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IPX4 Rating 2024 Explained – What does it mean?

It’s funny how music affects our emotions since it always does, even when we don’t expect it will. The ideal activity is to listen to music, especially in the shower! It is a universal truth that people enjoy listening to music, including me. Listening to music while bathing undoubtedly makes the experience even better, with the exception of the part when the music forces us to stay in the shower for hours while our family and friends scream for us to exit!

In headphones, there is a modernist era, just as there is one in literature. Do you recall the times when we had to keep our phones and headphones out of the shower because they would get ruined to the point of no return? You do, I’ll bet! Well, the world is being taken over by modernity as the times change and renaissances occur. The IP certification, one of the best qualities headphones may have, is essentially what makes headphones modern.

You definitely want to know if you can shower while wearing IP-rated headphones, combining bathing with IP ratings. You are undoubtedly in the correct place, then! You can read if you can use IP-rated headphones in the shower in this post, or more specifically, if you can shower while wearing IPX4-rated headphones.

What Is IPX4 Rating?

An IP code, often known as Ingress Protection Marking, is IPX4. This classification standard assigns a grade to the level of intrusion protection. Since the IP code is an IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard, you can find IP codes on items like cellphones, cameras, and other electronic devices. The standard provides a means for the customer to cut through hazy marketing claims and comprehend the level of protection offered by the specific product. An IP code is made up of two numbers that identify the level of security and the IP identity.

The IPX4 grade is the minimal level of protection or rating that any gadget intended for sporadic outside use must have, which is why we chose it for this article. Additionally, it is the bare minimum of security that any equipment that might be used near water must possess. Devices tested under defined settings using an IEC-approved nozzle are those that have received the IPX4 certification. The nozzle has a counterbalanced shield in the first case, but the same shield is utilized to test devices with IPX3 and IPX4 ratings. In the second scenario, the shield is taken off, allowing the water jets to strike the apparatus from any direction.

Is IPX4 Enough?

If you don’t have the whole framework, it may be challenging to respond to this question. This refers to your preferences, requirements, and the function of the item you intend to purchase. Consider the device you actually need before making a purchase. Consider every circumstance in which you might use the item to decide whether the IPX4 grade is adequate for you or whether you require a gadget with a higher level of protection.

Let me use a shower speaker as a simple example. The IPX4 grade ought to be more than sufficient if you wish to use the speaker in the shower. On the other hand, IPX7, 8 or 9 ratings will be a better option if you need a device to use in a bathtub where the speaker can be easily dropped into the water. The same is true of earbuds. We think the IPX4 grade should be adequate if you require a set of earphones for working out, even if it’s outside. If you do require a set of earbuds for swimming, though, you should look for items with the appropriate certification.

IPX4 Advantages

A lot of people look for IPX4 headphones because they are one of the resistance levels that are most frequently encountered in headphones. There are a few benefits that I want to discuss regarding them.

Headphones are a device that can be utilized in a variety of settings and pursuits. The IPX4-rated headphones are the ideal choice for those who want to listen to music while exercising, running, or even when taking a rainy-day stroll, as many people do. By the way, I’ve seen that a lot of people use them when swimming, and you can too. However, always remember that they are not fully protective and that they can resist.

Can You Shower in IPX4 Rated Headphones?

As was already mentioned, IPX4 headphones are water-resistant, and I would like to emphasize that they are also resistant to perspiration and water splashes, drops, and sprays. You can infer from this definition that IPX4-rated headphones cannot be used in the shower. Showering with IPX4-rated headphones is absolutely not a good idea.

What IP-Rated headphones can be used in shower?

You’re probably wondering: What can I use now that I’ve made it clear that IPX4 isn’t appropriate for showering. As you can see from the list above, there are multiple IPX ratings that I stated. The highest one is IPX10, which is truly immersive in any kind of usage, so I’m here to discuss that as well because I know you might need a little assistance.

However, the IPX7 or higher rated headphones will be ideal for you while taking a shower because they offer complete waterproofness and can endure hot or cold water coming from diverse directions. As long as your headphones have an IPX7 grade or higher, you may certainly enjoy your shower and stay in there as long as you like.