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How to listen to music in the shower? Tips & tricks

Everyone enjoys music, especially when taking a soothing shower. But what can you do if typical devices aren’t waterproof and you want to listen to your favorite music? Not to worry; we have some suggestions for you. Here’s how to use music while taking a shower without damaging your electronics.

There are many advantages of listening to music while taking a shower. You can become more relaxed, happier, and even more productive with its assistance. Have you ever had a stressful, exhausting day at work, only to discover that a hot shower and your favorite music can dramatically transform your mood?

There are a few things you should be aware of though, before taking your stereo to the restroom. The majority of electronic devices aren’t waterproof, to start. So, if you’re looking for some inventive ways to prevent water damage to your electronics, here are a few suggestions:

Use a waterproof or water-resistant phone

Utilizing your water-resistant or waterproof phone is the simplest solution. You can feel comfortable carrying most newer phones into the bathroom with you because they are made to survive splashes of water.

A quick Google search of your model should give you a good idea if your phone is waterproof or not. To be cautious, it’s advisable to keep your phone outside of the shower and err on the side of caution. Most of the time, you don’t need to bring your phone into the shower. You need to turn up the music inside the restroom.

Buy a waterproof wireless speaker

Investing in a cordless waterproof speaker is an excellent alternative. These tiny gadgets are protected from water damage because they were created specifically for use in the shower.

You can select a wireless speaker that suits your needs and price range because they exist in all different sizes and designs. There are several possibilities available if you’re searching for something compact and affordable. You will need to pay a little more, though, if you want something with a little more strength.

The sound quality of a wireless speaker is by far its biggest advantage over a phone. The built-in speaker on your phone is typically not as good as most wireless speakers. Therefore, if you want the greatest sound possible, a wireless speaker is the way to go. Even without the waterproof feature, you can purchase a top-notch speaker brand and leave it right outside the shower.

Try a musical showerhead

While more pricey than the other choices on this list, musical showerheads are nonetheless reasonably priced. Additionally, they don’t need to be installed, making them simple to set up. Although it won’t be as good as a wireless speaker or in-wall speakers, the sound quality is still high enough for the majority of people. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to listen to music without worrying about getting your phone wet.

Get waterproof headphones

Do you know what waterproof headphones are? If you want to keep your phone dry, they are a “interesting” option because they are made for usage in the water.

Although uncommon, waterproof headphones do exist. Your best chance if you’re seeking for a pair is to look online or inquire at your neighborhood electronics shop if they have any on hand. The best thing about waterproof headphones is that they let you continue to listen to music while keeping your phone dry and secure. The disadvantage is that they may cause discomfort while wearing them, and the sound quality isn’t always the best.

Keep in mind that just because something is waterproof doesn’t mean it can withstand chemicals like shampoo and detergent. So, be sure to take them off before putting any products on your hair or body if you intend to use them in the shower.