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Best Electric Ukuleles 2024

Cordoba 20TM-CE Acoustic Electric Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 20TM-CE Mahogany Tenor Cutaway Ukulele
  • Solid Mahogany top
  • Mahogany back and sides, Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Soft cutaway with 2Band EQ

The 20TM-CE Acoustic-Electric Tenor Ukulele from Cordoba Guitars is a wonderful looking and sounding instrument at a reasonable price. Cordoba Guitars featured premium looking bridge inlays and a rosette, demonstrating that superb appearance and class should not be overlooked.

The bottom cutaway not only adds to the uke’s sleek appearance, but it also aids in reaching the final frets. The 20TM-CE, unlike most other versions, does not have an all-laminate design. While this may not be to everyone’s taste, we found that it provides the ukulele a pleasant feel under our fingers. Mahogany is the preferred tonewood, so expect a lot of richness and resonance in addition to superb durability and general build quality.

The 20TM-CE was a pleasant surprise in terms of sound. At this pricing point, you can’t expect much from an electric ukulele. Sustain is above average and maintains clarity for an extended period of time. You can always turn up the volume on your amp if the volume and punch could be a little better. The integrated pickup is of good quality and accurately conveys vibrations. If you’re searching for an ukulele that’s perfect for live performances and recording, this isn’t the one for you.

While Cordoba Guitars may not be one of the most well-known electric ukulele manufacturers, their 20TM-CE demonstrates that they know what they’re doing. If you’re a novice searching for a low-cost, well-made, and sweet-sounding ukulele, this model is a good choice. Cordoba Acoustic Electric Tenor Ukulele is one of the Best Electric Ukuleles in 2023.

Ukulele Epiphone Les Paul in Cherry Sunburst w/Gig Bag

Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic Electric Ukulele,...
  • AAA Grade Flame Maple Top
  • Built-in piezo film undersaddle pickup.
  • Top quality 14:1 geared machine heads

The Epiphone Les Paul acoustic-electric tenor ukulele comes from the producers of one of the most legendary guitars of all time. This excellent uke boasts a select spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a solid mahogany neck with granadillo fingerboard, all crafted with the same care they put into their world-famous guitars. In a nutshell, this ukulele is built to sound great and last a long time.

When you’re ready to plug in, an inbuilt piezo film under-saddle pickup provides excellent amplified uke tone. A traditional Les Paul–shaped cream pickguard and the renowned Les Paul signature on the Epiphone headstock are also included, which uke enthusiasts enjoy. The Epiphone Les Paul uke’s SlimTaper C-profile mahogany neck is exceptionally playable and responsive, just like the necks on their iconic electric guitars. The granadillo fingerboard’s 19 medium frets and 17″ scale provide hours of comfortable fretting as you experiment with your style.

The design is just stunning. You will undoubtedly stand out whether you choose the antique sunburst or cherry burst finish. While the glossy laminated surface is attractive, the overall construction quality may be improved. It isn’t so terrible that it detracts from the sound, but we’ve heard slightly more costly ukuleles with a substantially better feel. This time around, Epiphone went with a passive mechanism.

Caramel CS419 Soprano LCD color display Electric Ukulele Kit

The Caramel CS419 soprano ukulele with electronics on-board is the one for you if you’re seeking for a soprano size acoustic electric ukulele that won’t break the bank. Before pairing it with laminated wood sides for durability over temperature fluctuations and humidity, this ukulele has a solid mahogany top and back that produces tones that will only get better with age.

Other features to look forward to with the Caramel CS419 include geared tuners for tuning, a truss-rod adjustable neck, a 15-fret walnut fingerboard, a walnut bridge with buffalo bone saddle, a bone nut, a preamp controlled by a master volume, a 3-Band EQ bass-mid-treble, and a built-in chromatic tuner with LCD color display. Extra nylon strings, a cleaning cloth, picks, a gig bag, a ukulele wall hanger, a Ukulele capo, a ukulele strap, cable, spare bridge pins, a metal nail drawer, and an instruction booklet are all included in the box. Caramel CS419 Soprano is one of the Best Electric Ukuleles in 2023.

Kmise Soild Spruce Ukulele 23″ Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele Hawaii Guitar

Electric Acoustic Ukulele Soild Spruce 23 Inch...
  • Solid Spruce: Well Resonance Performance and Sustainability,This Ukulele...
  • Installed with EQ :1/4 Mono Jack Out Put, Make Your Ukulele Played Like a...
  • No Scratch Hand: Accurate Fret Wire Length with Sanded Edge, So Smoothly to...

The Kmise Solid Spruce ukulele will certainly draw notice in terms of appearance. Is it, however, all about the aesthetics, or does it sound as amazing as it looks? With a strong spruce body, you may be confident that this ukulele will serve you well for a long time.

Despite the fact that Kmise isn’t well-known in the ukulele market, they appear to know how to build a solid and durable instrument. This model will pleasantly surprise you if you are looking for superb resonance and sustain. The combination of a spruce body with a bone nut and saddle produces a highly bright and present tone. On the top, there are controls for bass, medium, and treble, as well as a volume knob.

It also has a little tuner, making it ideal for easy plug-and-play situations. It was incredible how delicate and silky this ukulele was to play. There are no sharp edges or rough surfaces, so it’s ideal for lengthy gaming sessions. In comparison to the other models, even the basic strings felt enough. You won’t have to change them for a long time. Though it is a minor touch, it contributes to this model’s overall enjoyment and comfort.

The Kmise Solid Spruce Ukulele is a fantastic instrument for both beginners and intermediate musicians at just over $50.

Luna Concert Ukulele Tattoo with Preamp And Gigbag (UKETECMAH)

Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Acoustic/Electric...
  • This Tattoo Concert Uke takes its design from traditional Hawaiian body...
  • The designs were monochromatic, tattooed in black against brown skin
  • The patterns and layout were strongly geometric and there were many shapes...

It’s all about quality with their Mahogany Series Tattoo concert acoustic-electric ukulele. The attention to detail that has gone into producing this instrument will be appreciated by more skilled ukulele players, and beginners can use it as a guide. So far, we’ve looked at some terrific budget and package alternatives, but this Luna ukulele offers high quality at a price that’s more than affordable.

At first sight, you can tell this is a Luna ukulele based on the design. The artist attempted to convey the waves and the actual essence of Hawaii with the “tattoo” design on the torso. All of the pieces were meticulously assembled to ensure a smooth and comfortable playing experience for the musician. This is without a doubt one of the most comfortable ukuleles available, both in terms of handling and playing.

While the electronics don’t include an LCD tuner like some of the other models mentioned, it does include a 3-Band EQ. It’s quite accurate, allowing you to sculpt the sound exactly how you want it. It sounds great no matter how you set up the EQ. The mahogany body adds to the overall resonance and sustain of the instrument.

You can’t go wrong with this uke if you want a uke with a design that fits the sound, giving it a true Hawaiian taste. If you don’t mind obtaining “only” a ukulele for about $150, the Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo concert uke is a great choice.

AKLOT Electric Concert Ukulele

Concert Ukulele, AKLOT Acoustic-Electric Ukelele...
  • 【Solid Wood Soundboard】Under the same condition, compared with...
  • 【Advanced Tuner】1:18 pure copper gear (rather than poor quality...
  • 【Installed EQ】3 bands pre-amp makes you have a feeling to play it like...

Aklot is our recommendation for the best affordable electric ukulele. This is a wonderful ukulele for the price, featuring top-of-the-line components like a solid mahogany wood soundboard, 1:18 geared copper tuning machines, an integrated EQ and Aklot 3-band pre-amp, as well as an on-board electric tuner and a 14 mono jack outlet.

The body bindings are well-finished and gently rounded, giving them a pleasant overall feel. Some people claim that the nut and saddle are made of bone, however they’re actually made of hard white plastic. This isn’t the best, but with the rest of the instrument’s qualities and its excellent sound, we’ll overlook it.

This beautiful ukulele has been well-finished for superb playability and has a pretty low movement without buzzing. The fret wires are smooth and pleasant to the touch, there are fret position marks between frets and on the edges of the fretboard, and the Aquila strings are excellent.

Surprisingly, this ukulele comes with a bag, a neck strap, spare strings, felt picks, a decent instruction book, and an online “get started” session, among other things. Play acoustically or with your amp plugged in – either way, it’s wonderful.

Enya EUT-M6 EQ Cutaway Acoustic Electric Tenor Ukulele

Enya EUT-M6 EQ Cutaway Acoustic Electric Tenor...
  • ♫ 3A solid mahogany top, back and sides with a high gloss finish which is...
  • ♫ The ukulele inlays pearl shell and mahogany design on the the top of...
  • ♫ The import strings provide stability and durability sound not only can...

Take a look at this Enya acoustic-electric ukulele with a cutaway body if you’re seeking for an acoustic-electric ukulele with a cutaway body. It’s our favorite body style for this body style because it allows you to play amplified or unplugged while providing easy access to the whole fretboard. Regardless of how you play, the music is pleasant and clear.

This ukulele is quite stunning in appearance. The top, as well as the back and sides, are made of 3A solid mahogany. The gloss finish is magnificent, and the inlaid vine and leaf design on the ebony fretboard is exquisite. The nu-bone nut and saddle are adjusted for simple playing and low motion.

The 1:18 gold agate die-cast tuners are the frosting on the cake, and the headstock is angled in classic electric guitar style. They not only add to the ukulele’s stunning beauty, but they also ensure improved stability and intonation. Strings by D’Addario are included.

This electric uke’s electronics include a sound hole-type preamp system, a fixable under-saddle pickup, and volume and tone controls. A handy low-battery indicator is provided, as is a well-padded gig bag with a side-carry strap and backpack-style straps. This ukulele is available in two sizes: concert and tenor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Ukuleles?

Ukuleles are classified according to their size, which determines their range. They are named for their registers, just like vocalists and other tuned instruments, ranging from soprano to baritone.

The first ukuleles created were on the smaller side, and they are now known as soprano ukuleles, however they are also known as standard ukuleles because they set the standard. They have a scale length of roughly 13″ and a total length of just 21″. They’re ideal for students who are younger or have smaller hands. They have the treble-tone that we associate with ukuleles in general: bright and pleasant. They’re tuned to G4-C4-E4 and A4 tuning, or A4-D4-F#4-B4 tuning for some.

There are three types of electric ukuleles. The first is solid-bodied, which is self-explanatory; they are comparable to a genuine electric guitar but with a smaller scale. They are authentic electric ukuleles that can only be played with an amplifier.

Second, we have acoustic electric or electric acoustic ukuleles, which are acoustic ukuleles with a built-in pick-up that reads vibrations on the soundboard and converts them to electrical impulses, which are then delivered to an amplifier and converted back to audio via the speakers. The other category consists of acoustic traditional ukuleles to which you have attached a non-permanent pick-up.

What are the benefits of Electric Ukuleles?

The advantages of an electric ukulele, with its amplification capabilities, vastly outweigh the regular ukulele’s capabilities. They enable for amplification, which can improve performances. If you’re just able to perform with your ukulele in front of a microphone, it can feel a little wooden. Plugging it in like a modern electric guitar provides you more freedom and allows for greater showmanship when you perform.

For music production and songwriting, they can be recorded directly into digital audio workstations. With an electronic output, you can layer and improvise over your music using a loop pedal. Running them via a pedalboard or effects stack also offers up the option of sound experimentation.

Are Electric Ukuleles suitable for beginners?

Because a ukulele has only four strings, it is easier to learn and hold chords than a six-stringed guitar. The strings are also nylon, which is gentler on new fingers, making them excellent for beginners. You won’t need to start with an acoustic ukulele.

If you’ve played guitar before, we recommend starting with a baritone because the tuning will be familiar to you and you’ll be able to recognize the notes to learn chord forms with. Because of the ukulele’s unique tuning, the chords for a standard or concert ukulele differ significantly from guitar chords, which you will have to learn from scratch.

If you’ve struggled to learn guitar in the past, finding bar chords difficult and intricate scales too difficult, a ukulele might be the instrument for you.

How do you choose the best electric ukulele?

It all comes down to whether you want to play it plugged in or unplugged, and whether you want a solid-bodied electric or electric acoustic model. In terms of the register, it comes down to personal preference of the overall sound; if you want that high Hawaiian twang, a soprano is the way to go.

When it comes to what to look for in a ukulele, sometimes spending a little extra for better quality is a good idea. Cheaper models may have fret errors, resulting in less-than-perfect intonation as you progress up the fretboard. You’ll want to look for tonewoods, which should be premium if you’re spending a respectable amount of money.

Warmer tones are provided by mahogany, while spruce tops are bright and vibrate beautifully. Other common tonewoods include koa, cedar, rosewood, redwood, and maple. There are many various body types when it comes to shape, and for semi-acoustic models like the figure of eight, paddle, or even pineapple, the shape has an impact on the natural acoustics and projection of the instrument.