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Best Waterproof ATV Speakers 2023

Nothing beats an ATV for getting up a rugged mountain or meeting up with your study group at the community college in your area. When you can stream music using waterproof ATV speakers, quad bikes and four-seater UTVs become even better for having fun in the great outdoors.

ATV speakers made to order might be pricey and challenging to install on another vehicle. The alternative, 4-inch car speakers, are not waterproof and do not support simple Bluetooth streaming. Therefore, choosing prebuilt ATV speakers is the most practical and economical option. The list below includes some of the top prebuilt ATV speakers and systems.

BOSS AUDIO MRWT40 Marine 4″ 2-way 400-watt Waketower Speaker

BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Waketower System - 4 Inch Stereo Speakers,...
  • Weatherproof - The MRWT40 have been outfitted with the latest weatherproofing techniques for protection against the elements.Impedance: 4 ohm.Power...
  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.4 x 7.1 inches, Item Weight: 5.9 Lbs. (pair)
  • Mounting Hole: 2”, Impedance: 4 ohms

The Boss MRWT40 speaker pair has a marine-grade finish and is seeking to connect with a 200W amplifier if you’re trying to add more channels to your existing fantastic sound system. At sufficient volumes, these ATV speakers will produce clear sound. (Even above the sound of the engine rumbling.) There are two speakers in the Boss Audio MRWT40 speaker system. With a 4-inch diameter and a 200W power requirement, each speaker

The adjustable clamp on these Boss Audio speakers is suitable with wider roll bar diameters; as a result, they might not fit on smaller metal bars, like the handlebars of motorcycles and ATVs. (These are more suitable with wakeboard towers on boats and larger roll cages on UTVs.) Both speakers have poly-injection speaker cones and a glossy finish. Although the ATV speakers assert to be completely waterproof, there is no recognized IP classification.

If you are aware of the value of an amplifier and digital signal processor, you won’t need to buy an amplifier or wiring kit as this package only comprises a pair of speakers. Additionally, you need a good amp with Bluetooth capabilities to be able to stream music directly from your mobile devices.

Boss Audio’s MRWT40 headphones’ audio quality isn’t particularly great, especially given their high price. Nevertheless, they manage to keep the mids and highs sounding somewhat crystal clear. This is the Best Waterproof ATV Speakers in 2023.

NOAM NUTV4 Quad – 4 Channels Marine Bluetooth ATV/Golf Cart/UTV Speakers Stereo System

NOAM NUTV4 Quad - 4 Channels Marine Bluetooth ATV/Golf Cart/UTV Speakers Stereo System
  • HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE: The NUTV4 QUAD has is all in one package. Amplifier, Bluetooth remote control, 2 pairs of N4 speakers and all wire &...
  • EASY CONNECTIVITY: Use the smart Bluetooth remote to control your phone's function or simply connect your music player to the remote's Inline AUX...
  • VERSATILE: Your search for a bluetooth waterproof speaker is finally complete! All around water resistant unit; ride in any weather conditions....

The NOAM NUTV4 Quad is one of the best choices for a four-channel waterproof ATV speaker system that can offer a lot more immersive music listening experience. The speakers have a wired control panel, a built-in 4-channel amplifier, and are waterproof to marine standards. Because these ATV speakers can produce crystal-clear surround sound over an all-terrain vehicle’s engine noise, I heartily suggest them.

There are four speakers, a four-channel amplifier, and an inline control panel included in the NOAM NUTV4 Quad waterproof ATV speakers. The speaker enclosure is composed of strong plastic and has a corrosion-resistant coating. A small metal grille serves as protection for the 1′′ PEI Neodymium Dome Tweeter. The 4″ High-Quality Poly Injection Cone, nevertheless, is made of the customary plastic.

The speakers’ movable clamps may support any roll bar with a diameter of 1.5′′ to 2′′. The clamp won’t fit with many motorcycles because it was made primarily for ATVs and larger UTVs. Power, volume, and track-changing buttons with specific functions are located on the inline control panel. Additionally, it supports the 3.5mm connector. (With a water-resistant hat.) Regarding the audio quality, there is some distortion, although it is muffled while the engine is running at full power. There is also no subwoofer, therefore there is no deep bass. This is the Best Waterproof ATV Speaker in 2023.

Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Sound System

Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Sound System
  • BLUETOOTH - Bluetooth Audio Streaming lets you play and control music and apps like Spotify / Pandora wirelessly via a smartphone or MP3 player
  • WATTAGE - 450 Watts Power Peak; 225 Watts Power RMS. The speakers and tweeters are powered by a high-performance built-In class A/B amplifier
  • INCLUDES - (2) Heavy Duty Zip Ties and (2) Heavy Duty Straps with Velcro for any Mounting Position

Not everyone prefers ATV speakers in the soundbar format. They are simple to install (just strap it in and give power), however certain UTVs may find them to be too big. (Motorcycles are definitely not an option.) The Soundstorm BTB6 is one of the best ATV speakers for reasonable sound projection and clean sound performance. Regardless, this design enables a more immersive experience with improved sound quality.

A dual-channel waterproof ATV speaker with a C-shaped soundbar, the Sound Storm BTB6. The gadget has a built-in amplifier and a waterproof corrosion-resistant covering. Only ATVs and UTVs are intended to use this Sound Storm speaker, which is very large. Nevertheless, the kit comes with velcro straps and strong zip ties for simple installation. In addition, the system has marine-grade housing.

A mobile device must be used to control music because there are no physical controls to skip tracks or adjust volume. (Bluetooth or 3.5mm connections for an iPod or smartphone.) As long as you don’t turn up the volume too loud, the Sound Storm BTB6 waterproof ATV speakers have decent sound quality. Audio is loud enough at 50%, however it sounds quite muddy because there is no subwoofer and the tweeters are overemphasized.


Pyle Waterproof Off-Road Speakers with Amplifier - 4 Inch 800W 2-Channel Marine Grade Waketower...
  • AMPLIFY YOUR RIDE: Pyle’s 800W dual marine grade off-road speaker kit is what you need to listen to high-quality audio on your boat, ATV, UTV, quad,...
  • 800-WATT POWER: The pair of Pro Audio PowerSport speakers feature an 800W high powered output. It has a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz w/ 4-ohm...
  • 2-CHANNEL AUDIO: The kit includes a 2-CH marine audio amplifier w/ wired RCA/AUX audio input, pre-amp RCA out to any OEM/factory made universal mono...

In the Pyle PLUTV42CH, Bluetooth wireless music streaming is not permitted. Instead, it sticks with the past and has a 3.5mm and RCA connection for wired music sources. However, these are a good pair of waterproof speakers with marine-grade construction if you want clear music at loud volumes.

Everything you need is included with the Pyle PLUTV42CH dual-channel speaker system. RCA to aux connection, an 800W amplifier, two 4-inch waterproof ATV speakers, and an aux cable are all included. The speakers are made of plastic and have a (slightly) matte black surface. The speakers have marine-grade housing and an IP65 rating for water resistance.

Regrettably, the device lacks Bluetooth compatibility and controls. Nevertheless, 3.5mm aux and RCA wired connections are supported. The amplifier did a respectable job of increasing (slightly) distortion-free volume, and the sound quality was acceptable, but it is not waterproof. As a result, we advise placing it somewhere that is resistant to water.

GoHawk RD8 Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Stereo Speakers

GoHawk RD8 Gen.2 Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Stereo Speakers 7/8-1.25 in. Handlebar Mount MP3...
  • [Gen.2 Updates:] New Mounting Clamp Supports 7/8” to 1 1/4” Handlebar. Included Set of 2 Optional Stainless Steel Extension Mounting Bracket for...
  • GoHawk Dual Waterproof Motorcycle Stereo Speakers Soundbar with Aluminum Housing. High-Performance Power Amplifier Built-in. Superb Crystal Sound...
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack AUX IN Available. Support USB and microSD Card MP3 files. (USB Charging NOT Supported). FM Radio. Dicomponentsgital Clock Display....

These ATV speakers look amazing on any handlebar and produce excellent sound quality, so don’t let their little size mislead you. (Whether it be a Scrambler or a Harley.) Due to the extension brackets that are included, these speakers will fit the majority of handlebars and roll bars. Additionally, it has an FM radio, Bluetooth streaming, and a clock display. Did I also forget to add that it supports a variety of wired music sources? (USB and MicroSD.)

The stereo-based GoHawk RD8 Gen.2 speaker system has a horizontal handlebar mount. The speakers are on either side, and there is a control panel and built-in amplifier in the middle. This speaker set’s construction quality is quite good. The drivers are shielded by a black metal grille, although the majority of the controls are made of plastic. For the frame and handlebar mounts, there are a lot of metal components as well.

The speakers are water-resistant and have a really solid feel about them. The clamps are designed to suit the handlebars of the majority of motorcycles and ATVs and support bars with a diameter ranging from 0.875″ to 1.25″. Thankfully, the system includes extra 5′′ (on each side) extension brackets. The control panel in the middle is really useful. There is a clock display with buttons for volume adjustment and track skipping.

These ATV speakers produce surprisingly loud audio with respectable sound quality. At higher volumes, there is some distortion, similar to that of many other speakers on this list. Fortunately, playing music is simple whether you use a portable storage device like a MicroSD card or thumb drive or one of your mobile devices.