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Iconic Instruments Iconic V Review 2024

Based on the most recognizable drum synth from the 1980s, The Iconic V, is available in Kontakt format. With eight fully customizable drum and cymbal modules, a thorough mixer, and internal effects, this drum synthesizer is capable of playing both traditional and modern music. Create new sounds with the new circuit bent parameters and tone-shaping effects, or emulate the sounds of legendary musicians like Duran Duran, Howard Jones, and Naked Eyes.

Bass, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, and the incredibly rare Hi Hat, Cymbal 1 and Cymbal 2 units were the eight original drum units that were carefully reproduced. Wide-ranging synthesis controls for a variety of vintage beats. Circuit-bent controls that go beyond the original unit include adding FM to the snare, tuning Filter Resonance for the bass drum, and using Click Defeat to lessen early clicks. Explore the potential of our additional circuit bent parameters, built-in Presets loader, Target Mode, and front-panel mixing capabilities (volume, pan, and effects sends/returns) or design drums using the meticulously replicated controls of the original unit.

Console controls, Drive, Transient Shaper, HP and LP filters, a four-band British-style EQ, Tape Saturation, as well as Reverb and Delay sends, allow you to blend each component. Convolution reverb and delay with full features, real impulse responses from the 1980s, including gated reverb, developed by Numerical Sound. A package of ten pre-made kits for fast 80s nostalgia. Tune drums to piano notes or use Target mode to play a single drum over your keyboard. To route each piece to its own channel in your DAW, use 64 output buses. With per-channel distortion, compression, transient shaping, EQ, high- and low-pass filters, and tape saturation, you can further tinker with the sound. Send each component to the auxiliary channels for delay and reverb to provide space utilizing Numerical Sound’s custom impulse responses from the 1980s. If you are in the mood for some 80s drum adventure, check out Iconic V.