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Best Marshall Combo Amps 2024

Marshall is one of the most well-known amplifier brands. Since 1962, they have produced an enormous variety of iconic amps, and their designs have completely changed how we hear guitars today. Marshall Amplification was a major contributor to the creation of the classic rock and metal sound and has influenced countless musicians in the guitar world.

Although Marshall Amplification doesn’t require an introduction, we did it for you. The amplifier brand is still incredibly popular in the twenty-first century, with a larger lineup than ever before, being the primary trend-setters for amp design since the early 1960s. Marshall tone, known for their distinctive “crunch,” invented the saturated, distorted sound, which completely changed the game. Because of this, a plethora of legendary guitarists, including Joe Satriani, Angus Young of AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society, and countless others, have employed Marshal amplifiers to create their individual tones.

Marshall has served as a baseline for many other valve amp manufacturers, who have built on their innovations to advance amp technology even further. Even so, more than 50 years later, Marshall continues to pioneer and develop with expert review.

Marshall DSL40C 1×12″” 40 Watt Tube Combo Amp

Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-DSL40CR-U)
  • Gain and volume per channel. Dedicated resonance control. 2 separate master...
  • Reverb. High and low power settings
  • Now with Celestion V type speaker

There’s almost just one way to go if you’re a rock, metalmetal, or heavy blues musician looking for a powerful combo amp with high-end sound worthy of professionals: acquire the Marshall DSL Series DSL40C. The DSL40CR is one of the best combination amps we’ve seen, offering a near-perfect blend of quality and value for money.

With 40 watts of power, this all-valve amp features two channels and a single 12-inch Celestine speaker to deliver the groove. The amp features a digital reverb, a series FX loop on the back panel, and a rear panel pentode/triode switch to reduce the amp’s 40 watts of power to 20 watts. Depending on your demands, you can utilise a footswitch to switch between Classic and Ultra Gain channels. Switch to Ultra Gain for that bone-crushing solo after using traditional for standard rhythm and shuffle playing.

With ‘classic gain’ and ‘ultra gain’ channels, it should come as no surprise that this practice amp screams when overdriven – however, while Marshall practice amps aren’t famed for their clean tones, the DSL pulls something unique out of the bag of sound quality. The 3-way EQ is both powerful and intuitive, and the integrated reverb gives your playing some breathing room. When the tube amp is dirty, it really comes to life, and the low output option makes it a lot easier to get these tones. After all, 40W of all-tube power is huge.

Independent presence and resonance settings allow for a lot of tone customization, which is ideal for studio application. When mic’d up, this gadget sounds fantastic, but when that’s not an option, the emulated output comes to the rescue. Marshall has partnered up with Softube to create an excellent recreation of the 1960 cabinet, allowing you to record your guitar parts without making any noise using master volume control. Overall, the DSL40CR is a pleasant addition to the DSL range and is well worth considering.

This device brings Marshall’s A-game on all fronts in terms of sound. It may be raging with a tonne of adjustable gain or smooth and delicate, always maintaining the distinctive rock ‘lot’ roll vibe. It’s no surprise that the company garnered so much praise for solid state amps because it’s versatile, portable, and extremely powerful. This is the Best Marshall Combo Amp in 2023.

Marshall Amps M-MG30GFX-U Guitar Combo Amplifier

Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-MG30GFX-U)
  • Custom 10 inch speaker
  • Modern digital effects
  • Emulated headphone output

Marshall amplifiers may be quite costly. However, if you’re on a budget, the MG30 is one of the best marshall amps to purchase a Marshall combination amp. It’s versatile enough to operate as a practise amp or a performance amp for smaller venues, with 30 watts of power and a 10″ bespoke speaker.

The MG30 boasts a number of great features as a practise amp. It contains a headphone jack for private practise, as well as a simulated output that allows you to hear your amp settings. There’s also a line in so you can jam to your favourite tunes.

The importance of sound in performance cannot be overstated. There’s no need to worry about it with the Marshall MG30. It contains a comprehensive set of EQ adjustments as well as a variety of digital effects. With four independent channels (clean, crunch, and two overdrives), you’ll be able to get exactly the sound you want from this little amp. This Marshall combo amp is one of the most flexible and best deals on the market. This is the Best Marshall Amp in 2023.

Marshall MG15GFX Combo Amp

Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-MG15GFX-U)
  • Custom 8 inch speaker
  • Clean, crunch, OD1, OD2 channels
  • Modern digital effects

Check out the Marshall MG15GFX combo amplifier if you’re seeking for the best marshall practice amps. It’s a small yet powerful amplifier that has a bespoke 8″ speaker and built-in digital effects.

The Marshall MG15GFX practise amp is fantastic. A line output is provided for playing tracks, as well as a headphone output wattage with amp emulation. You don’t have to change your sound of the solid state amp if you practise in silence. The Marshall MG15GFX is extremely portable, weighing only about 16 pounds when you’re ready to go to a jam session. The Marshall MG15GFX also excels in terms of sound. It’s part of the company’s MG series of amplifiers, which come in a variety of power and speaker sizes. In addition to the current effects stated above, tube amps has four channels (clean, crunch, and two overdrives) to hit that sweet spot.

The Marshall MG15GFX is a 15-watt amp with an 8-inch speaker, so don’t expect a lot of power. You’ll need a bigger (and more expensive) amp if you’re playing in large venues. The Marshall MG15GFX, on the other hand, is a simple and economical option for small concerts, jam sessions, and home practise.

Marshall Amps Code 25 Amplifier

Marshall Amps Code 25 Amplifier Part (CODE25),15"...
  • Authentic modelling of Marshall tones with pro quality FX
  • 14 MST preamps, 4 MST power amps, and 8 MST speaker cabinets
  • Connect via Bluetooth to stream music from your iOS or Android device

The Marshall Code 25 is a 25-watt amp with a 10-inch speaker that is powerful enough for recording and practise. For the most part, the basic presets sound nice out of the box. Many of them flawlessly replicate the vintage Marshall tones that have grown synonymous with him through the years.

The marshall code series is jam-packed with features, allowing you to recreate decades of classic Marshall tones with the turn of a knob. There are 25 inbuilt effects and 100 presets, as well as gain, bass, mid, and treble EQs, so you can dial in the right tone and try out a variety of sounds. It’s ideal if you just have enough money for one amp but want a wide range of tones.

This is one of Marshall’s most portable amps, measuring 10 x 15 x 15 inches and weighing only 7.1kg. You’ll have no trouble moving this because it’s solidly made to Marshall’s high standards, and you won’t have to worry about harming it accidently. The sleek black design with white Marshall branding is a crowd-pleasing aesthetic that will complement any setting. The Code 25 is a solid-state amplifier from a respectable manufacturer that should last you decades if properly cared for.

The Code 25’s built-in effects give studio-quality delays and reverbs, and the preamp, power amp, and cabinet settings are just as fascinating as the presets. Although a specialist effects unit is still preferable, this is a good addition for the price. The Code 25 is a great, low-cost plug-and-play amp with a lot of functionality. When you utilise the Gateway app, it becomes infinitely more tweakable, allowing you to enjoy classic Marshall amp sounds without having to buy several units.

Marshall DSL100H

To be clear regarding master volumes, while 15 watts may not seem like much, it is still quite loud. In most situations, a Marshall 15W tube amp will still rumble, especially in small to mid-sized venues and indoors. So don’t be put off by the wattage number. In fact, Marshall includes a Pentode/Triode switch on the rear of the amp that allows you to reduce the wattage to 7.5 for use in smaller spaces or in the bedroom.

With the 15H, you should have no issue generating noise. All of this assumes that you have a speaker cab to connect to for rock tones. You can’t use the 15H amp head unless you have it. Here’s what the 15H has to offer once you’ve got everything set up with the best marshall tube amp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Marshall combo amp?

Marshall combo amp is a guitar amplifier that combines the amplifier head and speaker into a single unit. It’s a convenient and compact way to produce guitar tones with the iconic Marshall sound.

What are the differences between Marshall amp heads and combos?

Heads are the amplifier only while combos have the amplifier and speaker cabinet combined in one unit. Combos are more convenient and portable while heads offer more flexibility in speaker cabinet pairings.

Why are vintage Marshall combos so expensive?

Early Marshall amps from the 60s and 70s like the Plexi Super Lead and Bluesbreaker often fetch high prices due to their handwired construction and iconic tone. Their rarity, vintage components, and association with famous guitarists also drive up collectability.

What speaker configurations are typically used in Marshall combos?

The most common Marshall combo speaker is the 12″ Celestion G12M or Vintage 30. Other configs include 1×10″, 1×12″, 2×12″, and 4×12″ cabinets loaded with Celestion speakers like the Greenback or Creamback.