently come off. To fully secure the sound spectrum grilles, you might wish to purchase some high-quality adhesive. These are the Best Speaker for Outdoor Projector in 2023.

ECOXGEAR EcoTrek GDI-EXTRK210 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless

ECOXGEAR EcoTrek GDI-EXTRK210 Rugged Waterproof...
  • 100% Waterproof and dustproof - meets IP67 international standards, no...
  • 100 watts at max output power drives a pair of 2.5-inch tweeters, 2 full...
  • Consumer replaceable battery plays for 10+ hours at full volume; Up to 50+...

With Ecoxgear, you only get one speaker, in contrast to every other system on today’s list. However, it is a complete sound system with an integrated subwoofer to handle the bass. Now, the control panel with an equalizer, an LED display in the center, and several buttons will likely capture your notice first. It enables sound customization and moulding to your preferences, which is fantastic for a hectic party.

EcoTrek speaker set also comes with a fairly powerful battery unit. At maximum level, it can play music for 10 hours; at low volume, it can play music for up to 50 hours. You’ll understand why this product is well-liked after you consider the standard 12-month parts/labor warranty. One small drawback is that the audio quality isn’t very excellent for music. The good news is that it’s excellent for a projector. The Ecoxgear speaker is a sure thing because it comes with a sizable guarantee and a battery power source that leads the industry for stereo sound. It has an elaborate panel, many buttons and knobs, and even a set of cup holders. It’s a fantastic option for watching movies.

JBL Xtreme 3 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Xtreme 3 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker,...
  • POWERFUL JBL ORIGINAL PRO SOUND: Four drivers and two JBL Bass Radiators...
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: The included carrying strap with built-in bottle opener...
  • 15 HOURS OF PLAYTIME: The fun doesn't have to stop. Packed with an...

The JBL Xtreme 3 is a great option for outdoor use due to its durability. No matter where you carry it, its waterproof and dustproof housing won’t be harmed by the elements. It is safe to use on a sandy beach as well.

Additionally, the Xtreme 3 is praised for its portability for outdoor projectors. Its low weight of 5 pounds makes it portable enough to carry in a purse or backpack. Because of its 15-hour battery life, you may use it anywhere without access to an outlet thanks to the carrying strap that is included. Additionally, it has a 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth connection, making it simple to connect to any projector type.

Given the size of the speaker, the four-driver array inside the JBL Xtreme 3 offers rich stereo sound with outstanding bass. With crystal-clear dialogue and realistic, engrossing sound effects, the audio is beautifully detailed and perfect for outdoor movies.

Buying Guide for Speakers for Outdoor Projector

When choosing the right speakers for your outdoor projector, several factors should be taken into account to ensure a high-quality audio experience. Here’s an extended guide to help you make the best choice:

Sound Quality

Look for speakers that deliver clear, balanced sound with a good bass response. The speakers should be able to deliver enough volume to fill your outdoor space without distorting the audio. Consider speakers with a wide frequency range to ensure both high and low sounds are reproduced faithfully.

Weather Resistance

If the speakers are going to be used outdoors, they should have some level of weather resistance. Look for speakers with a high Ingress Protection (IP) rating, which indicates their level of protection against elements like dust and water.


Portability is an important factor if you plan to move the speakers around frequently. Look for lightweight speakers with sturdy handles for easy transport. If you plan to take the speakers on trips, consider models with a battery power option for greater mobility.

Power Source

Consider whether you prefer battery-powered speakers or ones that require an AC outlet. Battery-powered speakers offer greater flexibility for outdoor use, but may not be as powerful as AC-powered options. If you choose battery-powered speakers, make sure they have a battery life long enough to last through your intended use.


Check what kind of connectivity options the speakers offer. Bluetooth connectivity is a common feature that allows you to wirelessly connect your audio source to the speakers. Some speakers may also offer wired connections, such as 3.5mm aux input, for devices that don’t support Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Speakers for an Outdoor Projector?

The “best” speakers will depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, the Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus, JBL Charge 4, and Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 are all excellent choices known for their performance, durability, and weather resistance.

Do I Need Special Speakers for an Outdoor Projector?

Not necessarily, but there are certain features that are beneficial for outdoor use. Weather-resistant or waterproof speakers are ideal as they can withstand exposure to the elements. Portable speakers can also be useful if you plan on setting up and taking down your outdoor cinema regularly.

Can I Use Indoor Speakers for an Outdoor Projector?

While indoor speakers can technically be used outdoors, they may not perform as well or last as long due to exposure to the elements. Indoor speakers are not typically designed to withstand conditions like rain, wind, or extreme temperatures. For regular outdoor use, it’s best to invest in speakers designed for outdoor use.

How Do I Connect Speakers to My Outdoor Projector?

The method for connecting speakers to your projector will depend on the types of connections that both the speakers and projector support. Many projectors and speakers support Bluetooth, which allows for wireless audio streaming. If your devices don’t support Bluetooth, you can typically connect them using an audio cable. The exact type of cable will depend on the audio output of your projector and the input of your speakers.

Can I Leave My Outdoor Speakers Outside All the Time?

While many outdoor speakers are designed to withstand the elements, it’s generally a good idea to bring them inside when not in use to prolong their lifespan. Continuous exposure to harsh weather conditions can eventually damage even the most durable speakers. If you prefer to leave your speakers set up outdoors, consider using speaker covers to provide additional protection.