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Best Ukulele Wall Mounts 2024

It’s critical to store your ukelele in a secure location, free of any potential for harm. The easiest approach to keep string instruments in good condition is to use a wall mount, which keeps them protected from potential damage.

Storing instruments in a bag that is closed is not a good idea since the bag becomes damp, which might harm the instrument. Floor stands are useful, but they always pose a risk of injury. Furthermore, the instruments make excellent wall decorations. As a result, a wall mount is an excellent choice for keeping your instruments secure, clean, and stylish.

Today’s market has a plethora of low-cost ukulele wall mounts. However, you must choose wisely, as wall mounts must be sturdy, stable, and powerful in order to safely store your ukulele for years.

Moodve Wall Hook

Moodve Wall Hook is one of best ukulele wall mounts in 2023. Its outstanding design, elegant appearance, and durable construction make it stand out. The Automatic Lock feature on this Ukulele wall mount secures your instruments by automatically locking and unlocking with the Gravity Sensor.

When a ukulele is placed on the mount, the auto-lock mechanism automatically locks the mount. It has a rubber cover that is both scratch-resistant and non-slip. The U-shaped design, which has a wooden appearance, is particularly appealing. It has a carrying capacity of 22.05 pounds, which is sufficient for most ukuleles.

With its feature-rich design, robust construction, exquisite appearance, and inexpensive price, the Moodve wall hook is one of the best ukulele wall mounts on the market today.

Wogod Ukulele Wall Hanger

Guitar Ukulele Hanger Wall Mount Holders Hooks...
  • 【WALL MOUNT HANGERS】 ┅┅ Guitar Wall Hanger Suitable for a variety...
  • NICE COMPATIBILITY 】┅┅ Yoke cradle pivots to adjust to varying...

One of the best budget ukulele wall hangers on the market is Wogod’s. It boasts a robust construction and a black foamed U-shaped design that can even accommodate guitars.

This hanger has a low-cost design that delivers excellent performance for a low price. It comes with a thick foam anti-slip and anti-scratch hook that’s perfect for ukuleles and guitars.

With a black finish and a U-shaped 360-degree rotatable neck, the U-shaped design looks decent. Furthermore, the construction is of good quality and is capable of carrying guitars. The only disadvantage may be the appearance, since the guitar wall mount appears to be plastic and inexpensive when compared to wooden wall mounts.

The Wogod Ukulele Wall Hanger is a low-cost ukulele wall hanger with a black finish and a thick foam rubber hook. It is, nevertheless, one of the best ukulele wall hangers for the money.

String Swing Ukulele Wall Mount Stand for Mandolin Ukele

String Swing Ukulele/Mandolin Hanger (CC01UKO)
  • Works great or ukuleles and mandolins!
  • Yoke pivots to cradle instrument's headstock
  • Wood block is made of real hardwood

The String Swing Ukulele Wall Mount is a fantastic-looking wall mount made of hardwood oak with an easy-to-assemble design. The String Swing ukulele wall mount is a fantastic-looking product made of hardwood oak that is one of the most popular and most used ukulele wall mounts.

Rubber-covered yokes give a firm hook with their soft pads and pivoting design, so there are no scratches or slippage. Because of its great-looking deep cradle wooden design, robust and firm construction, and comfortable padded neck with pivoting yokes covered with hardened rubber to avoid slides and scratches, String Swing’s Ukulele Wall Mount is one of the most popular ukulele wall mounts on the market today.

It is one of the easiest wall hangers to install because it comes with screws and thorough instructions for mounting it on the wall. The wall mounting bracket is extremely simple to install. The ukulele, mandolin, and other tiny string instruments can be mounted on the wall. It is not, however, suitable for use with guitars, banjos, or other larger, heavier string instruments.

Ohuhu Guitar Wall Hanger

Ohuhu Guitar Wall Mount Hanger, 4-Pack Rotatable...
  • Rotatable Design: Stop searching for the best way to display your favorite...
  • Adjustable Stoppers: Two unique stoppers stabilize the neck of your guitar....
  • Soft Padded Sleeve: While we made the Ohuhu guitar wall hangers with strong...

With the Ohuhu Guitar Wall Hanger, you can proudly exhibit your guitar or ukelele as a work of art. The Onuhu wall mount hanger is a collection of four different-sized wall mounts. Because it is composed of hardwood, the design is sturdy, firm, and attractive. The set’s adjustable size is fantastic and makes it quite adaptable.

This wall mount is a high-quality set of four wall mounts with soft padded sleeves, rotatable necks, solid wood bases, adjustable stoppers, and a carrying capacity of 22 lbs.

The design looks wonderful in the hardwood material and color, but if you spend a little more, you can get it in walnut and a darker wood hue.

Most string instruments, such as guitars, banjos, ukuleles, and mandolins, can be used with the wall mount because the load capacity is 22 lbs and the stoppers are adjustable. When it comes to bass guitars, the weight is the first thing to consider.

The only flaw is that there is no auto-lock system, which we would have liked to see in this design because it would have made it flawless. It is without a doubt one of the greatest ukulele wall hangers available.

Jashem Ukulele Holder

Jashem Guitar Wall Mount Acoustic Electric...
  • Guitar Holder is made up of foam wrapped around the iron frame, which is...
  • Guitar Wall Mount could used for most acoustic & electric guitars, violins,...
  • Mounting on the wall is not only beautiful but also saves space, suitable...

With a unique design and sturdy construction, the Jashem Ukulele Holder is a superb horizontal wall hanger for ukuleles and guitars. The Jashem ukulele and guitar holder is unique in that it has a two-piece construction that allows you to hang your guitar horizontally. Because the hanger’s iron construction is fairly sturdy, it can be used with guitars, ukuleles, basses, and a variety of other instruments. The Jashem ukulele holder is a unique wall mount that allows you to hang your ukulele horizontally on the wall at any angle.

The two-piece design is extremely versatile, allowing you to utilize your instrument to decorate your wall in a variety of ways. Because it is built of iron and covered with foam to prevent scratches and slips, the construction is quite sturdy.

It can also be used with most string instruments because the two-piece construction allows you to modify the length and angle as needed, and the iron is robust enough to support most instruments. With the accompanying wall mounting bracket screws, the device is incredibly simple to install.

The main flaw is the lack of an auto-lock system, but with this design, you won’t need it. Second, while the instrument looks beautiful on the wall, the hangers itself, which are encased in black foam, are not as appealing.