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Best Retro Bluetooth Speakers in 2024

The vintage retro bluetooth speakers are still excellent head turners despite the rise of new, modernized speakers. Vintage-style speakers have a lot to love, from the warm tone to the unrivaled wood aroma. And while having an unmatched listening experience is frequently at the top of the list of requirements, it is always worthwhile to take appearance into account when making a purchase. It should not be surprising that manufacturers of high-end audio gear would go above and beyond to give their goods a retro aesthetic to their wireless speaker, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top vintage-style speakers available.

Not that these retro speakers have ever been out of style, but they certainly seem to be more well-liked right now than ever for music streaming. Numerous companies are trying to add their own artisanal touches to the retro speaker market, but certain solutions manage to outperform the competition by a wide margin; as a result, we’ve chosen to include them in this guide.

Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker -...
  • Included Components: Double-Ended Coil Cord With 3.5mm Stereo...
  • Power Source Type: Battery Powered
  • English (Publication Language)

The Marshall Kilburn vintage speakers is so aesthetically designed that we almost think it came out of a rock song from the 60s and 70s. It is 5.5 inches wide and deep and 9.5 inches wide. The front face is covered with a speaker grill and marked with the Marshall logo in italics. The rest of the sides are finished in leather, black or beige, depending on the model you select. There is a leather strap to carry it. You can balance the 7-pound speaker when hanging on the strap.

This vintage speaker has its controls at the top. They are arranged on a gold panel. It has a fashionable on / off switch from the old days. There are volume knobs for master, bass, and treble volumes. There is an auxiliary port for cable playback if you want to connect the source. LED indicators indicate power supply and status. This speaker connects primarily via Bluetooth. Pairing is quick and effortless. It comes with a coiled cable to connect the source to the auxiliary port. This speaker can be used completely wirelessly. Its built-in battery lasts 20 hours per charge. It is charged through the power cord.

The audio signature is where the Kilburn really shines. It uses a 4-inch woofer and two 0.75-inch dome tweeters. They produce a balanced sound throughout the range. But with a rousing kick that rock n ‘roll deserves. The warmth of tube amps is brought here into the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. The bass is solid and gives body to the audio throughout the entire volume range. The midrange is lush and nuanced. There is a lightness to the sound that makes it clearer than the usual muddy speakers at this price. The highs are detailed and invigorating. We made generous use of the bass and treble volume control. These can tune the audio instead of using the phone’s equalizer.

When it comes to audio quality, you have the bass, mids, and treble you need for the most enjoyable listening experience you can achieve. It incorporates optimized Bluetooth technology to easily switch between 2 Bluetooth devices and can be connected within 20 feet of the speaker. You can expect just over 20 hours of battery life with this Bluetooth speaker, capable of charging for 2 hours of playtime in just 20 minutes. It’s pretty good when you compare it to the other bluetooth speakers we’ve reviewed here on this page.

Now while this is the main competitor to the best old and retro Bluetooth speakers, you have to pay for what you get. In fact, at the time of writing this review, you could expect to pay a few hundred dollars for this model. However, the value it offers is worth it. This is the Best Retro Bluetooth Speaker in 2023.

Rerii Handmade Walnut Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Rerii Bluetooth Speaker, Handmade Walnut Wood...
  • The retro bluetooth speaker is beautifully finished and crafted by natural...
  • The sound of the vintage radio Bluetooth speaker is clear and crisp for...
  • The retro Bluetooth speaker equipped with 4.0 bluetooth system for easy and...

This nicely made and finished retro Bluetooth speaker may be yours for less than a hundred dollars. It’s made of natural walnut wood for a vintage look and warm color that blends in with other retro goods and wooden furniture in your space, such as the Wooton desk.

The Rerrii Retro Bluetooth Speaker produces incredibly clean and precise sound. You will appreciate its wide frequency range, which allows you to choose your ideal bass levels for your audio output. The volume range is also large enough that you can choose your preferred volume depending on whether you are at home or at work. To meet your demands, it also includes both AM and FM radio.

The Bluetooth technology on this vintage bluetooth speaker system allows for quick connecting with cellphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This speaker’s slogan is ‘charge less and listen more,’ thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery. It can play music for up to 15 hours straight and radio for up to a week without needing to be recharged.

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers - 2.0...
  • 2 x AUX INPUT - Convenient connection to any device that has a 3.5mm...
  • STUDIO SOUND QUALITY - Natural sound reproduction from 13mm silk dome...
  • REMOTE CONTROL - Adjust volume at your figure tips. Bass and treble control...

Wood veneers and high-quality warm sound distinguish the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers, making it a contender for the best retro Bluetooth speakers list. The speakers come in a set of three different sizes. The speaker’s pricing is also amazingly low, especially given the wallop it packs.

The speakers’ design makes them ideal for display, but if you prefer, the size is ideal for hiding in a bookshelf, especially if you are working with limited space. The largest speaker has a speaker grille covering it to give it a more vintage look and feel, while the upper edges of the speakers have a metallic coating to give them a modern feel.

The audio quality of these speakers will impress you. Even in neutral settings, the sound quality is unrivaled, providing a revitalizing musical experience. The bass has been meticulously balanced. Furthermore, the speakers feature a calculated bass boost that allows you to choose your preferred level of warmth or darkness.

The fact that the speakers include a remote control propels them to the top of our list. The speakers’ wooden finish with wood effect vinyl not only complements your home decor, but it also increases their durability. Overall, this bluetooth speaker has a beautiful retro design.

Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker,...
  • Larger than life sound it's perfect for any room big or small Built with...
  • Wirelessly connect with Bluetooth 5 0 Bluetooth 5 0 aptX technology...
  • Customize your sound Use the Marshall Bluetooth app or the analogue...

Our first recommendation is represented by a Marshall product that uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology. You can effortlessly pair it with any smart device, without cables or cords. It has a 3.5mm input and a double ended cable. There’s also the RCA, which is another good mention, as you can use it in analog mode. For example, the RCA allows connectivity with a CD player. Regarding audio performance, this model has an output power of 2 x 20W + 1 x 40W, and a frequency range of 45Hz-22,000Hz + -3dB. Also, you can enjoy your favorite playlist for 6 hours.

The rotary knobs make it easy to use the speaker by allowing you to adjust the volume levels to suit your preferences. If you like neutral colors, you will love this off-white style speaker which is a great choice as a backdrop. Having to do with this aspect, it presents the typical construction details of the Marshall brand. This is an iconic model, with a vintage look with gold metal details that can go very well with your décor. These details will take you back in time to remember the good times in music. In addition, the Stanmore model comes with two standby modes: energy saving and standard to reduce the environmental impact when the device is not in use.

Its size is phenomenal, making it ideal for rooms large and small. When it comes to its features, you’ll love that it’s built with advanced components and design to give you balanced, crystal-clear sound even at the highest levels. It is characterized by two 15W class tweeters and a 50W class D subwoofer to bring you clear and precise sound at all levels. One thing that sets the Marshall Stanmore 11 wireless bluetooth speaker apart from other options is that you can control the sound with its bass, treble, and overall volume using retro rotary knobs on top of the speakers.

When it comes to features, this is one of the best wireless speakers of its kind. It has a 50W class D subwoofer and 2 x 15W class D tweeters. This gives you excellent sound quality at all levels, and no matter what the tone is, you may end up turning up the volume. One of the best things about this vintage / retro bluetooth speaker is that you can control the sound through its levels like treble, bass, and overall volume. This is done by retro rotary knobs located on the top of the speaker. Now that I think about it, this makes it one of the best performing speakers of its kind.

Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: Vintage Retro

Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: Vintage Retro...
  • Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: Vintage Retro Home Speaker Box System...

Then we have a very versatile option from Toshiba that runs on AC (40 watts). It can play directly from devices via a ¼ ”mini-jack or your USB connection, and it also has built-in wireless capabilities for streaming from Bluetooth devices. This flexibility makes it a valuable piece of equipment. It’s powerfully loud with its unmatched projection and traditional speaker setup. It offers a well-defined high and low frequency response, for high clarity of stereo audio, rich in detail and smoothly balanced.

Toshiba has retained its sense of style and minimalism with its vintage retro styled speaker. It’s a larger than average Bluetooth speaker with a classic look in polished gold metal. The control buttons are located on the top of the speaker and the flash drive and line connectivity type ports. The people behind the success of this speaker made sure to design it with unmatched projection and clarity in mind. You’ll get excellent audio quality from your favorite artists right into your ears. The 40 watts of power allow you to produce deafening sound to stream your favorite songs and share them with your friends.

The vintage design is accentuated by the materials used to build this speaker. From the wooden cockpit to the polished gold-tone metal, everything seems to scream retro and quality at the same time. For connectivity, you have Bluetooth for streaming music and also a 3.5mm line-in if you want a wired connection. Stream music with your smartphone and charge it at the same time with this speaker’s USB charging port.

Qoosea Retro Radio Portable

The FM radio function allows you to browse old channels, allowing users to tune in between a frequency range of 87-108 MHz. Wireless connectivity is current and offers high-fidelity “ lossless ” sound quality as it is equipped with the latest technological advances to enhance Bluetooth capabilities.

It is easy to use and fairly easy to pair and offers great stability. If Bluetooth doesn’t float your boat, you’ll be happy to know that it comes with a USB cable and an auxiliary cable to connect directly to most devices. It is battery powered (rechargeable) and not much larger than a typical handheld camera so it is easily portable and therefore another great travel option. You get 7-10 hours of music playback based on volume levels and other factors. And the fact that you can wear gloves for under $40 is pretty amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for in Retro Speakers?

Apart from an iconic image, you’ll want to get a model that meets all of your entertainment requirements. Many are disguised as real working radios, however some supply both AM and FM frequencies, while others only provide the latter.

If you want to stream music, Bluetooth is a necessary. There was a time when wireless meant a radio, but now you may have a wireless-wireless. There are plenty of options available, whether you want a radio or a timepiece, or simply a Bluetooth speaker with a retro look. Bluetooth should be up to date as much as feasible.

What to look for is a good set of drivers, stereo sound if possible, and a good selection of I/O options. You’ll need a battery-operated option if you want to travel with your vintage speaker, and we recommend going with something rechargeable for ease of use. If you’re not using an AC-powered device, the longer the battery lasts between charges, the better.

As with any purchase, your budget will limit what you can and cannot have; nevertheless, there are many competitive models on the market, so you may get a decent price.