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Haunted Strings 2 by Insanity Samples

It’s not your normal chamber strings library, Haunted Strings 2. This is a selection of amazing and eerie performances that will give your music a hint of dread and suspense. Haunted Strings 2 will provide a menacing mood for any genre you are composing for, including ambient, video games, movies, or other media.

We effectively treated the entire ensemble, from the double bass up to the violins, as one huge tutti type instrument, which is one of the primary distinctive selling aspects of Haunting Strings 2. Hence, this group of gamers actually moved the air that we are recording all at once. enabling a really exploratory and participatory experience for each note.

This library’s treatment of the full ensemble as one giant tutti-style instrument is one of its distinguishing qualities. so that you can catch the air that was moved simultaneously by every participant. This enables a truly exploratory and participatory experience for each note.

The articulations can also be controlled by a straightforward threshold system. For complicated textures, you can stack many articulations and switch between them with ease. Three processing chains are available: Pure (a combination of the room’s seven microphones), Amp, or Tape. You have access to 14 articulations, which range from faint whispers to loud yells (9 main and 5 extended techniques & Effects).

Kontakt 5.8 or later is compatible with Haunting Strings 2. (full version required). It offers an easy-to-use interface that enables you to customize the sound. It loads rapidly and uses little CPU resources. Get Haunted Strings 2 right away to start writing some scary and tense music!