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Best Nylon Guitar Strings 2024

Nylon-stringed guitars are ideal for those who prefer to play music that is softer and more romantic, such as classical or flamenco. They’re particularly good for beginners because the strings are kinder to the fingertips. When it comes to strings, you don’t have to settle with the ones that came with your guitar; there are many different types available, each with its own set of advantages. We’ve put up a list of the best nylon guitar strings to help you find the appropriate set for you.

The following guide includes alternatives from all of the leading guitar-string makers, including as D’Addario, Savarez, and Augustine, as well as a variety of price points.

D’Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte

D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar...
  • STANDARD CLASSICAL TONE - Pro -Arte’ Nylon strings offer the standard...
  • RESPONSIVE PLAYABILITY & WARM TONE - Utilizing our multi-filament nylon...
  • TIE ENDS - This set features tie-ends, nylon monofilament material, and...

Since its humble Italian roots, D’Addario strings have benefited from more than 300 years of experience. The D’Addario brand is famous for creating the very first, ingenious winding machine, which inspired all of the machinery used by modern string producers today.

The Pro-Arte line is one of the most popular classical string sets from the string company, with consistent tension and gentle resistance. The basses are meticulously coiled to a high level of quality control, and each string is created utilizing a laser assisted measurement procedure. The basses are made of multi-filament nylon wrapped in silver-plated copper, giving them a richer blended sound when ringing.

These D’addario EJ45 Pro-Arte nylon classical strings have a full-ranged, well-balanced tone and feel. They come in an anti-oxidant bag when you order them. .028,.032,.040,.029,.035,.043. There’s a reason D’Addario is so well-known in the guitar string industry: it provides high-quality materials at an affordable price. Its Pro-Arté series offers a variety of string selections, but the Nylon set is hard to beat for warmth and clarity.

The bass strings are wrapped in silver-plated copper for a nice feel beneath the fingers, while the trebles are laser-machined for constant intonation and performance. There are also a variety of tensions in the range. D’addario EJ45 Pro-Arte nylon classical strings are a common choice for most musicians who desire classical winding; they produce pure projection and bring out the innate beauty of your string instrument.

Fender Nylon Acoustic Strings

Fender Nylon Acoustic Strings, 100 Clear/Silver,...
  • Pure silver windings on wound strings and clear treble strings
  • Smooth feel with reduced finger noise
  • Normal tension for optimal projection to make your voice heard

The Fender 100’s are made of high-grade nylon and are expertly crafted utilizing cutting-edge machinery that rivals D’Addario’s. The bass strings are proudly coiled in pure silver, which breathes new life into even the dullest of guitars. Ball ends were introduced recently, causing some debate, but tie ends are still accessible if that is the guitar player’s preference.

The ball end alternative, on the other hand, is excellent for simplifying the stringing process, as they are easy to install and are suitable for inexperienced users. The trebles are silky smooth and incredibly easy to pluck, making them a good choice for beginners. The basses have a nice, powerful tone to them.

Their mixed ratings are mostly due to customer complaints regarding the top E string’s short lifespan, with one buyer reporting it never made it past the first tuning process. This could be due to a variety of factors, including ambient temperature, but it’s more likely that it’s due to individuals trying to thread their acoustic guitars with classical strings. The gauges of the guitar strings are as follows: 028 – 029 – 032 – 035 – 040 – 043.

Savarez 500CJ Corum Cristal Classical Guitar Strings

Savarez 500CJ High Tension Classical Guitar...
  • Cristal Corium series high tension cristal clear nylon trebles, Corium...
  • And Corium wound basses
  • The set Corium pry is made of: rectified nylon trebles (with new crystal...

Savarez, which was founded in 1770, is perhaps one of the most prominent manufacturers of classical guitar strings, with offerings that are both affordable and widely available. The company has been there virtually since the invention of the guitar, and it has been offering artists with high-quality examples of a wide range of guitar strings (everything from gut to the Argentina strings famously used by Django Rheinardt). The Savarez 500CJ Corum Cristal Classical Guitar Strings are a fantastic alternative for any musician, which should come as no surprise given the company’s history.

The most important thing to remember about these strings is that they’re designed to be an economical choice for those of you who want a greater level of sound fidelity. These are “real” classical guitar strings that were created with classical guitar players in mind. We’ll go through the sound of these strings in greater detail in the section below, but keep this in mind as you look at other strings.

Savarez nylon strings come in three tensions: low, medium/normal, and high. The tensions of classical guitar strings correspond to the gauges of electric guitar strings (nylon strings are still available in different gauges, but the impact of nylon string gauges are less dramatic when compared to the impact that gauge has on the feel of electric strings). Low tension strings provide a warmer tone and a deeper bass response, but high tension strings can produce more volume and are more articulate on average than low tension strings. Strings with a normal or medium tension will certainly incorporate parts of both.

These strings are likewise manufactured with extreme precision, with the tension of the nylon strings all being balanced. While D’Addario or Ernie Ball nylon strings are absolutely enough in many instances, the balance of these strings will assist those of you who play classical guitar as a primary instrument.

Ernie Ball Earthwood Folk Nylon

Ernie Ball Folk Nylon Clear & Gold Ball-End 80/20...
  • 80/20 bronze wrap
  • Multifiliment nylon core
  • Equipped with ball-ends for easy installment

These are one of Ernie Ball’s more traditional sets of strings; they have a traditional tone and feel, but they can take a while to break in. They’re a medium tension, so they’re a good middle ground for comfortable playing without being too soft. The Ernie Ball firm is one of the world’s largest string manufacturers, with decades of experience behind them.

In comparison to the D’Addarios we’ve reviewed, the G-string can feel a little dull. They do, however, provide a variety of Nylon alternatives with a wide range of appealing tones. If you want the bare bones version of some of their more unusual possibilities, the Earthwood Folk Nylon guitar strings are the way to go. These Ernie Ball Earthwood Folk nylon strings have a Ball-end, making them easier to string. They’re also great if you break one on stage and don’t have a spare guitar ‘tut tut’.

The basses are made of an 80/20 bronze and zinc alloy that has been rigorously examined for quality. For your guitar, they contain three standard nylon treble strings. Given that this product is a best seller, some reviews are a little harsh; one explanation for this could be installation on a non-classical guitar. Classical guitars feature a lighter sound board than standard acoustic guitars. These classical strings are ideal for a classical guitar because they produce crisp, long-lasting rings with a warm tone.

D’Addario EJ27N Student Nylon Classical Guitar Strings

D'Addario Guitar Strings - Classic Nylon Guitar...
  • CLASSICAL GUITAR STRINGS - Classic Nylon is our premier entry-level...
  • GREAT FOR STUDENTS - These strings have an optimal balance of warmth and...
  • TIE ENDS - Classic Nylon sets feature tie ends, nylon core basses wound...

The D’Addario Classic Nylon (EJ27N), our best budget winner, represents amazing value for money combined with solid performance for all players, from novice to advanced. Every pack of D’Addario strings is guaranteed to be of high quality, dependability, and consistency, as is the case with all D’Addario strings.

If you’re looking for a set of strings for a 34-size classical guitar, these D’Addario EJ27N strings are ideal for you. These D’Addarios student-friendly guitars were designed specifically for smaller guitars. They have regular tension and 3 wound, silver plated basses, as well as 3 nylon treble strings.

In terms of tone, we felt these strings to be well-balanced. They had a strong presence in the mids, and considering the low price, we were really delighted with the clarity. Silverplated copper is wrapped around a nylon core on the bass strings, with clear nylon on the treble side. When it came to tuning stability, it took a little over four days to stretch them out, but they held pitch well after that. They were among the most comfortable we looked at for this evaluation in terms of comfort. We put them through their paces in a medium tension setting, which felt excellent under the fingertips while still allowing for a lot of expressive play.

With a pleasant resistance, it’s ideal for beginning guitarists. D’Addario nylon classical guitar strings are known for their superb balance and projection, and these student nylon classical guitar strings are no exception. The D’Addario EJ27N strings are made with all of the advanced proprietary benefits of the string companies’ age-old perfections, but they’ve been tuned specifically for junior classical guitars. The anti-oxide packing comes standard on the student nylon classical guitar strings, making them an excellent choice for beginners.